The Tudor Plot

Steve Berry

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The Tudor Plot

The Tudor Plot In this original eBook novella by the New York Times bestselling author of The King s Deception globetrotting intelligence agent Cotton Malone is lured into dangerous intrigue surrounding the world s

  • Title: The Tudor Plot
  • Author: Steve Berry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this original eBook novella by the New York Times bestselling author of The King s Deception, globetrotting intelligence agent Cotton Malone is lured into dangerous intrigue surrounding the world s most famous royals and uncovers a murderous conspiracy of terrorists and traitors, all born from an ancient tale of Saxon history.In England to participate in the trial of suIn this original eBook novella by the New York Times bestselling author of The King s Deception, globetrotting intelligence agent Cotton Malone is lured into dangerous intrigue surrounding the world s most famous royals and uncovers a murderous conspiracy of terrorists and traitors, all born from an ancient tale of Saxon history.In England to participate in the trial of suspected international terrorists, Justice Department agent Cotton Malone is mysteriously summoned to an audience with the Queen of England A cryptic call has warned of looming danger to the ailing queen s son and grandson the next two heirs in line for the throne And when the source of that ominous information, a notorious tabloid publisher, dies mysteriously, the royal family has reason to fear a genuine conspiracy But they also suspect that the enemy lies within and no one at Buckingham Palace, or even the nation s own Secret Intelligence Service, can be trusted Now it s up to Malone to discover the truth Matching wits with a power mad politician and a vicious royal blue blood, he must race against time through the streets of London to the forbidden reaches of Iceland, all to stop a monstrous plot to seize the monarchy one that stretches back to the time of Arthur.

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      349 Steve Berry
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    One thought on “The Tudor Plot

    1. Alex is The Romance Fox on said:

      I loved this short story which is a prequel to The King's Deception.Cotton Malone is in London on the hunt for the people that want to destroy the British Royal Family. I am a total addict when it comes to the Royal all the going-ons and all the gossip about themi know, i knowlly, right!!! But I adore all the history and pomp this quickie read was just up my "alley".Mystery, history, city of London, bad guys, good guysd wow.Cotton Malone a knight!!!!!!!!!!!!Read this and find out why [...]

    2. Steven on said:

      In typical Berry fashion, Cotton Malone has left me begging for more!This short novella really would have been a great full-length novel, but I appreciate that authors can only write so much so fast, and am grateful we got both this AND a full-length Malone book this year.Since I read King's Deception as an ARC earlier this year, and have now finished this year, it's back to waiting until next year for another story from one of my favorite authors -- a well-deserved title, by the way. :)

    3. Cherie on said:

      The Tudor Plot is actually a novella, a short novel, from an author that usually writes much longer and more involved novels. This short novel features some of the characters that regularly appear in his "Cotton Malone" novels. This particular story, is set several years earlier than his last novel, THE KING'S DECEPTION, while Cotton is still working for the Magellan Billett, a division of the CIA. It was strange to read how this novel uses a parallel lineage for the royals of Britian. Edward VI [...]

    4. Jennifer Murphy on said:

      With this book, I'm caught up with what Steve Berry has published so far. Even though I read this before The Jefferson Key, there is nothing in the story that needs previous books to understand.As with most of Steve Berry's novellas, the story takes place 8 years prior to where the full length novels have us. While in England for a trial against some terrorists, Cotton Malone is escorted to Buckingham Palace discuss a matter than the Queen personally has requested Cotton to handle.The matter is [...]

    5. Neil on said:

      This short story takes the reader back to when Cotton Malone is still part of the Magellan Billet, and whilst on assignment in London he is summoned to Buckingham Palace. I did find that stretching the imagination a bit too far, especially as the Queen was Victoria II although that is no different to the US President being called Danny Daniels. There are the usual plots and sub plots that you would expect, and these eventually become enmeshed with Arthurian legend. Maybe not as strong as the oth [...]

    6. J Stanley on said:

      Very good story, and a perfect read after reading The King's Deception. Answered some questions. I find the Cotton Malone series fantastic, and Berry's blend of History makes the stories so interesting.

    7. Jen on said:

      This was fun! I love that we finally learned Cotton's real name. (Can't say I blame him for going by Cotton instead. LOL) I can't wait for The King's Deception to come out!

    8. James on said:

      Berry seems to be at his best when describing history and mythology, and at his worst in creating plots and characters. His earlier books were much better.

    9. Liese Sherwood-Fabre on said:

      Cotton Malone. Need I say more? In this story, a case from his past, he must save the English royal family and their throne. Fast paced and keeps you reading!

    10. Michael on said:

      Couldn't stop myself from reading it in a day, can't wait to dive into the King's Deception. 'nuff said.

    11. Maria Rose on said:

      A visit to the QueenOur old friend Cotton Malone is summoned to see the Queen of England while he has been getting ready for an upcoming trial of international terrorists. He is given the task of eliminating the source who has been giving out details of the private life of the designated heir to the throne. The Tudor line started with Henry 'll . I say that to explain the title but this story also discusses the legend of Arthur and how it effects the monarchy. What I enjoyed most in this story w [...]

    12. Robin on said:

      A between the books (longer) short story featuring Cotton about 7-10 years before the main story line begins. He's still working at the Magellan Billet and is assigned on a case in the UK. Gets involved in a scheme to usurp the throne and a search for the legendary King Arthur. As with other Steve Berry books, the historical details are well researched and creative and, for the most part, at least somewhat plausible. A fun read.

    13. Dorothy Clark on said:

      Berry suggests an alternate history here--Edward VIII remaining on the throne rather than abdicating, and his descendants following him. Cotton Malone unrealistically saves the life of the queen's grandson, finds the grave of not-really-a-king Arthur, and foils the devious plans of the villains.

    14. Kay Hudson on said:

      Entertaining prequel to The King's Deception, quick read. The Tudors are only marginally involved. The contemporary action deals with the Royal Family (very much an alternate timeline story), while the historical mystery searches for the real Arthur.

    15. Pierre Tassé on said:

      What a fun short story. Lots of interesting items. Usually a short story has one major plot but this had a few minor plots and events happening. Great job and a good read. Take the time to enjoy it.

    16. Bill Barry on said:

      Master MysteryEnjoy character very good. Plot keeps the reader involved in the happenings throughout the story. Look forward to next novel.

    17. Anthony Hanson on said:

      Interesting concept.I like the plausible possibility Of the plot. The factual historical research done makes for a believable story line. Enough intrigue to KDE one turning pages.

    18. Carl on said:

      Having become a big fan of Steve Berry's central character Cotton Malone, a retired government agent who now runs a bookstore in Denmark, I am searching out and trying to read Berry's Cotton Malone series in order. There have a been a few titles that are more difficult to locate to read such as "The Balkan Escape" or this one, "The Tudor Plot." I had searched for it at the library thinking it was one of those "in between" novels that some folks do. Needless to say, I did not find it there. I did [...]

    19. Matt on said:

      Berry prefaces his next full-length novel with a great novella, also set around the British Monarchy. Using some alternate history (admitted to in the author’s note), Berry uses his famed Cotton Malone to uncover a plot to commit regicide and create a major shift in power related to the British Monarchy. Tied in with the plot is a connection to Arthurian tales that leave Malone to piece together some ancient texts and relics, which will help to bring all to light. Is the Royal Family in danger [...]

    20. Randall Christopher on said:

      Steve Berry is a pro at pulling in historical fact and melding it to his liking. This deals with Cotton Malone before he retires, which is a fresh look at what Malone was like as a real agent of the Magellan Billet. Malone must figure out who is trying to find the lost grave of King Arthur, and also figure out how to stop the second in line for the British Crown from being murdered. The characters are enjoyable, and Berry's made up British monarchy definitely has its fair share of scandalous act [...]

    21. Chris on said:

      A short story/novella length story setup as a bit of a prequel to The King's Deception. This story centers around two distinct areas, the titular plot to rearrange the succession order of the UK monarchy, and the legend of Arthur and where his body lies. I take a star because it felt like the two stories were connected but still not greatly entwined. The plot finishes and then the story keeps going. And it is good story, and page turning story, but then at the end Berry ties the plot back into t [...]

    22. Meagan on said:

      Quick novella, interesting subject matter. It would have been interesting as a whole book rather then a short story.

    23. Carl Kleinebecker on said:

      So… Another Cotton Malone thriller… a shortie… This is one of Steve Berry’s novellas… Always a fun quick read… Using some alternate history Berry draws us in quickly with scandalous and salacious intrigue. While he could have pulled this novella in to a full on book… the plot was defiantly meaty enough… the quick pace of it made it a fun quick read. The only criticism I have is the “translated texts” pretty much derailed the flow of the story. I found them to be unnecessary. [...]

    24. Juliet Doubledee on said:

      Really enjoyed this novella, as it was a quick refreshing read. Steve Berry once again successfully mixed historical facts with fictious events to create a storyline that keeps the reader entertained and wondering what is fact and what is fiction. Interestingly this story begins with Cotton Malone being summoned to meet with the Queen of England. Seems her son, the heir to the empire, has made front page of the tabloids once again and her grandson she feels may be in grave danger. Malone is then [...]

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