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Three Little Words

Three Little Words They are just words but they mean so much As a dark evening draws in the lives of three women are changed forever The worlds they have been living in the people they thought they knew in an instant

  • Title: Three Little Words
  • Author: JessicaThompson
  • ISBN: 9781444734249
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They are just words but they mean so much.As a dark evening draws in, the lives of three women are changed forever.The worlds they have been living in, the people they thought they knew in an instant it all changes.But when everything seems to shatter around them, could three little words be enough to help put the pieces back together again

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    One thought on “Three Little Words

    1. Eunice Moral on said:

      Three Little Words: Amazing. Enthralling. BeautifulThis is now another favorite book by my favorite author. No one can possibly understand the love I have for this author. From the first book I have read by her (This Is A Love Story) I knew right then and there I will be buying all her books and get lost in each one of them over and over. She has this writing style that I just couldn't get enough of. To date, I have all her published books and I can't wait for more. I heard she just finished ano [...]

    2. Bookevin on said:

      Review originally on I Heart Chick Lit.iheart-chicklitI was blown away by Jessica Thompson's debut novel, This Is A Love Story, mainly because it had me up all night reading about the love story between two people falling in love, but have to undergo obstacles in life to only find they are meant for each other. Think One Day without Emma Morley dying.So when Jessica asked me if I'd like a copy of your new book, I said yes! And did my usual happy dance. Who in the world would decline the opportun [...]

    3. Leigh on said:

      I dived into this not reading any reviews, not knowing anything about it. Yes, I judged it by the cover and title. The cover is super cute, like 'This is a Love Story' by the same author and I loved that cute book. This one is different. I found this serious and the narration didn't work for me. And don't be deceived by the title like I was. There are so many other '3 little words' besides I love you. But the story, it was really good. Heartwarming and inspiring. I liked it. I guess I just read [...]

    4. Daniela Brösel on said:

      KURZBESCHREIBUNG:Seit Wochen kommt die hübsche junge Frau täglich zu Adam ins Café, trinkt immer das gleiche Getränk und starrt stundenlang traurig aus dem Fenster. Was er nicht weiß: Bryony versucht den Verlust ihrer großen Liebe Max zu verkraften, der an einem Tag im März erschossen wurde. Ein Unfall. Das Leben Vieler veränderte sich seitdem schlagartig und auch der Täter bereut seine Tat zutiefst…MEINE MEINUNG:Es gibt Bücher, die sprechen dich von vornherein an. Egal ob Cover, Kla [...]

    5. Rikke on said:

      I had expected this to be a quirky love story along the lines of Thompson's earlier work, "This is a Love Story", but it turned out quite differently from what I had expected. It was certainly marketed as another love story – everything from the title to the adorably drawn cover screams romance. And yet love wasn't the central theme; the three little words the title refers to isn't "I love you" but rather "I forgive you". As I was mislead by my own expectations, it took me a while to accept t [...]

    6. Sheikha O 140A571 on said:

      The novel was written in a perfect way to read and understand. It talks about 3 strong women facing problems in their daily life.The words seem to flow in perfect harmony with each other and every single description is understandable. The characters are all so unique.The three main women were all extremely powerful and strong, even in the face of heartbreak. Even though they had men in their lives, they didn’t need to rely on them which made me love them even more!I would recommend reading Jes [...]

    7. Dorjnyam Bayarkhuu on said:

      Эхлэхдээ л үйл явц нь тодорхой юм шиг номнууд байдаг даа, дунд хүртэл нь уншихдаа би яг ингэж бодож байсан. Хайртай хүнээ алдах сэтгэлийн зовлон шаналал, дүрсэлж үзүүлж байгаа хэсгүүдээс нь өөрийгөө "татаж" гаргаж авахад заримдаа хэцүү байсан ч ЖИЖИГХЭН гурван үг хүний амьд [...]

    8. Marisa on said:

      From my kobo library. Wow what can I say about the unassuming book, it was an emotional roller coaster, it started from the tragedy and unfolded all the lives that the tragedy interconnected with and in what way, and how in all that tragedy they were able to effect healing where some felt could never overcome all the sadness and continue to live with hope of finding love again. It was a great book.

    9. Katinka_June on said:

      Wunderschönes Buch, was trotz aller Gefühle nicht kitschig wirkt. Es ist toll zu sehen, wie nach und nach alle Handlungen und Personen zusammenfinden und jeder auf seine Art lernt, zu verzeihen.

    10. Lillys Corner on said:

      DAS COVERDas Cover zu EIN TAG IM MÄRZ hat mich sofort auf den ersten Blick angesprochen und verzaubert. Nicht nur mit der Farbwahl haben die Gestalter genau meinen Geschmack getroffen, sondern auch mit den vielen verspielten und süßen Details. Ich stehe ohnehin sehr auf diese ‚Scribble-Designs’. Das Cover strahlt etwas Positives, Fröhliches, Leichtes und natürlich Romantisches aus und obwohl man beim Lesen des Klappentexts erfährt, dass es durchaus auch um ein trauriges Ereignis geht, [...]

    11. Leah on said:

      When Jessica Thompson’s debut novel This Is A Love Story was released last year, it was immensely popular, likened to One Day by David Nicholls. I haven’t read it, though, but with most Chick Lit books it is sitting waiting to be read. Her second novel was meant to be released earlier this year – and is available on Kindle now – but was delayed until August, so I didn’t get to it right away knowing I had a further half a year to read it before it was released, but with its release date [...]

    12. Manja on said:

      Kurzbeschreibung:Adam ist jedes Mal nervös, wenn er die schöne Unbekannte an Tisch zehn bedienen muss. Die junge Frau kommt täglich in sein Café, bestellt einen koffeinfreien Latte mit einem Stück Zucker, sitzt stundenlang dort und sieht mit unfassbarer Traurigkeit zu, wie die Welt an ihr vorbeizieht. Was Adam nicht weiß: Bryony hat einen schlimmen Verlust erlitten, denn sie hat Max, den Menschen, den sie am meisten liebte, durch einen tragischen Unfall verloren. Ein einziger Augenblick an [...]

    13. Legibilis on said:

      Am 12. März 2009 ändert sich für Bryony, Keon, Sara, Tynice und Rachel alles. Bryony verliert die Liebe ihres Lebens, Keon erschießt einen Unbekannten, Sara entdeckt auf einer Dating-Website das Profil ihres Mannes, Tynice erfährt, dass ihr Sohn auf Abwege geraten ist und Rachel findet heraus, dass sie als Kind adoptiert wurde. Ein Tag und fünf verschiedene Menschen, deren Leben sich plötzlich ändert.Die Geschichten dieser fünf Menschen werden unabhängig voneinander parallel erzählt, [...]

    14. Rosie Read on said:

      There are a lot of voices in Thompson's novel and the narrative bounces around between half a dozen characters. I'll admit, at first I thought this was going to irritate me - I tend to find a character I like and latch on - but it's so well done that after a few moments sorting everyone out in your head you soon get used to, and look forward to, the switch at the end of each chapter. Initially seemingly unconnected the characters are actually all brilliantly intertwined, coming together at the e [...]

    15. Agata on said:

      I thought this book was gonna be another love story. It turns out the book is absolutely lovely. At first I thought there were too many characters and stories, but they somehow merge beautifully at the end.

    16. Agi on said:

      Oh. My. God. I've just finished reading this book and I am still wiping my eyes. If I could describe this book in only one word it would be just WOW. It was an amazing read. I felt it would - after reading the first Thompson's book "This is a love story", which was amazing as well, I waited excitedly for her second book. And her it is. "Three little words" - from the beginning I have assumed what words these are going to be and - don't want to spoil anything - I was right, and I wasn't right. I [...]

    17. Shaz Goodwin on said:

      I won my signed copy of Three Little Words on the author’s Facebook page.The story surprised me – in a good way! I wasn’t expecting to get as caught up as I did and emotionally invested in the outcome!I really enjoyed the format. Beginning on 1 Apr 2009 with a mystery woman in the café where Adam works, we go back a month in time to the incident, with reflections on the relationships of our couples Bryony/Max, Sara/Tom and Rachel/Richard. And how everyone moves forwards with their lives.M [...]

    18. Jamie on said:

      There is something about Thompson’s work that fills me with the utmost bliss. Sometimes, I need a break from the grand fantastical worlds, from the emotional, complex and heart-wrenching stories; sometimes I just need a simple story that makes me feel good inside. Not that this story was in any way simple or emotionless, but Three Little Words, stripped to its core, is a story of love and forgiveness – the simplicity of the words, and yet the complexity of just saying them aloud.Admittedly, [...]

    19. Kher Shin on said:

      I only liked the 2nd half of the book probably because it all started to make sense. I didn't like Sara & Tom. Their problem was so lame and the art exhibition was kind of lame too. Maybe because I'm not an art person. It's nice to know how Max was like throughout the book even if he had been shot in one of the early pages. I liked the story of Bryony and Rachel but damn, so many bitchy parts! I didn't understand Bry's meltdown in the office and Rachel's too, at home. I thought both the situ [...]

    20. Janine2610 on said:

      Die drei kleinen Wörter »Ich verzeihe dir!« werden in diesem Buch groß geschrieben. - Also "Vergebung" ist darin Thema Nummer 1.Wie schon der Titel verrät, geht es in diesem Buch um einen Tag bzw. Abend im März, an dem eine Wende im Leben aller wichtigen Protagonisten eintritt. Ganz besonders für Eine ist dieser Tag im März verheerend: für Bryony - sie hat an diesem Abend die Liebe ihres Lebens verloren Wie und warum Bryony und die anderen im Buche Vorkommenden es schaffen werden, den M [...]

    21. Steffi on said:

      3.5Ich war anfangs ein wenig irritiert, dass das Buch so viele verschiedene Perspektiven hat. Es hat ein wenig gedauert bis ich mich an die Personen gewöhnt hatte und ich fand auch jede Perspektive auf ihre Art interessant. Leider ist dadurch aber auch eine emotionale Distanz, insbesondere zu der im Klappentext beschriebene Bryony entstanden. Ihre Gefühlswelt kam für mich leider zu kurz.Die Chemie zwischen ihr und Adam hat mir allerdings gut gefallen, auch wenn es mir am Ende etwas zu schnell [...]

    22. Linak on said:

      When I first laid eyes on that book and its red and sweet cover, I quickly thought it would be somewhat of a love story like so many other books of that genra. Three women finding love in the most unexpected ways, changing their lives forever. But in fact, it is not that at all. It is so much more and so much better than that. I cried, and smiled, and sometimes even cried a little bit more but I have to say, I was utterly conquered by Thompson's novel. It reminded me a little bit of Ahern's The [...]

    23. Staecia Foglia on said:

      Three Little Words by Jessica Thompson is a heartbreaking novel that leaves you yearning for more. Sara, Rachel and Bryony all had perfect lives until things all went south and they all lived in depression and agony. It seemed that everything was hopeless until things made a slight turn and changed their lives even further. Did they fit into their new lifestyles? Were they ever going to experience pure happiness ever again? Readers who enjoy romance and drama will truly love this book.

    24. Izzie on said:

      This book took long hours (months, actually) for me to finish it. I got carried away, most of the time and its a bit confusing at start but towards the end, it gets better. The thing with Thompson's book is she actually tells us more about life than it rather is. I always take a moment of reflection whenever I finished her book. :Dp/s: I always thought that three little words would be something like 'I Love You' or 'I am Sorry' but hepp, its something even better than that.

    25. FarhanaZukri on said:

      4 stars to Three Little Words. When the night sky came, the lives of the three women changed. It was more than forgiveness, the way we set ourselves free by forgiving others. And to face up to the demons ourselves, building up the courage, in order to move on. Thank you @jessicaannat for writing a beautiful story.

    26. Olivia Miller on said:

      It's a good and surprising story line but I felt it lacked depth and particular emotion. I believe it was poorly written and too jumpy from the start, taking a lot to remember each characters individual stories especially when some characters drop out and are unexpectedly picked up at the end. Worth the read for the story line but it's not piece of literature

    27. Hannah on said:

      Ich liebe dieses Buch :)Auch nach dem zweiten Mal lesen immer noch wunderschön und es befasst sich mit einem Thema, das ich erst in wenigen Büchern bisher gefunden habe: Vergebung.Dabei verfließen die Geschichten mehrer Personen ineinander, die alle versuchen müssen, denjenigen zu verzeihen, die sie so verletzt haben

    28. Nathalie on said:

      Such an amazing book. This one really affected me, because it made me think too much about what I'd do if something happened to Dave, but then I could completely identify with how Bryony was feeling as I had those feelings of anger in grief when my mum died. I really got behind all the characters, and loved the book. Jessica is definitely a new favourite author :)

    29. Alhana Sabrinaa on said:

      I cant help but to be in awe every time i flip a page of this book. Amazed by her writing especially on how detailed she is on the little things. I gave it 5 stars just because it's worth it. Not a typical book. Although she did used to word intrusive a little bit too much at the end of the book but it doesnt effect much. I loved it!

    30. Fliss. on said:

      Before I read this book, I originally thought it would be like a classic love story. However, as I turned more and more pages I discovered that it is indeed about love but more about forgiveness and how it comes in many different forms. Brilliant book, will definitely be reading it again!

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