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Candace Calvert

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Life Support

Life Support Nurse Lauren Barclay put her life on hold to keep a watchful eye on her troubled sister It s why she s back in Houston But that means confronting the brooding physician assistant who caused painful tu

  • Title: Life Support
  • Author: Candace Calvert
  • ISBN: 9781414361130
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nurse Lauren Barclay put her life on hold to keep a watchful eye on her troubled sister It s why she s back in Houston But that means confronting the brooding physician assistant who caused painful turmoil in her family and left Lauren with memories her heart can t forgive and single parent Elijah Landry is no stranger to stormy relationships, including one with hisNurse Lauren Barclay put her life on hold to keep a watchful eye on her troubled sister It s why she s back in Houston But that means confronting the brooding physician assistant who caused painful turmoil in her family and left Lauren with memories her heart can t forgive and single parent Elijah Landry is no stranger to stormy relationships, including one with his father, who is threatening him with a restraining order It won t stop Eli from protecting his disabled brother or from making peace with Lauren He wants that and so much .But as Lauren and Eli draw closer, a powerful hurricane roars toward Houston Survival instincts take priority and everything changes Can hope weather the storm

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      302 Candace Calvert
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    One thought on “Life Support

    1. Susan Snodgrass on said:

      I wish I could give this book 10 stars. It's that good. I discovered Candace Calvert's books a few months ago and have had the pleasure of reading several one right after the other. I loved it!Candace Calvert is a former ER nurse and writes Christian medical suspense novels. But they're much more than that. They provide wonderful spiritual lessons along the way,too, and great plot lines.She always includes more than one plot line in her books, so the reader is never, ever bored. My attention nev [...]

    2. Michelle on said:

      Life Support, A Grace Medical Novel by Candace CalvertLauren Barclay is an ER nurse working for Grace Medical when Elijah Landry’s brother Drew is brought in. Elijah and Lauren have a history. Her family believe he is responsible for her sister Jessica’s problems. Because Elijah is a PA at the same hospital their paths continue to cross. Lauren seems to be her sisters keeper, trying to keep her out of trouble, get her to school and work on time and making sure she has eaten. In the mist this [...]

    3. Brittany on said:

      Life Support by Candace Calvert is book three in the Grace Medical series, however, I have not read the others in the series and had no trouble at all understanding the story. In fact, I loved this book! It is, as far as I can recall, the first medical drama that I have read. I am so very happy to have discovered a new-to-me author and look forward to reading more of her books!Life Support has everything I want in a book. The characters are so very vivid. The author has done a wonderful job of c [...]

    4. MaryO'Brien on said:

      I must start off by saying that I am really starting to like Candace Calvert! I have only read a few of her books but I have really enjoyed them!Lauren Barclay continues to put her life on hold in order to help her sister. That is why she left her job and moved back to Houston. The move back home came with a price. She would have to deal with the PA that not only put her family through hell, but left Lauren with feelings that won't go away.Elijah Landry is a single father who knows all to well a [...]

    5. Gail on said:

      Nice story. The heroine has spent her life watching over her younger sister who may or may not have bipolar issues. Nobody in the family wants to discuss the possibility, except for the heroine. The hero works at the same hospital as the heroine, but he's a former friend of little sister's, so off limits. There's a hurricane approaching Houston, which isn't a big problem usually, except for flooding, and Houston tends to flood at the least downpour. Calvert uses the storm well, and appropriately [...]

    6. Carissa on said:

      Readers familiar with the series have already met the affectionate Lauren Barclay in Rescue Team, the 2nd book in the Grace Medical series by Candace Calvert. Lauren always puts other people's needs before her own, to the detriment of her own relationships and happiness. It is a part of her genetic makeup, and it is strongest when troubles pop up in the life of her younger sister, Jessica. When Lauren's parents need her to keep an eye on Jess while they head off to Colorado for family business, [...]

    7. Sarah on said:

      Excellent medical drama!Life Support is book 3 in the Grace Medical series, I’ve loved all of Ms. Calvert’s books and had very high expectations for this book. I am very happy to say that it surpassed them! The characters were wonderful! I quickly came to love and sympathize with each of them. Lauren had such faith, but she had to learn that there’s a difference between leaving it in God’s hands and ignoring a problem. Eli had such little faith and believes God doesn’t care anymore. He [...]

    8. Katrina Epperson on said:

      Candace Calvert once again brings us a wonderful romance interlaced with suspense that will keep you turning the pages. This author never disappoints on any level. A signature of her writing is that her characters give you a glimpse of their heart and soul thru true to life dialogue that details family and relationship concerns. This is a story about second chances, both on a personal and spiritual level. We are introduced to Lauren Barclay who is a young nurse who has returned from Houston to h [...]

    9. Cindy on said:

      I enjoyed this book, it was a page turner. Lots of drama, with two characters who were bi-polar, I was never sure what was going to happen next. I felt sad for Lauren, she had so much responsibility on her shoulders, trying to be on guard for her sister, and trying to keep her parents informed. Her heart was prime for love, but could it survive love from someone with as many problems as she had or more. A great story, I think this was the first book I have read from this author. A solid 4 star s [...]

    10. Katie Converse on said:

      This book really kept me hooked! I love the way she writes!

    11. Sarah on said:

      Not the best in the series (the first two were better) but I enjoyed it. My biggest issue was that the main guy flat out told the girl he didn't care for God and she still dated him.

    12. Mrs Giggles on said:

      Life Support brings us to another Grace hospital, this time to Houston Grace. If you are not familiar with this series, it's an inspirational one, or Christian romance to be more precise, which means God is always hovering over the bed, so to speak. Candace Calvert is one of the less preachy authors in Christian romances, however, so this one is pretty light on the sermonizing. It is only late in the book that God makes an appearance to fix up all the nonsense in this story, and He's actually th [...]

    13. Beverly on said:

      Life Support is the third book in the Grace Medical series by Candace Calvert. Trauma Plan is the first book while Rescue Plan is the second. All three books are completely independent of each other as a Christian medical series. Each book is a romance which touches on some serious yet interesting topics that are relevant for today's readers.Lauren Barclay is a nurse in ER at Houston Grace Hospital. This is her home town where her parents and sister lives. Although she has worked at Austin Grace [...]

    14. Mercedes Cordero on said:

      Medical dramas can be frustrating sometimes with so much medical jargon that is incomprehensible for us, well, at least for me. Candace Calvert, however, does a great job in Life Support, as in her other books in this series, telling a story that does not get interrupted with the author’s knowledge and background in medicine. The story flows, although rather slowly, without much distractions or superfluous details.Lauren is a very capable nurse; very prepared, intelligent, and a great leader a [...]

    15. Taylor on said:

      Get ready to put on your "scrubs" and dive into the fast paced environment where the inhabitants are nurses and doctors. Life Support by Candace Calvert is the perfect infusion of romance and drama with the background drop of the medical field. If you loved ER or Grey's Anatomy, you will be gripped by this book. My Thoughts This is the third book in the Grace Medical series, but I am glad to report that this can be read as a stand alone~ Getting right down to business, this book was hoping! I lo [...]

    16. Rachel Marie on said:

      This review first appears on So I could just feel that this was going to be my favorite in the series. Not sure why, but I just knew. And I was right. I also like how the author takes a secondary character in the previous book and makes them the main character in the next book, because Lauren was one of my favorite secondary characters and I'm glad we got her story as well.I loved the characters. They definitely seemed real and believable. I think I liked Lauren more because I felt like I could [...]

    17. Vera Godley on said:

      As Candace Calvert takes us into the third story in her Grace Medical Series, she inflicts us with characters that are both flawed, fractured, and whole; who are loved and hated; and who are in need of healing and yet who are the healers. Drawing from her personal experiences and expertise as an emergency room nurse, Calvert skillfully draws an entry to the story with its opening drama in the ER as PA Eli looks in the face and on the trauma of his brother being treated.As the story progresses, t [...]

    18. Veronica on said:

      This is an interesting story about nurse Lauren Barclay, who's doing all she can to keep her sister from going off the deep end. She moves back to Houston to ensure that her sister never runs away again, watching that she gets to school, work, and that nothing upsets her too much, especially PA Elijah Landry. Lauren and her parents blame him for causing her sister to run away and she can't understand why she feels drawn to him in spite of that. Elijah was just trying to help her sister and he de [...]

    19. Victor Gentile on said:

      Candace Calvert in her new book, “Life Support” Book Three in the Grace Medical series published by Tyndale House Publishers brings us into the lives of Lauren Barclay and Elijah Landry.From the Back Cover: Nurse Lauren Barclay put her life on hold to keep a watchful eye on her troubled sister. It’s why she’s back in Houston. But that means confronting the brooding physician assistant who caused painful turmoil in her family—and left Lauren with memories her heart can’t forget and si [...]

    20. Tamara Tilley on said:

      LIFE SUPPORT is the third installment in the Grace Medical series. Once again, Candace Calvert intertwines drama and romance expertly. Nurse Lauren Barclay is back in Houston, but not by choice. She has tasked herself with the formidable job of keeping Jess, her living-on-the-edge sister, out of trouble. Unfortunately that means her path is continuously crossing that of PA Eli Landry. The triangle that linked Lauren with Jess and Eli in the past was disastrous, and one Lauren was hoping to avoid [...]

    21. Beckie Burnham on said:

      If you are looking for a romance with fast-paced action and some medical drama to take along on vacation, then Life Support is a sure bet for your reading pleasure. Part of Candace Calvert’s Grace Medical series, it can be read as a standalone. Filled with great characters facing real life situations and problems and seasoned with a good dose of humor, it is a novel I really enjoyed.Lauren Barclay is an ER nurse in Houston with lots on her plate — a demanding job, an erratic sister and an at [...]

    22. Julie Graves on said:

      The third book in the Grace Medical series jumps right in with action. Lauren Barclay has moved back to Houston to keep on eye on her younger sister Jessica. Lauren has always been the responsible sister and even has taken to covering for Jessica when she is late for work. The story opens with Elijah Landry's disabled brother Drew being brought into the ER at Grace Medical because he is having difficulty breathing. Eli is a PA(Physician Assistant) at Grace Medical. Lauren doesn't have kind thoug [...]

    23. Jessica on said:

      I enjoyed this story. The book follows Lauren Barclay, an ER nurse who has returned to her home town to help her parents deal with her irresponsible sister who is also bipolar (though no one in the family admits this). Eli is a physician's assistant dealing with his own issues, an overbearing arrogant father who degrades him about his profession and professional opinions, especially with regard to his older brother who is mentally and physically handicapped from an accident when they were childr [...]

    24. Janet Reeves on said:

      Life Support by Candace Calvert is the third book in her Grace Medical series. I’ve enjoyed all three and am happy to recommend them to readers who enjoy Christian fiction, medical drama, a touch of mystery, and, of course, a little romance.In Life Support, we follow Nurse Lauren Barclay, whom we met in Rescue Team, from Austin, Texas to Houston, where she has returned home to help her parents keep track of her troubled younger sister, Jess. Lauren has her own apartment but has moved in with h [...]

    25. Trinity Rose on said:

      Life Support by Candace Calvert is book three in the Grace Medical series. I love books that are Medical, have major storms, fiction and have romance in them and this book has all three.In Life Support we see Lauren and Elijah who have a strong sense of accountability to their siblings. Both of the siblings are in some kind of trouble, medical in one form or another. Eli’s brother has had a brain injury. Lauren has a sister Jessica, who may have a metal health illness. We see how both of them [...]

    26. Dawn on said:

      Nurse Lauren Barclay returned to Houston to watch over her troubled sister. Only now she has to work with the brooding physician's assistant and single parent Eli Landry. Lauren has painful memories of Eli. Eli is used to being in strained relationships. After all, his relationship with his father is very strained. Yet when a storm hits Houston leaving them both stranded, they will have to put aside their differences to work together. Will they mend their relationship as well?I've read a few of [...]

    27. Debra Brinkman on said:

      I try to never step in to the 3rd book in a series, and medical drama isn't something I usually go for either.But it worked for me this time. Maybe because Candace Calvert was an ER nurse herself so the medical parts of the story seem realistic and not overly contrived?Life Support has multiple intersecting plot lines. Lauren is at the center of many of them a nurse, back in Houston to watch out for her younger sister. Eli is at the center of many of them too a PA, single dad, with an older brot [...]

    28. Denise Hershberger (100 Pages per Hour) on said:

      I've now read all 6 of Calvert's books and I really love them. This book is part of the Grace Medical series but she also wrote a series called Mercy Hospital. I have to admit that I liked the Mercy Hospital books just a little bit better but really I've loved all of them.I've always loved the TV show Grey's Anatomy. I know I probably shouldn't since it isn't the cleanest show out there but I'm a sucker for the medical dramas.Thankfully Calvert's books give me the same wonderful medical drama fi [...]

    29. Denise on said:

      Life Support is book three in the Grace Medical series by Candace Calvert. I haven't read books one and two yet, but decided to pick this one up anyway, and I'm glad I did. It functions well enough as a standalone novel, although I plan to read the first two books as soon as I can! Life Support follows the story of nurse Lauren Barclay and PA (and single parent) Elijah Landry. They're both dealing with their own personal problems, but are drawn to each other. In the midst of all this, a hurrican [...]

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