over the river and through the wood

Lydia Maria Francis Child Iris Van Rynbach

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over the river and through the wood

over the river and through the wood Water color paintings depict an oldfashioned Thanksgiving as portrayed in the song Over the River and Through the Wood

  • Title: over the river and through the wood
  • Author: Lydia Maria Francis Child Iris Van Rynbach
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Water color paintings depict an oldfashioned Thanksgiving as portrayed in the song, Over the River and Through the Wood.

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      478 Lydia Maria Francis Child Iris Van Rynbach
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    One thought on “over the river and through the wood

    1. Manybooks on said:

      While I love and will always love Lydia Maria Child's evocative poem, I rather despise this particular edition, simply because David Catrow's illustrations are absolutely not to my taste. I find them visually annoying, frenetic, grating, and while they might, indeed, be considered a modern spoof, a modern take, they do not at all mesh with the text, with the peaceful country imagery that is the narrative. The delicate and sweet cadence of Child's poem, the sense of family togetherness and antici [...]

    2. Kathryn on said:

      I LOVE this poem, never get tired of it. To me, it captures the spirit of my Thanksgivings as a child--even if we went to Grandma's house in a car instead of a sleigh! ;-) The woodblock illustrations by Christopher Manson enhance the ambiance of the poem and lend a cozy, historic New England feel.

    3. Kathryn on said:

      Over the River and Through the Wood, illustrated by Matt Tavares. I enjoyed this version of the dear Thanksgiving poem by Lydia Maria Child and illustrated by Matt Tavares. This version retains Child's original wording so it may be a bit different that the one that is familiar to many of us. I was very glad to read "the original" though I admit it was a bit jarring at times when the words on the page didn't match those flowing through my memory. A brief biographical note about Child is also welc [...]

    4. Luisa Knight on said:

      Such charming, old fashioned imagery for this delightful Thanksgiving poem. This is one of the best Thanksgiving books I've read this year. Would definitely recommend it!Ages: 4+#thanksgiving**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everything in the book, so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't. I also have Clean Guides (downloadable PDFs) which enable you to clean up your book before reading it! Visit my websi [...]

    5. Jenny on said:

      Don't read the Catrow version if you don't have a sense of humor In this version, the family is heading for Grandmother's house but Baby has quite the adventure getting theree illustrations tell a much wilder (unsafe) version of the "story"/song than the lyrics.

    6. Margaret Chind on said:

      Hmm my mind is split on where to start sharing my thoughts. When I was a child it was the Chipmunks' Christmas Album version of this song I sang again and again. In some of our poetry books (I think it was Gyo Fujikawa) I noticed this poem text. I never knew it was a Thanksgiving journey and NOT Christmas! Through the book list for Memoria Press ( I think it is 3rd grade, maybe 2nd) the older picture book version from NorthSouth illustrated by Christopher Manson in wood cuts was discovered to me [...]

    7. David on said:

      Over the River and Through the Wood: The New England Boy's Song about Thanksgiving Day by Lydia Maria Francis Child, illustrated by Matt Tavares beautifully illustrates the classic verse of a trip by sleigh to grandmother's house. The original text is typset in Hadfield. The large font makes it easy to read aloud. The note about the author gives excellent details.The detailed illustrations are done in watercolor, gouache and pencil.The double page spreads really carry this verse along. Taveres u [...]

    8. Dolly on said:

      Leave it to David Catrow to put such an unusual spin on this Thanksgiving classic. This book was featured as one of the selections for the November 2015: Thanksgiving discussion for the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at .

    9. Fjóla on said:

      A humorously illustrated version of a beloved poem. I'm a big fan of David Catrow and his use of colors. Unfortunately, our library copy had been enforced in such a way that the pages did not open all the way, and often there was no way to see what was in the center of the picture spreads, diminishing our enjoyment of them somewhat.

    10. Dolly on said:

      This is a lovely and spirited song about Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. We have a CD recording of this song and our girls know the song by heart. The lovely woodcut illustrations by Christopher Manson are just old-fashioned enough and rustic enough to perfectly complement the words. We really enjoyed reading this book together.

    11. Teri on said:

      Given to me by a dear friend. It is a Thanksgiving poem. I sang it and Holland kept looking at me. I do wonder what she was thinking. Love the vintage looking illustrations! I don't think I had ever read or heard the entire poem. It is darling and a new Thanksgiving tradition. The music for the traditional song is on the back page.

    12. Beverly on said:

      I guess I must have a wacky sense of humor, because I love this book and have my own personal copy (with the David Catrow illustrations). I like the disconnect between the lyrics of the song about a nice holiday ride and the baby's wild adventures and think they are hilarious. And I like Catrow's over-exaggerated caricatures of the people, animals, and objects.

    13. SamZ on said:

      Illustrations by David Catrow: I still enjoy the original poem, but these pictures just weren't my thing.

    14. Randie D. Camp, M.S. on said:

      I picked this up thinking it was a Christmas story but it turns out to be a Thanksgiving song. Very cute verses and old school illustrations add charm.

    15. Janet on said:

      Nicely done verison of the 1844 poem. Two page spread illustrations alternate between the family on their journey to the grandparents house and the grandparents making the Thanksgiving dinner.

    16. Lauren Williams on said:

      This spoof of a classic song was engaging and interesting. The illustrations in the book were so bright and colorful that they would really help peak a child's interest in the story. Although I am unfamiliar with the original version of the song, maybe some of my students would be or it could be a learning experience for all of us. The pages of the book were mostly full of the illustrations with a very small section of the pages being taken up with words. I would read this book to the classroom [...]

    17. Pam on said:

      One half of great equals maybe okay. Lydia Maria Child's poem, Over the River and Through the Wood, is very good. David Catrow's illustrations in this book are great. They just aren't so good together. Child's poem sets a traditional feel to the holidays while Catrow's illustrations are creative, amazing, cheerful, and nonsensical. Catrow really needed a different story to illustrate!

    18. Anna on said:

      Love this song/poem so picked this up at library thinking it would be a modern day take on the tale. Um, no thank you. As others have stated more eloquently than me, the illustrations are unpleasant to look at and not at all in keeping with the sweet, almost cozy feel one would expect.

    19. Victoria on said:

      The text is the classic poem. The illustrations are just not my jam. A baby on her way to grandma's gets all mixed up in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Cute idea, but drawn by an editorial cartoonist. Just too garish for me.

    20. Matthew Hunter on said:

      A humorous idea - pair a gentle, classic holiday poem with frantic, action-packed illustrations - that coaxed no laughter from the Hunter clan. I found it unnecessary. What did Child do to deserve such treatment, anyway?

    21. Matthew S. Zielinski on said:

      Love the illustrations and short story about the author.

    22. Heather on said:

      I liked it, but it fell totally flat with the kids. Pictures were too busy for an audience and the words are full as dishwater.

    23. Lauren on said:

      Had some words that i didn't know from the song. It had good illustrations

    24. Jeremy on said:

      Related video of the illustrator's work. I've tagged this with "Christmas," but it was originally a Thanksgiving song. The subtitle is "The New England Boy's Song about Thanksgiving Day."

    25. Mommywest on said:

      Growing up, I have fond memories of traveling to my grandparents' house in Manti, Utah, and of singing "Over the River and Through the Woods" with my family as we neared the old house at Thanksgiving time. When I found this book at our local library, I couldn't wait to share the old song with my children, especially since the words have become a bit foggy all these years later. I had no idea the original poem had so many verses! Originally published in 1844 in one of her poetry books as "A New-E [...]

    26. Matthew on said:

      I love this book for its illustrations more than anything. The text is obviously is recognizable, but the David Catrow illustrations are such a treat that it's hard not to love the book just for that. It's wonderful, and I've used numerous times over the years for everything from holiday reading to poetry lessons.

    27. Heidi-Marie on said:

      I do like the pictures in this one. Very lovely and just adds to the song that I loved singing when I was younger. Somehow as a child I never got that this was a Thanksgiving song. We didn't sing all the verses, so that could be a reason. And the fact that we always sang it at that time of year just didn't register. (Nor did hearing it on the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie every year.) Oh well. This one is good for toddler, considering the breaks in the text. 11/9/10 Went well with toddler. Th [...]

    28. Alex on said:

      1. No awards2. First grade3. In this illustrated version of the classic song, the family heads off to grandfather's house for Thanksgiving dinner. The illustrations modernize the song, showing the family travelling by car for instance, but preserve the lyrics by, in a related example, showing people riding in horse-drawn sleighs for fun. 4. You can't go wrong with a classic. The illustrations fit the song well, while managing to modernize it as well. I was singing along as I was reading, because [...]

    29. Carmen Nibali on said:

      “Over the river and through the woods” is a classic seasonal poem. This is one of my favorite poems and still remember it word for word. In this book the pages are illustrated with a horse pulling a sleigh with the family all bundled up. The family is off to their grandfather’s house for a thanksgiving feast. On each page there is a lot of fresh details. This book is intended for ages two and up. This classic is intended for children for every age. There's two different illustration of thi [...]

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