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Recalled Love or Death A simple question really The choice seems obvious But What if you never knew love what if your life was spent just trying to survive What if you knew your fate before you were fully gro

  • Title: Recalled
  • Author: Cambria Hebert
  • ISBN: 9781938857119
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love or Death A simple question really The choice seems obvious But What if you never knew love, what if your life was spent just trying to survive What if you knew your fate before you were fully grown And then you died.And you were given another chance A better chance.This new life depended upon one thing your job And so you agreed You thought it would be simpleLove or Death A simple question really The choice seems obvious But What if you never knew love, what if your life was spent just trying to survive What if you knew your fate before you were fully grown And then you died.And you were given another chance A better chance.This new life depended upon one thing your job And so you agreed You thought it would be simple You thought it would be cut and dry.It never is.And now you are left holding the fate of someone else in the palm of your hand and you have to make the ultimate choice.Love or Death

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    One thought on “Recalled

    1. Maja (The Nocturnal Library) on said:

      Based on the cover and the (admittedly vague) synopsis, it would be easy enough to assume that Recalled is just another formulaic paranormal book told from alternating POVs, but dismissing it as such would be a grave error. When I signed up for this tour, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve heard great many things about Cambria Hebert’s work, almost all of them positive, but I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy her style. I do. Right now, off the top of my head, I could probably name about seven YA bo [...]

    2. Aa'Ishah on said:

      Ladies and gentleman (though I think generally ladies?), friends and followers, I present to you first successful reaper book.What do I mean by that, you ask? Basically reaper book that I've read has been particularly enjoyable. Until now. Cambria Hebert brings to the readership something new, a world in which Death Escorts and Ghost Escorts exist, all working under the formidable rule of the Grim Reaper - or, as he prefers to be known, G.R. Dex is a guy living on the streets until one night, he [...]

    3. Heather on said:

      Upon first glance at the cover and description, Recalled seems like a knockoff of Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series. I only read it because it had a pretty high rating on GR, but boy, was I disappointed. After reading it, I can tell you it does read like a very poor copycat of that series, and I wish I hadn't wasted my time on this book.The length could've been cut in half and still told the same story. It was long-winded, even though the book itself wasn't that long; it was just repetitive [...]

    4. Hershey on said:

      "Dying - ceasing to live; approaching death; expiring: a dying man."This book was really good. I expected a lot more from it though.Dex was once a poor boy on the streets who lived his life by stealing money. One day, he stole from a waitress and as he goes inside a diner for some food, a bus swerving crazily on the ice almost killed the waitress if it weren't for him. He pushed her out of the way and died instead.He died. And he made a deal with the Grim Reaper and became a Death Escort. He als [...]

    5. Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) on said:

      Quick review:Cover: Very Pretty Rating:PG-13 Thumbs Up:4Overall: InterestingCharacters: SolidPlot: Are you willing to die for someone?Page Turner: Sure Series Cont.? Most likely Recommend:SureBook Boyfriend: DexSUMMARY (50 words or less)In life you have to make a choice, and sometimes you might surprise yourself. Dex is our reluctant hero, who doesn’t at all feel worthy of hero status. And there are times in the book where we as readers question it to. Imagine what Piper felt. Interesting read [...]

    6. Veronica Morfi on said:

      Cambria's new book didn't disappoint. This is set in a completely different world from the Heven and Hell Series. Recalled is the story of Dex and Piper. The moment they met cost Dex his life in order to save hers, but then something unexpected happened. Dex didn't really die. Instead he got a new job, a new house, a new caroh, and a new body. He is Death's latest Escort, which only means he has to kill people so that Death can collect their souls. His first target is Piper the girl that costed [...]

    7. Sarah on said:

      (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Cambria Hebert and Xpresso Book Tours.)Dex thinks he’s going to hell. He killed his mom’s abusive boyfriend when he was only 10, and not long after that he left home to live on the streets.Now Dex gets by by robbing people, and Piper is his next target.Piper is training to be a doctor, and working at a café while she does. Dex bumps into her and robs her, and then the next thing she knows, he’s p [...]

    8. Kendall Book Crazy on said:

      This review was so hard for me to write and it took me weeks after I had read the book to actually figure out what I wanted to say about it which I don't think has ever happened to me before with a review! I really enjoyed this book but I do have to be honest and say that I was between 4 and 5 stars but the ending secured it with it's fifth star! The synopsis is also very vague for this book but it is the kind of vague that draws you in and makes you want to read more! It also doesn't tell you a [...]

    9. Amy on said:

      WOW this book is absolutely amazing it's got a strong start and a very beautiful ending that will bring tears to your eyes every moment brings you closer and closer to the characters you'll find yourself falling in love with piper and dex i know i sure did! There's so muchanticipation and emotion throughout this book that it makes it hard to put it down for even a moment! I can't wait to see what else this author has in store for us with this series!

    10. Mira on said:

      If I'm going to rate the Death Escorts story line, this would probably get four to five stars. But I'm not doing that, so

    11. Bree on said:

      I have two weaknesses when it comes to YA: books including a dream world and books about death, the grim reaper/reapers, or any other aspect of an afterlife. So, naturally, I was drawn to this book about death escorts. And don't even get me started on that cover! I could stare at it all day.***I want to apologize to those of you who loved the book. I don't mean this to be a rant, but it may come off like oneMY SUMMARYUnnamed boy saves a girl named Piper from a bus crashing into her, killing him [...]

    12. Candice Terry on said:

      Can't wait to read !! I could stare at this cover all day long !

    13. Jenny - Book Sojourner on said:

      My initial reaction after finishing this book wasWow, that was beautiful. Now, two weeks after finishing and looking back at the book, I'm still really moved, by both the characters and the storyline. I can still say I loved it. Honestly, I'm having a difficult time finding the words to express my feelings about this book. When I received my copy, I hardly knew anything about what this book was about. I may have read the synopsis but that was it, and even the synopsis wasn't enough to fully prep [...]

    14. Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) on said:

      Cambria has blown me away with her writing in the past, her Heven and Hell series is one of my favorites. So really, I shouldn't have been so surprised that I loved this one as much as I did.Really what was I thinking? I should have know Cambria wouldn't give us anything less than her best and her best, well, it is pretty darn fabulous.Maybe I was just apprehensive about trying something new from her since I love Heven and Sam so much, but really, again, I shouldn't have been.Dex and Piper? They [...]

    15. Nikki Archer on said:

      RECALLED ROCK MY FACE OFF I ASK CAMBRIA HOW SHE CAME UP WITH STORY THIS IS WHAT SHE SAID. I was inspired by a photograph that my cover designer took. O bought the photo but ended up using a diff image for the cover. I had actually written the first scene of Recalled a few years ago when I started Masquerade. Back then I thought it was angel book but then i got this idea for the grim reaper and his "escorts". :) Wonderful, I could not put my kindle down, I was lost in this world of recalled,I lov [...]

    16. Pam on said:

      There is a hard, thin line between good and evil, right and wrong. Dex had been walking that line his entire life thinking only of himself and trying to survive in the hostile, cold world of Alaska. He was a skilled thief and had even committed murder once. He was never quite able to find any warmth in his life but he was always searching for it.One night he waited outside a diner waiting for just the right mark. A young waitress named Piper walked out the door and Dex went to work. He managed t [...]

    17. Melissa Stickney on said:

      This is the first book in Cambria Hebert's brand new series. If you love her Heven and Hell series then you will enjoy this book. The story centers around a guy who has not had the best luck in life. Life on the streets can be brutal. It can strip away all the good you have ever seen in yourself. It can make you do things that you never would have dreamed of doing if you life had turned out otherwise. An encounter with a young woman and a quick decision will change this young man's life forever. [...]

    18. Crystal on said:

      Just when I thought that I couldn't love Cambria anymore with her Heven and Hell SeriesHeven & Hell Anthology (Heven and Hell), she goes and blows me away with Recalled.This story doesn't start out with boy meets girl, they fall in love, run into some problems and live happily ever after. NOPE! More like boy spots target, closes in and makes his move. What said boy doesn't expect is the kindness from his intended target or saving her life.I love Cambria's creativity with this storyline. I lo [...]

    19. Airicka Phoenix on said:

      I loved Recalled. I guess I honestly shouldn't be surprised. Ms. Hebert has a gift, a special touch that brings characters and stories to life. The first chapter had me and I couldn't put it down. It was fast paced with just enough romance to make any romance nut (like me) happy. I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys suspense, new plot twists and a brilliant new couple.

    20. Denice on said:

      I so love the cover!!! I love the color I love the font style And I love its simplicity Want this one!!!

    21. Becca on said:

      Fantastic:so extreme as to challenge belief; exceedingly large or great Song Choice: Well first to explain the song choice i have been lacking on explaining because i am lazy and slightly egoistical ;), anyways these are songs that I (me, the reviewer) has picked from my awesome itunes collection or otherwise. It is just another way to understand the book, in a waymetimes the song is general, sometimes its specific. Kay? Kay! LETSS DO THIS! "I Know You Care" by Ellie Goulding. "Bring Me to Life" [...]

    22. Heidi on said:

      Four stars: A unique and fun take on reapers!Dex huddles in his jacket hoping for a bit of warmth. His ears perk as he hears boots pounding the pavement, and something else catches his attention. The sound of coins jangling. That noise means a hot meal at the diner. He knows that he has found his mark. A tired young lady is heading to the bus stop, then her heel slips on the ice, but before she falls a hand steadies her. A young man is there to prevent her from hitting the cold, hard pavement. A [...]

    23. Lola on said:

      I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review.When I first heard about this book I was really intrigued by the blurb and the awesome cover and I knew I had to read it. The concept is good, but I think the book could’ve been better. My main problem with this book is that it lacks feeling, whatever happened I couldn’t feel it and I didn’t care about what was going to happen.I really liked the idea behind the story and even though the blurb was vague it did sound awesome. So as men [...]

    24. Kristen on said:

      GENRE: YA ParanormalTHEME: Death, Romance, GhostRECEIVED: AuthorBLOG: seeingnight/REVIEW:Oh man this story is a tearjerker but in a good way, it has a lot of sad bits that will really get you rooting for the lead character. Recalled is very original and will keep you guessing on what the lead will do next, and have the readers at the edge of their seats until the last page.Recalled follows Dex, well that’s the name he is given by his new employer after he was recently killed. You see Dex was a [...]

    25. Tracey (Life and Literature) on said:

      I’m going to hell. I’ve known this since I was ten years old. The year I murdered someone. Knowing my fate made it a lot easier to determine how I was going to live my life and what kind of person I was going to be. Since I wasn’t going to heaven, why bother living like it?Wow!! Just wow!!! This seems to be a word that comes to mind quite often after I've finished a book written by Cambria Hebert. But in all honesty it does nothing to describe exactly how much I love her writing. If you've [...]

    26. Kazhy (My Library in the Making) on said:

      (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)Dex had been a homeless young man for years, doing whatever means necessary to survive - like he did the night he stole from Piper. But survival certainly wasn't in his head when, just moments after that, he pushed her out of the way of an oncoming bus and died for her. He expected to wake up in hell but instead came to in an office, in front of a man who offered him another shot at life - a better one, too - in exchange of killing. [...]

    27. Tanja Brewer on said:

      I am super excited and honored to have had the opportunity to read and review Cambria Heberts new book Recalled. This book is like none other that I have read in the past its not based around vampires or werewolves or any other common creature you would think of. Instead she incorporated someone that has always been in the back of everyone's mind at one point or another. Mr. Grim Reaper himself and his minions, well in this case his Escorts of death. I have read about black angels and hell hound [...]

    28. Atmika on said:

      I haven't read any story about Death Escorts or Grim reaper before. The synopsis is really intriguing and made me pick up the book right away.Dexter and Piper meet in a dark street. He saves her that night from an accident and dies in the process. He meets a dealer who gives him a choice between hell or a life of service to death. He chooses to be a "death escort" but the irony is that if wants this life he has to kill and his first target is Piper.I could understand why Dex chose to be a death [...]

    29. Bèbè ✦ RANT✦ on said:

      He knew that he was going to hell since he was 10. Murdering a person definitely wouldn’t look good on his life application. But when an unexpected turns of events happens and he dies, he is faced with a decision of life and death with no other but the Grim Reaper. Agreeing on working for G. R Dex will have everything. Money, power, and eternity to live. All he needs to do is take someone’s life. But when he meets his Target, he doesn’t know if he can do it. Piper is beautiful, smart, and [...]

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