The Far Horizon

Gretta Curran Browne

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The Far Horizon

The Far Horizon A Complete stand alone Novel and the second novel in The Macquarie SeriesAs a young British officer Lachlan Macquarie served his country in America the West Indies India and Egypt but now he is be

  • Title: The Far Horizon
  • Author: Gretta Curran Browne
  • ISBN: 9781480165182
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Complete stand alone Novel and the second novel in The Macquarie SeriesAs a young British officer, Lachlan Macquarie served his country in America, the West Indies, India and Egypt, but now he is being asked to go to a wilderness on the other side of the world where famine and strife amongst the inhabitants is flourishing.A firm hand is needed, but when he arrives LachlaA Complete stand alone Novel and the second novel in The Macquarie SeriesAs a young British officer, Lachlan Macquarie served his country in America, the West Indies, India and Egypt, but now he is being asked to go to a wilderness on the other side of the world where famine and strife amongst the inhabitants is flourishing.A firm hand is needed, but when he arrives Lachlan surprises the population by showing them he is not only firm, he is also fair.George Jarvis, now grown to a young man, travels with him, and it is there George meets Mary Neely, a young, embittered English girl, who falls in love with George and learns from him about the goodness of life.Set in the early nineteenth century, The Far Horizon is a story about the genesis of a nation, and the man who turned a convict colony into a country, and named it Australia.

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      467 Gretta Curran Browne
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    One thought on “The Far Horizon

    1. Chris Gregory on said:

      Well written, fascinating genreI usually enjoy a well written fiction based on history, set in historical times with surrounding facts. But this is different and even more stimulating. It's written as a fiction but most of the story is not only set in factual history, most of it is nonfiction with very little embellishment. I consider this to be a new type of genre - perhaps it could be named creative nonfiction. As a retired history teacher that loves to read well developed stories with well de [...]

    2. Pauleen on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will certainly be reading the next in the series. The author made us care about the Macquarie family and it was heartening to know that Governor Lachlan Macquarie's vision of Australia was ultimately successful.

    3. Heather on said:

      I loved learning about the founding of Australia as a country and the remarkable people who made it possible.

    4. Patricia on said:

      Lactlan Macquarie: despot, traitor to his class, unreasonable or reformer and Father of Australia? Macquarie has been a soldier all of his adult life serving in the American colonies, the West Indies, India, and Egypt and in his travels he has seen all sorts and conditions of humanity. When posted to New South Wales he draws from previous experience to restore order, build a country, and treat convicts and ex-convicts humanly and with dignity. His reforms were enthusiastically welcomed by many i [...]

    5. MaryJane Rings on said:

      Having read the first book in the series, I was familiar with the main character, Lachlan Macquarie.That book dealt with the British colony that was established in India. In this book the story continues as he helps to settle and civilize the continent which was first a British penal colony and then evolved to be the country of Australia. It is an excellent history of the era and the problems of colonization. Mr. Macquarie was much ahead of his time in the organization re: the transition of the [...]

    6. Manna_Sue on said:

      What a strange book. I skimmed the last 50%, but it was nearly a DNF.ming it counts as finished if I skimmed for highlights. It's a not-a-novel (I think is what the forward said) based on the letters and journals of a real person about the history of Botany Bay / Australia. I don't like based-on-historical-documents not-a-novels. I want a based-on-fact novel, or a book on a specific event in history. I am now curious about the history of Australia, however. Unlikely I will pick up anything else [...]

    7. Kerryn Taylor on said:

      Well written, interesting and easy to read. This novel is based on the true story from the documents, diaries and letters of Lachlan Macquarrie, his wife, Elizabeth Campbell and others involved.Appointed Governor of New South Wales in 1810 replacing the deposed William Bligh, Lachlan Macquarrie became known as "The father of Australia". A wonderful historical account of a man before his time, a kind man with an inspiring vision for the new country he named.

    8. Diana Shaffner on said:

      This piece of historical fiction is absolutely amazing. Unless you are very familiar with the history of Australia or 'Terra Australis', you will learn astonishing historical facts on its development. The characters in the book are full of life and described in enough detail to make you feel you know them personally. The Far Horizon is a worthwhile and entertaining read.

    9. Gerry Rising on said:

      Excellent Historical FictionI had no idea that I was reading about an historical character until I was well into this book and finally did some checking. Only then did I realize that I was learning much about the early history of a penal colony being converted into a nation. Very well done.

    10. Ann Resto on said:

      A story of a man who was good and fair to the underdogs of a newly colonized countryI loved this book. Because it was based on true events, it was interesting to learn about the early colonization of Australia. This book gives hope that one man can truly make a difference in changing a society for the better.

    11. Katie Chapman on said:

      Absolutely the best !Historical fiction comes in many forms, but The Far Horizon is my favorite style. The history of Australia under one man's leadership is documented through careful research and embellished with the author's interpretation of the lives of both real and imaginary characters.

    12. Mimi Calme on said:

      Very good book. Excited to read the next book in the series.Enjoyed the first book but this one has some history of Australia from actual accounts which I found fascinating. Starting book 3 today!

    13. Carole on said:

      The Father of AustraliaIf you love historical faction, this book is for you. This is the story of a great leader who is not a politician, but an honorable statesman. The book will keep you turning the pages well after you should have turned out the light.

    14. Betty May on said:

      Wonderful ReadThis was a wonderful read. The characters were believable and I could have been there listening to the conversation. The intermingling of fact along with the authors storytelling makes for a great read.

    15. Frances Weidner on said:

      Good ReadI enjoyed this historical novel about the penal colony of England, Australia, called "New South Wales," now Sidney. I recommend this book for those liking historical fiction. I will read more of this author' books.

    16. Carol and Gary Curtis on said:

      Excellent book and story. I articulately enjoyed the history woven into the plot. Certainly kept my interest and caused me to find the 1st and 3rd books of the series immediately.

    17. Frenjaso on said:

      FL bc jgughfug going :) gigging. G :) gigging chief jigging gigging chug :) v uncivil chug :) big chug uhh ugouv

    18. Paul on said:

      A book that took less than 24-hours to read. Ms. Browne did an excellent job writing this book. I highly recommend this trilogy.

    19. Joyce A. Wendeln on said:

      The Lure of Far Away PlacesFor ye who long to wander distant lands and see the growing through God's hand, I bequeath this log of words.

    20. Kyle Beggs on said:

      ExcellentAn interesting and informative book that will give you a new understanding of the establishment of Australia while not feeling like a dry history book

    21. Margaret A Register on said:

      FascinatingA wonderful account of the settlers-convicts of Australia. This historical portrait is truly a heartwarming story---well-written, well edited, and with a warm glow.

    22. Chaplain Stanleigh Chapin on said:

      Excellent A wonderful description of the development of Australia, although not entirely as it happened, but one developed from several sources

    23. richard m. on said:

      Enjoyable historical novel about the beginnings of Australia.

    24. Diane Safer on said:

      AverageAverageThe Far Horizon is the second in a series of three. Easy read, not as good as The Eastern Windows

    25. Frank Fusco on said:

      Compelling historyA gripping well written story that educated as it entertained. I am very glad I read this historical fiction novel.

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