Chronicles of Dinosauria

Dave Woetzel

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Chronicles of Dinosauria

Chronicles of Dinosauria Explore legends mythical sightings and intriguing mysteries from around the globe A unique combination of visual illustrations and unforgettable accounts the book is an amazing adventure that calls

  • Title: Chronicles of Dinosauria
  • Author: Dave Woetzel
  • ISBN: 9780890517048
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Explore legends, mythical sightings, and intriguing mysteries from around the globe A unique combination of visual illustrations and unforgettable accounts, the book is an amazing adventure that calls into question what we ve been taught to believe and understand about the history of dinosaurs and man.

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      183 Dave Woetzel
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    One thought on “Chronicles of Dinosauria

    1. Dusty Shell on said:

      As Christians who believe in a young earth and that dinosaurs coexisted with humans and were created on the 6th day along with the rest of the land animals, it can be difficult to find reading material that does not incorporate an evolutionary or an old earth viewpoint. To be honest, even though I became a Christian at the age of 9, I'd never really questioned the "facts" that I'd been taught throughout my public school education about dinosaurs and millions of year. I don't recall the church of [...]

    2. Joe Cortez II on said:

      “Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man” by Dave Woetzel (Illustrated by Richard Dobbs) presents the reader with a simple yet riveting testimony of the real history of dinosaurs. Woetzel captures five areas of evidence for the coexistence of man and dinosaurs. He does this in a methodological and fun way that is both easy to read and foundational in our understanding of dinosaurs and their fate. When I first opened the book, I couldn’t help but notice the [...]

    3. Rachel on said:

      When I first heard about this book, I was very excited. "The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man" sounded intriguing. Although I have heard evidence here and there of man and dinosaurs co-existing, I hadn't seen anything like this book before.Written by Dave Woetzel (newleafpublishinggroup), Chronicles of Dinosauria is a compilation of evidence from the fossil record, historical accounts, artistic documentation, cryptozoology, and the Bible. It is organized in an easy to follow manner wit [...]

    4. Becky on said:

      This book is a very creative presentation about dinosaurs written by Dave Woetzel. Dave’s life-long interest in the creatures has earned him the name Dino Dave. This book is unique in that it is made to look like a scrapbook with pictures, journal entries, and entire pages devoted to dinosaur data. The many illustrations are wonderfully done by artist, Richard Dobbs, who has loved to draw these “terrible lizards” since he was a child.In this book, the author wanted to cover five main point [...]

    5. Heather on said:

      Love dinosaurs? Love history? This is the book for you! Chronicles of Dinosauria gives the reader insight into the how's, why's, and when's of dinosaurs that lived (possibly still live) at the same time as man. God created everything in 6 days; contrary to evolution, people did not evolve millions of years after dinosaurs became extinct.In Dave Woetzel's book, beautifully illustrated by Richard Dobbs and published by Master Books, evidences and proofs are presented that should have even the most [...]

    6. RH on said:

      What a book! Before reviewing Chronicles of Dinosauria, I thought that only the kids in our family would find this book fascinating. I was wrong. I ended up reading the book in two evenings as I didn't want to put it down! Dave Woetzel put together the book in a fun and unique scrapbook style thus allowing the illustrations to really "pop out". Richard Dobbs should be commended for his outstanding artwork. The book covers the Biblical evidence, historical evidence, artistic evidence, fossil evid [...]

    7. Vera Godley on said:

      Scientists have long been saying that dinosaurs lived long before man appeared on the Earth. Creationists have long been saying that man and dinosaurs have lived side-by-side at times in history. Author Dave Woetzel addresses this controversy in this easy to understand, exceptionally well illustrated book "Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History and Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man."I found several chapters particularly interesting: Fossil Evidence, Historical Evidence, Artistic Evidence, and Cryptozo [...]

    8. Mary-ann on said:

      From the publisher:Explore legends, mythical sightings, and intriguing explorations from around the globe!Enjoy the unique combination of visual illustrations and unforgettable accounts.Discover why the author calls into question what we've been taught to believe and understand about the history of dinosaurs and man.Every legend is said to include some grain of truth, and for years co-author Dave Woetzel has sought to separate fact from fiction as he explores mysteries related to dinosaurs, mank [...]

    9. Julie on said:

      Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man by Dave Woetzel is a book like no other I have ever seen. It is also Christian-based. I knew I had to get this book to review since my daughter loves dinosaurs and would be able to get her opinion on this book too.On the back of the book it says, "Every legend is said to include some grain of truth and author Dave Woetzel has sought for years to separate fact from fiction as he explores mysteries related to dinosaurs and th [...]

    10. David Green on said:

      Like most boys, I was always fascinated with dinosaurs growing up. And, yes, I admit, even now that I am 32 years old, they still fascinate me. When I opened Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man, I could hard put it down. The book is written by written by Dave Woetzel and Richard Dobbs, Jr, and published by Master Books a division of New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.The book takes its readers on a journey through time, pulling from actual sources, eyewitness wri [...]

    11. Lisa Johnson on said:

      Title: Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and ManAuthor: Dave Woetzel & Richard DobbsPages: 88Year: 2013Publisher: Master Books; Reprint edition (April 3, 2013)This book points Christians and non-Christians to strong, compelling evidence that man and dinosaurs coexisted. When this planet and the universe were in the midst of being created, among the animals that God created were the dinosaurs; however, their reign on this earth didn’t last very long. After the [...]

    12. Jalynn Patterson on said:

      About the Book: Explore legends, mythical sightings, and intriguing mysteries from around the globe! A unique combination of visual illustrations and unforgettable accounts, the book is an amazing adventure that calls into question what we've been taught to believe and understand about the history of dinosaurs and man.About the Author: Dave graduated from Bob Jones University in 1987 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree. He is the president of CCR Data Systems, a technology firm and in 1999 sta [...]

    13. Heather on said:

      Upon receipt of the book, Munchkin immediately swiped it and began digging into it. She has always been fascinated by dinosaurs. She watches and reads books about dinosaurs from both a Biblical worldview and an evolutionary worldview. She then compares and contrasts the two and seeks the truth based upon what the Bible and history show us. One of the things that really caught her attention in Chronicles of Dinosauria was that it contained different information. Now, she’s hungry to learn more [...]

    14. Foundations Creation on said:

      Difficulty: Easy to read and understandAge Recommendation: Children, Teens, and Adults Let's face it. Everybody loves dinosaurs. Something about us is just attached to these incredible beasts from childhood, and it never leaves us. However, there is something else about dinosaurs which seems to stick with us. Several recent polls have indicated that, even though taught opposite, a majority of the world's population still believes that dinosaurs and people have coexisted. Why is this? Is it a fai [...]

    15. Mazzou B on said:

      It was wonderful to read through this book knowing I could trust the information as Biblically-sound. This is yet another book published by MasterBooks that my family and I love and learn from. I know parents are always looking for interesting and 'cool' books to present to their young children. However, so many books on dinosaurs are just filled with evolution! It's pretty crummy handing your 9-year old a book on amazing dinos with the warning that half the book is wrong! In wonderful contrast, [...]

    16. Edie on said:

      My kids are FASCINATED by dinosaurs. Most of the kids I've met are intrigued by these ginormous reptiles. Their size alone is interesting but add in the element of mystery surrounding dinosaurs and their demise and suddenly it's a topic of great consideration.So for all of their excitement over the subject I have to say it's one I hesitate to tackle. I'm just not that knowledgeable about dinosaurs. I mean I know what we've learned on Dinosaur Train but what does the Bible say about dinosaurs? I [...]

    17. Diane Estrella on said:

      Even as a young child, I had always been inquisitive in regards to dinosaurs. There is so much that has been discovered about them, yet so much more left to the unknown too. I think this book fills in some of the educational gaps I felt growing up, and provides the information that I had not been taught about these majestic beasts.Dave Woetzel has extensively traveled the planet searching for physical artifacts and speaking to numerous individuals. He has included his own personal pictures along [...]

    18. Cheri Fields on said:

      This beautifully illustrated book introduces you to a broad overview of what we really know about dinosaurs from the world around us and the Bible.The author, Dave Woetzel, keeps a website just on dinosaurs and has done a lot of research about the history and evidence of these creatures since the Flood. Richard Dobbs' dinosaur illustrations are entrancing and detailed.My favorite aspect of the book was the way he affirmed some of the best known controversial evidence as reliable. I won't spoil i [...]

    19. Amber on said:

      In this all new book by Dave Woetzel you will explore the history and the mystery of dinosaurs and man.Evolutionists try their level best to defame the Bible and creation through the existence of fossil "evidence" that man and dinosaurs did not roam the earth at the same time. Up until reading this book you may have been at a loss to even understand the possibilities and credence of evolutionists claims. However, after partaking of the proof put forth in Chronicles of Dinosauria, you will be bet [...]

    20. Tim-melissa Williamson on said:

      This stylistic rendering of the evidence showing how we know dinosaurs did indeed walk among men is as fascinating to gaze at as it is informative. My favorite aspect in addition to the beautiful illustrations is that the biblical evidence is presented last. This may sound a little odd since the interpretation of the entire book firsts starts with the assumption of biblical truth. Because of this I feel I can loan it out to any number of my friends who are curious and they won't automatically as [...]

    21. Nancy H Vest on said:

      I found this book to be informative about the basics of dinosaurs and humans inhabiting our planet at the same time. I already believed that, and this book provided me with documented facts about the subject along with footnoting so that the facts can be checked.The writing is for upper elementary and above, although some upper elementary students might find it challenging. It would work well as a book to be read aloud since the chapters are not long and each chapter is divided into chunks of in [...]

    22. Joan Concilio on said:

      I admit that it's pretty hard to find books that match my particular worldview - Biblical creation with a serious side of YES to dragons, intra-species evolution or development (wolves to a variety of species of dogs, not monkeys to humans), and an interest in the geologic and archaeological record.So when I came across Chronicles of Dinosauria, I was pretty surprised to find that much of it matched and, in fact, clarified a lot of my existing points of view! It's fascinating, well-researched an [...]

    23. Phronsie on said:

      Author Dave Woetzel presents a compelling case for dinosaurs and man having lived together. First-hand travel experience and research compiled into a "journal" of sorts. Amazing illustrations and photographs throughout the book tie it all together. Easy-to-read, just eight short chapters. They're so interesting that it won't take long to get through the book. If you're a dinosaur lover, this is a great book. If you don't believe the evidence, at least enjoy the pictures because they're great! Di [...]

    24. Thomas Adams on said:

      This is an excellent book! The most up-to-date compendium of dinosaur/dragon historical, archaeological, cryptozoological and paleontological lore that I know. Keep in mind that this is not an encyclopedia of each known individual species of dinosaur, but rather a compendium of knowledge in regard to humanity's relationship to the Saurians throughout history, from the creation of man to the present. Sounds like fiction, right? Well it's NOT! This book will open your eyes to a world you've been l [...]

    25. Kelli Becton on said:

      This brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated book about the history of man and dinosaurs is a favorite new addition to our homeschool library. We will surely refer back to it time and again as we soak up the valuable insights and scientific information it includes. Read my full review here: adventurezinchildrearing.c Currently on sale! Highly highly recommend this book - although labeled as juvenile non-fiction - it is interesting for adults and children alike.

    26. Lia Burres on said:

      One of my all time favorite books. Finally someone answers how the Earth was created and when Dinosaurs really existed and many other questions that have always had me really confused and past the word of being puzzled.It also gives details of what "Dragons" really were and how they came to be known. Want to know more, you'll just have to read the book. I've already posted a mini version of the book in a review on my blog. bitoeverything/?p=358This is one book to cherish for many many years to c [...]

    27. Lewis on said:

      Fascinating.In this book we have a far more truthful and honest presentation on dinosaurs than anything put out by National Geographic and the mainstream scientific media machine. Fascinating.

    28. Sarah on said:

      My favorite dinosaur book ever! Explains from the Biblical perspective the truth about these wonderful creatures and includes magnificent historical evidence.

    29. Mary Jo on said:

      Amazing! This book is brilliantly illustrated, packed with fabulous information, and reveals dragon lore for what it truly is. Absolutely love sitting and skimming the pages with my kids!

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