(الوحش الدموى (صرخة الرعب

R.L. Stine

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(الوحش الدموى (صرخة الرعب

Soon after he purchases a dusty can of monster blood at the funky old toy store near his great aunt Kathryn s house Evan begins to notice some strange things happening to the people around him While

  • Title: (الوحش الدموى (صرخة الرعب
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 6221133314862
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Soon after he purchases a dusty can of monster blood at the funky old toy store near his great aunt Kathryn s house, Evan begins to notice some strange things happening to the people around him.While staying with his weird great aunt Kathryn, Evan visits a funky old store and buys a dusty can of monster blood It s fun to play with at first, and Evan s dog, Trigger, likesSoon after he purchases a dusty can of monster blood at the funky old toy store near his great aunt Kathryn s house, Evan begins to notice some strange things happening to the people around him.While staying with his weird great aunt Kathryn, Evan visits a funky old store and buys a dusty can of monster blood It s fun to play with at first, and Evan s dog, Trigger, likes it so much, he eats some But then Evan notices something weird about the green, slimy stuff It seems to be growing And growing And growing And all that growing has given the monster blood a monstrous appetite Spanish title Escalofrios Sangre de monstruo

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    One thought on “(الوحش الدموى (صرخة الرعب

    1. Becky on said:

      Uhhhhhhh m'kaaayy then. Look. I know that these are supposed to be for kids. But they should also be good stories. And this one was just not. It was the kind of book where, if it was aimed at adults, would never have seen the light of day. It was formulaic, all over the place, repetitive, oh-so-conveniently introduced characters, and the ending was so ridiculously out of left field that I sat there reading it with this expression on my face: Because REALLY. REALLY. What the hell WAS that? I'll t [...]

    2. Alexandra on said:

      It's funny, I remember not really being too crazy about Monster Blood when I was a kid, and reading it over again, I absolutely loathe it. The Goosebumps series started out very strong and promising with Welcome to Dead House and Stay Out of the Basement but this one was just plain stupid, I hate to say. Evan is forced to stay with his weird great aunt Kathryn while his parents are in Atlanta. He buys a can of Monster Blood at a dusty old toy store and the shit Monster Blood hits the fan from th [...]

    3. Hannah Greendale on said:

      When Evan opens the can of Monster Blood he finds in the back of a dusty old toy shop, he discovers more than just a pile of gelatinous green goo. [Evan] took the can from [Andy] and examined it. Sure enough, the lid had popped off. The gooey green substance was pushing up out of the can.With all due respect to R.L. Stine - the man who made reading as a child both fun and spooky - not all Goosebumps books are winners. There are a few too many cheap tricks employed in Monster Blood for it to comp [...]

    4. Evelyn (devours and digests words) on said:

      I don't have all 50+ Goosebumps books lining my shelves but I do own enough to make me fall in love with this series in the very first place. In fact, I owe it to R.L.Stine andChristopher Pike for shaping my reading taste into that of an avid horror reader.The endings to these Goosebump books are often queer, sometimes there wasn't even a happy ending. I remember thinking "Oh man, this is so screwed up!" every time I finished something by Mr . Stine. But in this case,Monster Bloodmade me go. "Oh [...]

    5. Ryan on said:

      These books are quite a lot silly and the endings can be a little frustrating at times. That being said I find myself really enjoying them, They have a tension that makes them a great ride and makes you compelled to swallow them in one sitting. This one in particular brings back the nostalgic fears from childhood which meant I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and probably should!

    6. Catherine Ford on said:

      Yeah, right, like a giant ball of monster's blood [similar to alien slime] is going to scare me and give me sleepless nights. This book was a fail for me and I found it very unbelievable and rather silly.

    7. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Monster Blood (Goosebumps, #3), R.L. Stineعنوان: خون هیولا - کتاب 03 از سری دایره وحشت ( 04 انتشارات ویدا)؛ نویسنده: آر.ال. استاین؛ مترجم: ماندانا قهرمانلو؛ تهران، ویدا، 1385؛ در 136 ص؛ شابک: 9789646807501؛

    8. Mike on said:

      Una entrega más en la línea de la serie, divertida y con su punto escalofriante. Me ha gustado bastante.

    9. Hilary on said:

      As a child I grew up with Goosebumps. I was never obsessed enough to watch the show and collect the merchandise, but the books were a staple for me at the libraries. I was into them enough to be rather excited when the film was announced. The trailer was downright adorable, but it left me wondering - how well do the books hold up now?If you’re someone curious about rereading these for the nostalgia factor, or a concerned parent wondering just how frightening these books may be for your child, [...]

    10. Carmen on said:

      Evan's got a problem.His mom and dad are going to Atlanta to try and find a house there. Meanwhile, Evan has to spend a few weeks with his great-aunt Kathryn. She's old. And deaf. And wears a strange necklace that looks like it's made out of bone.Kathryn has no tv. No stereo. No videogames. What is Evan going to do to entertain himself? All Kathryn has is a big bookshelf full of dusty tomes about magic, ancient Egypt, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and medicine. Kathryn also has a black cat name [...]

    11. Sarah Marie on said:

      Monster Blood by R.L. Stine2 starsMonster Blood is a huge success within the Goosebumps series. Monster Blood has its own series within a series, which is an interesting contradiction. The probably is that I don’t get it. I don’t understand why Monster Blood is one of the more popular Goosebumps and why it is so heavily recommended by librarians and elementary teachers alike.I feel as though I had seen the TV show for Monster Blood, but can’t remember I do remember getting a copy from the [...]

    12. Yordan Dimov on said:

      Радвам се на факта, че Хермес се заеха да вдъхнат нов живот на тази поредица в България. Goosebumps все пак е Гинес рекордьор с 400млн. екземпляра на 32 езика, а у нас имаше издадени само 10 от около 60-те книги и то с не голям успех. За тези, които са гледали като малки епизодите това е ед [...]

    13. George Jankovic on said:

      The Monster Blood title sounded great so I decided to read it as my second Goosebumps book. A tween boy has to spend a couple of weeks with an ultra-strange, deaf grand-aunt. This book was better than Welcome to Dead House. Things moved faster, there was a good new friend, two bullies and an interesting grand-aunt. And there was some monster blood, of course. Scary but not too scary. 4 stars. Enjoy!

    14. Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου on said:

      Αν και τρίτο κατά σειρά κυκλοφορίας, το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο είναι το δεύτερο των "Ανατριχίλων" που διάβασα. Συγκριτικά με το πρώτο, η υπόθεσή του μοιάζει αρκετά απλοϊκή, ίσως και κάπως αφελής, και σαφέστατα δεν καταφέρνει να σε τρομάξει όσο θα ήθελες, ή και όσο θα μπορούσε. Πα [...]

    15. itchy on said:

      i never saw that comingas they say, the mystery adds to the horror

    16. Mike on said:

      Una entrega más divertida y con su punto escalofriante. Me ha gustado bastante.

    17. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      This book passed the time, but it wasn't all that great and it was very choppy, even for middle-grade fiction.

    18. Atharva Shah on said:

      Why are there always children in Goosebumps series? Does Stine think that kids are influential or are adults very wise? Anyways, this book "Monster Blood" is totally different from the rest of to series. The idea of Monster Blood is not at all scary (At least when you read it. I wouldn't want to be Evan) nor is is very funny or thrilling. Simplicity is the key to Stines writing and it was a simple three hour read. Katherine is a formidable character, Evan is a scared rabbit, Andy is playful, Bul [...]

    19. Francy on said:

      Capitoli finali a parte, ho trovato il resto del libro un po' noioso, senza contare che leggere il nome SANGUE DI MOSTRO sempre in maiuscolo mi ha irritata un pochino. Insomma, Sangue di Mostro non andava bene?E comunque, che cavolo di nome è Sarabeth?!Va be', almeno i protagonisti mi sono piaciuti e devo ammetterli che un po' li shippavo, anche se sono ancora piccoli.Nel complesso direi che si merita la sufficienza.

    20. • j o r y• on said:

      Honest To Blog I felt like this book literally took years off of my life. This one is definitely in the "Oh. This is an awful concept." Goosebumps books category. And there are a few of them. Its only a few, but they are there. Monster Blood, after reading it again, is really just an evil flubber. An evil flubber with no back story. An evil flubber with extensive unanswered questions about it. Like who and the hell is this witch turned cat Sarahbeth? Where did she come from? Why did she cast a s [...]

    21. Alexander Draganov on said:

      I love horror stories about slimy and amorphous monsters. This one is perfect - very likeable protagonist and very cool beastie for an enemy! And this comes from a hardened horror reader like me! Enjoy the full review in Bulgarian here:citadelata/%D0%BA%D1%80%D1And buy the book!

    22. Pulkit on said:

      This book is about Evan who has to stay with her Aunt Kathryn, where he makes a new friend. later, he chances upon an old toy shop where he spots a dusty tin of monster blood. Intrigued, he takes it home, oblivious to the dangerous consequences that would ruin his lifer?Before anything else, this was my first book and I liked it, at that time. Not much, just a little, but enough to make me read another book which led to yet another and now I can't stop reading books. So, I want to thank R.L. Sti [...]

    23. David Santos on said:

      The ending was a little too scifi for my taste, but stil good and thats what I like about these Goosebumps books the author takes something really dumb like playdo and gives it life.t exciting at my age, but he writes the characters so well and has so many events happening that it keeps you glued to the book. I don't judge books by their cover, but I sure do judge by their title and this book did not catch my interest at all. I was so disinterested that I thought about skipping this one and movi [...]

    24. Matt Mazenauer on said:

      This is supposed to be the most classic of all Goosebumps stories - I was surprised at how uneven it is. As always, the characters are interesting, but even for Goosebumps, this is kind of an out there plot. Most surprising of all, there's not a really big threat looming. tl;dr, this wasn't as good as I remember from my childhood.

    25. Alondra on said:

      Gotta love Goosebumps. Kids finding Monster Blood at local "toy store", monster blood grows and takes on life of its own. Dog eats it, grows. Bullies get eaten by blob yeah, classic R.L. Stine. love it :D

    26. Jorge Soto on said:

      Una lectura bastante ligera y muy entretenida, al mero estilo de la serie de television "Escalofrios".Espero poder conseguir mas libros de estos

    27. Петър Панчев on said:

      Класическо чудовище сее ужас:(Цялото ревю е тук: knijenpetar.wordpress/201)Не можах да устоя повече и награбих следващите две книжки от детската хорър поредица Goosebumps. Всъщност изобщо не се плаша от книжни страхове, още повече предназначени за деца, но се забавлявам доста, докато разгръ [...]

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