A Winter Heart

Annette Blair

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A Winter Heart

A Winter Heart A WINTER HEART A Sexy Amish Historical NovellaHannah Peachy has nurtured a winter heart since she lost her family in a carriage accident she caused Caleb Skylar struggles with the horror of his wife

  • Title: A Winter Heart
  • Author: Annette Blair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A WINTER HEART, A Sexy Amish Historical NovellaHannah Peachy has nurtured a winter heart since she lost her family in a carriage accident she caused Caleb Skylar struggles with the horror of his wife s suspicious death, and his six year old daughter s memory induced nightmares When Caleb aimlessly pulls up stakes and leaves his home forever, Anyah Peachy, the spirit of HA WINTER HEART, A Sexy Amish Historical NovellaHannah Peachy has nurtured a winter heart since she lost her family in a carriage accident she caused Caleb Skylar struggles with the horror of his wife s suspicious death, and his six year old daughter s memory induced nightmares When Caleb aimlessly pulls up stakes and leaves his home forever, Anyah Peachy, the spirit of Hannah s earthbound twin, leads him straight to Hannah But how can two bruised souls accept love as a reward for their transgressions First appeared in the anthology The Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance under the title Jonquils in the Snow

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    One thought on “A Winter Heart

    1. Thom Swennes on said:

      Caleb Skylar fleas with his daughter Susie after the death of his wife as the memories and ghosts of the past become too much for him. He is being guided by the mysterious vision of a prancing and twirling young girl. He doesn’t understand the apparition but is nevertheless comforted by it. She leads him westward from his abandoned home in Pennsylvania to (hopefully) a new one in Ohio. When his hallucination stopped at Dovercrest Farm, he knew this would be their new home. Hannah Peachy, also [...]

    2. Betty Strohecker on said:

      This is the first story I've read by Annette Blair, and I really liked it. It is listed as an Amish historical because it is set in 1873. After the tragic death of his wife, Caleb Skylar pulls up stakes and travels from Pennsylvania to Ohio with his six year old daughter who has terrible nightmares about losing her mother. Hoping to start a new life and put aside bad memories, Caleb arrives at a farm house where he feels led to stop. After knocking on the door and getting no answer, he sees a wo [...]

    3. VELMA JOHNSON on said:

      This is the third book of the author's I have read, and each one of her books make me enjoy her writing more.

    4. Lynda on said:

      This is a novella book and I now know that if I ever see the word "Sensual" along with Amish to skip and not read.According to the author she "researched" the Amish, "interviewed" the Amish, "walked with them", All the verbs were past tense. She also writes "I didn't know about the Christian Romance Market, so I wrote Sensual Amish Historical Romances, where love between a man and a woman is expressed." I believe you get what she means by expressed.I had skipped over several free temporarily bo [...]

    5. Sandra on said:

      A short novella that I couldn't put down. Living near the Amish, and knowing several as friends, this book shows more than what most people think about them. A warm, loving romance, while sensual shows the Amish do have wonderful marriages, despite the strict life they live. There are exceptions, some times, but you wouldn't know it. Being a reader of Amish fiction, I really enjoyed reading Annette Blair's book, and look forward to others. A gentle and heart-warming read!From : A WINTER HEART, A [...]

    6. Dottie on said:

      **I received this book as an ARC of the "Once Upon a Bride" Anthology in exchange for my honest review**Caleb Skylar is running from his past. He pulls up stakes and moves to the small town of Sugar Creek Ohio with his young daughter. Hannah Peachy has been mourning the loss of her family for two years. Can these two people find redemption and love?I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. After all, how many "sensual Amish romances" are there really? How many of those are truly enjoy [...]

    7. Jane on said:

      What I enjoyed the most in A Winter Heart was the way the author dealt with the grief of both main characters and Susie. Yes they were Amish and had certain beliefs but they were also two people that had suffered the anguish of the death of a spouse and in her case her twin sister and unborn child. Caleb was dealing with the way his child of five deals with grief from the loss of her mother.When they started talking about the people that had passed and the guilt caused by the deaths; they found [...]

    8. Anna on said:

      The actual story ended at about 65% on my kindle, making this more of a short story than a novella, I think. And, for once, I think it could have used a bit more space --- everything happened awfully quickly.That said, I really enjoyed what was there. Just like many of us wouldn't want to read historical fiction that hasn't had the racism and other issues of the day removed, most Amish books are too Christian for my taste. (Yes, you can laugh now, Heather.) This more mainstream version was much [...]

    9. Tom Elder on said:

      Annette Blair. AmishA Winter Heart.This religion has always intrigued me why? I don't know maybe because of their simple way of life and the fact that they help each other through the hard times. Hannah has lost her husband and the rest of her family, she meets up with Caleb and his daughter Susie, he lost his wife in mysterious circumstances . Can these two lost souls have a future together, can Hannah bring up Calebs six year old daughter. This story will brighten up your heart and soul.4 star [...]

    10. NRuffo on said:

      This was my first Amish read. I enjoyed the story and the depth of the characters. I liked the love and care that Caleb and Hannah showed toward Susie and each other. Both having experienced loss, they were able to grasp the emotions and needs of the other. I got a little irritated with the choppiness of some of the conversations, especially in the first chapter. It seemed to smooth out a little towards the end. Maybe it's the dialect?I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an [...]

    11. Sarah on said:

      This story was really too short to feel a strong attachment to either Caleb or Hannah. Their past marriages were certainly tragic and made them understandably shy of committing again but the relationship wasn't well developed at all--clearly rushed. Nothing was ever clearly resolved with Susie's nightmares/screaming tendencies nor was there any explanation on Hannah's father's kindness at the end.

    12. Kathy Bunbury on said:

      Poignant, beautiful story of love and lossSimply, but beautifully written in keeping with the Amish background and the period I which this takes place. I liked the easy way this story unfolds, but felt the sadness and guilt of both characters. I think I will look for more books in this genre and by this author.

    13. Michelle (Champ) on said:

      I liked the story, I did. What I didn't like was the setting. This did not need to be Amish. It needed to be set in the 1800's or something like that. I did not think the characters spoke (most of the time) like Amish. If you want a quick love story this is it. There is a sex scene, just so you know.

    14. Dianne on said:

      This book was good as a novella however would have been great had it been a full length novel. I think this book would have been incredibly good if it had been longer, giving the author more time for character development and the storyline. Nevertheless I did enjoy this book. It was a sweet romance with an equally sweet HEA ending.

    15. Kathleen Fitting on said:

      A romance novel.The story line of the book was very interesting. I did not like how she wrote in-depth about the sexual aspects of it. I do not feel that this is how the Amish feel about it.

    16. Pat on said:

      Love, loss, guilt and a new-found love is the theme behind this sweet story. Some of the more negative reviews have been about the "sensual" aspect of the story. It was tastefully done and without it, I feel it would have been a very poor and boring storyline.

    17. Kath on said:

      3 stars because it's a short story. Another very well written romance. The story really tugs at your heart strings, very soul searching. Calab, His daughter Susie and Hannah help each other in their respective grief. A lovely HEA

    18. jane Hicken on said:

      Heart throbbing!This was a very gripping novella! One could feel the tenderness and emotion immensely! I would recommend this to all who enjoy Amish literature.

    19. Sandy on said:

      Wow. Not what I expected. The end of the book could of been eliminated. To much for me as a christian lady.

    20. Eileen Carter on said:

      A winter heartCaleb suffered loss and was left to raise his daughter alone. Hannah suffered loss as well but was alone. Can the two of them find happiness together?

    21. Patricia on said:

      Good,short and fast read. Little sappy at times. But shows the real Amish ways. Loved it and would have liked more.

    22. Christine on said:

      This could have been a excellent book. But It was way to short

    23. Sue on said:

      Loved this Amish love story!! Nice surprise to read a sensual story so well-done. Short, and sweet!

    24. Kelly on said:

      This is the first Amish Romance novel I've ever read. I liked it!

    25. Tori on said:

      Somehow I missed that this was a "sexy" historical novella when I downloaded it for free. I didn't wanna read an Amish sex scene. It was just awkward.

    26. Joseph A Sitzman on said:

      Heart breakingI love all Amish books true and fiction. I would love to visit an Amish community. Their way of life is so intriguing.

    27. Sharon G Tayamen on said:

      Ok not fantasticI was a bit surprised with this book. The book lacked depth and lacked the gospel message usually found in Amish stories.

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