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Sheila Lowe

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What She Saw

What She Saw What She Saw follows a young woman through the terrifying labyrinth of amnesia where no one is who or what they appear to be Claudia Rose and other characters from the Forensic Handwriting Mysteries

  • Title: What She Saw
  • Author: Sheila Lowe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What She Saw follows a young woman through the terrifying labyrinth of amnesia, where no one is who or what they appear to be Claudia Rose and other characters from the Forensic Handwriting Mysteries series Penguin NAL play an important role in unraveling the web of mystery and uncover what she saw that erased her memory.

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    One thought on “What She Saw

    1. Zoeytron on said:

      What She Saw was a bit of a clinker for me. Cookie-cutter plot, rushed and made-to-fit. This was a free download from , always a good opportunity for checking out a new-to-you author. This one just didn't sync with me.

    2. Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo on said:

      When I read a book, I am willing to suspend disbelief if the plot may be plausible. And in this day and age of technology, the plot and its twists in What She Saw by Sheila Lowe is plausible. Just think - Computers have become smaller and more affordable; we cannot live without our Smartphones, iPods, i Pads, and our ereaders. Why can't something like the secret Project 42 happen within the near future? And will the bad guys kill to protect the secrecy until the desired results come to fruition? [...]

    3. Toni Osborne on said:

      This is a fiction of course it is a fiction or is it? Could something like this really happen? I am a fan of mystery and willing to suspend disbelief and go with the flow if the plot sounds realistic enough. “What She Saw” is a bit over the top but also pretty captivating. Imagine yourself on a train and suddenly coming out of a daze, totally lost with any knowledge of whom or where you are. . Unraveling amnesia was behind this well-done story and a fun read that held my attention from start [...]

    4. Jane on said:

      Shelia Lowe has written a number of thriller books with Claudia Rose the handwriting expert. Although she features in this novel, this time she has written this new book as a stand alone thriller. This is the first book I have read and wonder why I have missed this author – not anymore I am hooked.This is an edge of you seat psychological thriller, it starts of at a fast pace with so many twists and surprises. The main character has amnesia and goes through a tangled web where nothing is as it [...]

    5. Joan on said:

      I downloaded this book because I enjoy serious police procedure novels, and I was looking forward to a fairly in-depth story involving forensic handwriting. Unfortunately there was very little in the story and Claudia Rose, the forensic handwriting analyst, was nothing more than a minor character. The idea was very interesting and I would have enjoyed it more if it had developed into a rather clichéd story that seemed to be trying a little bit too hard to be 'clever'.

    6. Jacqueline on said:

      Great story, I was quite a way into it before I figured out what was really going on.Claudia Rose, Joel & Dr Gold really only make very brief guest appearances. I would have known this if I'd read any of the reviews or the Authors blog, before I started, as I did neither I was a little disappointed by their absence. Sad to say that I've now read all of Sheila Lowe's books

    7. Suzanne on said:

      Interesting story, some unexpected twists, although I guessed the big one way ahead. Some familiar characters from Lowe's other books play a minor role in this one.

    8. Gabby on said:

      I received an ARC for this book from Net Galley in return for an honest review.A woman wakes up on a train, destination unknown. She manages to verify that all her senses are working. What is not working is her memory. She has no idea who she is, where she's been, nor where she's going. Two other people on the train notice her. One of them offers to help her if she wants, but she refuses. The other man is dirty and smells like pot, so she ignores him and falls asleep again. When she awakens the [...]

    9. Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews) on said:

      Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby GeminiWhat She Saw was a very interesting book. It was everything that you could want in a mystery. There’s amnesia, conspiracies, politics, love, and loss. And all of this centers around one person who isn’t quite sure who she is, was, or wants to be. Although, the story is told in third person, it does a great job of allowing you to see the world through the eyes of someone who has suffered such a major trauma that they aren’t sure about anyth [...]

    10. Patricia Reding on said:

      I downloaded a free copy of What She Saw (Forensic Handwriting Mysteries #5), from . In exchange, I offer this, my fair and honest review.Imagine waking on a train, rain disrupting your view of the landscape, without any knowledge of who or where you are. So begins What She Saw, by Sheila Lowe. I was immediately drawn to the young woman who I later learned was Jenna Marcott. Or was she Jessica Mack? Why did she have not one, but two, identification cards? Why two addresses? Why did the police fr [...]

    11. ReadAlong With Sue on said:

      I love the cover of this book, its what first attracted me, then the author then the blurb.I love a good thriller. This one was no exception. It starts off with this girl on the train, she has no memory of who she is, where she lives, where she comes from, nothing whatsoever.Things take some turns along the way, by some clever tactic she finds out where she used to live. Of course, nothing is familiar to her. Her clothes are [to her] a strangers clothes, a strangers home. As things unfold we see [...]

    12. Suspense Magazine on said:

      Imagine waking up on a train and having no recollection of how you got there. The more you think, the more you realize that you don’t have any idea who you are…no name, no memories, no life. This is the situation you’re drawn into in “What She Saw.” A woman…no name, no memory, no life…only fear. By chance or fate, she runs into someone who knows her and gives her a ride home. At her home she finds two IDs, two sets of keys, one face…hers, but two separate lives!Sheila Lowe has wr [...]

    13. Lost Book Thoughts on said:

      (2.75 Stars)I got this book off of NetGalley as a review copy and I don't believe this book has been released.I was very much looking forward to a thriller with a psychological element and a bit of mystery. Certainly the book has a decent plot for the makings of a great thriller. Sadly the pacing was just not there. For me great pacing is key to a good thriller. You need just enough details so you can understand the plot, but at the same time it had to constantly keep you on the edge of your sea [...]

    14. Vicki on said:

      Imagine getting off a train in Ventura without knowing why you are there or worse, who you are. You are mindlessly going down this street, that street, until someone yells and they are talking to you. It's your neighbor and he offers to drive you home. At least it's a start.That's how the book started and to honest, I was thrilled to read this. I love visually scenes as I read them. Having lived in Ventura for 16 years, it was so easy to see it happen. That's where it ended as far as enjoying th [...]

    15. AsILayReading on said:

      I just finished reading “What She Saw” by Sheila Lowe. This was one of my “To-Read” books on my March reading list.A woman opens her eyes and finds herself on a train. She has no idea who she is, where she lives or how she got on the train. The only thing she knows is that she must do everything she can to find out. The answers to her identity lies in various clues she stumbles upon by chance. She begins to believe that she is in great danger and that someone is after her. Each clue brin [...]

    16. Ellen Larson on said:

      A new twist on the familiar amnesia story. This thriller is chock-full of juicy goodness: It was easy to identify with Jenna as she fumbled to discover who she was and what had happened to her by pretending she knows. But that's just the beginning; the book soon doubles back on itself and leaves the reader at square one, wondering if anyone is who they seem. Political intrigue, cutting-edge science, and a good old-fashioned whodunit ensue. The appearance of old friends from the author's Claudia [...]

    17. K.L. Glanville on said:

      Great mystery. I don't like reading murder mysteries usually (even though I wrote one), but this one had such great plot twists, at least in parts of it. After a great reveal at one point, the rest wasn't quite as exciting. But I love books that totally catch me off guard with the plot twistsd this one did.

    18. April on said:

      What she Saw was a page turner for me. I loved this book it kept me going with every surprise. I had to reread a few pages because of the surprising twist I wasn't expecting.The main characters are really strong and kept up with the story well.highly recommend this book and will look for future reads by Ms Lowe

    19. Allison on said:

      I received a copy of this book from net galley and thoroughly enjoyed it! A good mystery, lots of detail and enough twists to keep you guessing. I was not familiar with this series and I look forward to reading the rest.

    20. Alicia Huxtable on said:

      Well written.This book was well written with strong characters, and had enough intrigue to keep me interested. The storyline moved along at a decent pace too

    21. Zai on said:

      Too far fetched and predictable. Grammar and editing errors were distracting.

    22. Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines! on said:

      Disclaimer: This ARC was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.This was really good. The suspense was high, and the twist I never saw coming.

    23. Beth on said:

      This book is from one of my favorite genres, what I would call "amnesia suspense/mystery". I was kept guessing very far into the book. There were some aspects that I didn't care for (such as language), so I'm not able to give it four stars, but more three and a half.

    24. Christine Decou on said:

      Wonderful writing!This is a story that kept me on edge the whole way through. It is a book that I didn't want to put down. Loved it!

    25. Saji Connor on said:

      Questo libro fa parte della serie della Grafologa forense Claudia Rose e del gruppo di personaggi che ruota intorno al suo mondo. E’ stato pubblicato il 23 Luglio 2013 in e-book e poi nel Mese di Settembre 2013 in versione Paperback.Anche se indicato come libro #5 della serie “Forensic Handwriting Mystery”, in realtà questo libro è un romanzo a sé in cui fanno solo la comparsa i personaggi della serie di Claudia Rose.Sinceramente posso esprimere il mio parere dicendo che è un buon punt [...]

    26. Rebecca on said:

      Pretty good, although miss more involvement from series main character.

    27. Deborah on said:

      This is the first of Sheila Lowe’s books I’ve read so I’m not familiar with her series of novels based on handwriting expert Claudia Rose. As it happens however, Claudia’s role in Lowe’s latest novel is fairly minimal – but I’m not sure that’s always the case. In What She Saw a woman wakes on a train and realises she has no idea who she is, where she is, or how she got there. Fortunately after getting off the train and roaming aimlessly the woman is greeted by someone who seeming [...]

    28. Christine on said:

      Hidden behind this bland, generic title is an exciting thriller! I was familiar with the author, Sheila Lowe, but wasn’t sure what to expect from this story. It is a standalone book featuring hand-writing analyst Claudia Rose, Detective Joel Jovanic, and Dr. Zebediah Gold from the author’s Forensic Handwriting mysteries. The title “What She Saw” doesn’t give a hint of the moving page-turner about a woman riding on a train without knowledge of from where she is traveling, her destinatio [...]

    29. Heather on said:

      This is a very quick read that provides some twists and turns and intrigue. Some readers may be able to see what is coming, some may be blown away. I was kind of in the middle where I predicted some things and other things were shocking. The characters are not very fleshed out, which is not very important for the story. It's not that kind of story as the why is more important than the who The author is an expert in handwriting, and she includes her expertise in the story. However it isn't a focu [...]

    30. JoyCagil on said:

      This is a novel of suspense and mystery, but it has only very little to do with handwriting analysis as it was advertised. It is, however, a story that grabs the reader and doesn't let go, despite its many twists and turns.The story starts with a woman who finds herself on a train and doesn't know who she is and feels she is in great danger, as she is suffering from amnesia, later explained as being due to a car wreck in which she hit her head. She runs out of the train in Ventura in a delirium. [...]

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