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Lisa Tawn Bergren

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Bourne & Tributary

Bourne Tributary If you like romance adventure and a dose of medieval Italian culture you ll love WATERFALL book CASCADE book TORRENT book as well as the follow up novellas BOURNE book and TRIBUTARY

  • Title: Bourne & Tributary
  • Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
  • ISBN: 9781478223887
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you like romance, adventure and a dose of medieval Italian culture, you ll love WATERFALL book 1 , CASCADE book 2 , TORRENT book 3 , as well as the follow up novellas, BOURNE book 3.1 and TRIBUTARY book 3.2 In this volume, both novellas are includedURNE, a novella, picks up right where TORRENT left offFind out what has happened to men returning from the baIf you like romance, adventure and a dose of medieval Italian culture, you ll love WATERFALL book 1 , CASCADE book 2 , TORRENT book 3 , as well as the follow up novellas, BOURNE book 3.1 and TRIBUTARY book 3.2 In this volume, both novellas are includedURNE, a novella, picks up right where TORRENT left offFind out what has happened to men returning from the battle, gravely wounded, to the Betarrinis, fighting for the men they love, and just who is hunting them nextTRIBUTARY, a novella, picks up a year after BOURNE Lia struggles to overcome the fear that constant battle has heaped upon her Gabi and Marcello face an unexpected crisis and Lord Greco just may be ready to leave the grief and loss of his past behind him, so that he might grab hold of the future

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      111 Lisa Tawn Bergren
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    One thought on “Bourne & Tributary

    1. Rachel'sbookishworld on said:

      Didn't like it as much as the first 3.but I still loved it!

    2. Chantel on said:

      This is seriously one of the best novellas I have read Ever!! I don't want to give a too detailed review because I don't want to ruin it if you haven't read the other books yet. By the way this is definitely not a book you want to read as a stand-alone, it is so much better if you read books 1 through 3. Lol! Don't deprive youself of this joy!I love how Lisa Begren adds more exciting in-depth storylines to the characters that we already love. But we also meet some new people along the way. The a [...]

    3. Lilian on said:

      I really enjoyed how this book went more into Luca and Lia's story. I was getting a little tired of Gabi and Marcello always being injured back and forth. So I felt this was a fresh look at it!read #3:I despised this one last time I read it, but I enjoyed it a little more. I sympathized more with Greco, which changed my outlook on the stories. I do love rereading these books and finding new details every time.

    4. Emily S. on said:

      You may or may not remember that the River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren is one of my absolute favorite series. Well, because Ms. Bergren is seriously awesome, she wrote two novellas to go along with the series. Bourne/Tributary was just released in paperback, and I just HAD to have a copy. I already had both books on my Kindle app, but hello, the pretty needed to be on my shelf.Bourne starts right after Torrent finishes, and continues the story. It's told from alternating POVs, with the nar [...]

    5. Haley S on said:

      I know, I know, why am I writing a review now? Well, I just saw that I had the separate books marked but I actually read them together in this form so I decided to change it!Anyway, I would have to say Bourne was my least favorite out of all the River of Time books. Because Lisa changed the POV between Gabi and Lia I got confused but finally got used to it. It made sense as I read on. I really really liked Luca and Lia's story in it though!!! I sighed at least a million times!!! And read many pa [...]

    6. Shirleon on said:

      So I am usually hesitant to read a book in a series that an author writes for the sake of the fans. They end a series the way they want and that's it. Then the fans are all, "WE WANT MORE!" and the author obliges. Now those books usually suck. They fall flat because the author ended it with the books prior. Not so with Bergren! I am so surprised at how amazing this book (really two novellas) was! I didn't find it lacking at all and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! For those that hav [...]

    7. Leah on said:

      Holy cow! Bourne and Tributary were both SO amazing!!Packed with romance, adventure, intrigue, and humor.Lisa Tawn Bergren is a wonderful author. I don't know how she continually supply's all these amazing reads!So much happens in these two books. Marcello, Gabi, Lia, Luca, Lord Greco, and many new people are found in these pages.I believe Lisa T. Bergren is writing a final installment to this series. I cant wait to read it! Although I am very sad to see the series end, I am looking forward to w [...]

    8. Toni on said:

      I loved this series. I would recommend these books to all my reading friends from teens on up. Lisa is a captivating author with a great writing style. She brings her characters to life and has a great insight to the historical information to make these work great. The romance is exciting yet clean and delightful. The adventure keeps you on the edge, never knowing just how things will turn out. Great reading!!!

    9. Renee on said:

      I'm rating this book for my students.* They love this series! These books are some of the most popular of my classroom library. Older students often point them out to the younger & encourage them to read them. Lisa Bergren is one of our favorite authors!*I teach English in a Christian junior high/high school.

    10. Angela on said:

      5/24-26/16The recording is very amateur but the reader has great pronunciation. I'm glad for a recording, even if it's poor, in order to listen to the entire series. 3/2-4/152 separate novellas that together are the length of the other books. I understand why they are seperate but they also work together as one story.

    11. Courtney on said:

      I read Bourne like a year ago but I didn't have tributary. I bought it for Christmas and started it Tuesday night and I finished It last night. :D I love this series and I wish she would wright another book.

    12. Charity U on said:

      LOVED IT SO MUCH! Definitely highly recommend it. Worth buying, yes, definitely! Especially enjoyed the second book. Check out my full review: austenitis/2012/1

    13. Shannon on said:

      This was due at the library and I wanted to finish it. It was a great end to the series. Definitely short and I would have preferred longer, but that's what novellas are. But, things were tied up so fast I hardly had time to take it in. But, it was fun.

    14. Sarbjot on said:

      This was the BOMB!!! I really got sick of Gabi's and Marcello's relationship, I wanted to see Luca's and Lia's relationship and the author granted my wish. This book was about power, we all have power in ourselves and are capable of anything. If we like it or not. Some of our decisions can be a bad result to our future. Anyways I loved this book and their was another one combined and I got confused on who was speaking but I soon figured it out. But, gosh, this was the bomb. Every book I read fro [...]

    15. Cassandra on said:

      Firstly: NSIDJHGOJSLKFMDNJGIHMy emotions are high and soaring above a sky with no clouds, and man does the next universe look extremely close from my view up here.Lisa Tawn Bergren is a ripper-shripper, medieval magician who, seriously, captures essence fellowship of the ring-like adventures, appropriate-for-the-time roMAHnce, heart-thumpin suspense and three medieval lookers that will hypothetically make thine 1340's version of le underwear drop. Bourne & Tributary are both novellas followi [...]

    16. Deborah on said:

      Two shorts that add some characters to the series. It’s nice to have a shift to other characters to fill in some background. Onto Deluge!

    17. Glory Anna on said:

      This book was really good, not as good as the first two, but still AMAZING

    18. Jacque Holst on said:

      Definitely if you've read the first 3 you have to read thisI think each book in the series just keeps getting better. The characters continue to grow and develop as the animosity between the two major groups creates a new level of danger for the Sisters, Gaby and Lia. A new character is introduced with surprising results. I can't wait to begin the next book.

    19. Sandra Rice on said:

      I'm sad to say I didn't finish this. I think the first 3 books were great. For some reason I'm now board.

    20. Becky B on said:

      Since this is really a combination of two separate novellas, I've separated the reviews.Bourne ReviewThis book opens not too long after the end of the last book. Those who came to the Forelli’s aid are still gathered at Castello Forelli. Things have seemingly come to a shaky peace between Siena and Firenze, but Marcello comes back from a trip limping home after being ambushed. Gabi and Lia and their parents work hard to turn the castello into a triage unit with all the men injured, and pray th [...]

    21. Lydia on said:

      The She Wolves of Siena are back! As these are separate short stories, I'll review them as individuals. Bourne: Picks up right after the events of Torrent. Like immediately after the last page of that book, this book starts. (Which, as it's been a year or so since I read Torrent was a little jarring, but I soon got back into the world.) The battle where the Brotherhood comes to rescue the Forelli's has just happened and now the girls and their friends need to deal with the fallout. Though Gabi i [...]

    22. Olivia on said:

      I am so happy to finally get a story through Lia's perspective. I mean I love Gabi and her bravery, but it was nice to see things through Lia's eyes.

    23. Cheryl Thomas on said:

      Great!The story reads like real life may have been back then! I love it and recommend it highly. Nice to read something exciting,but good for any age!

    24. Cary Morton on said:

      Originally Posted on Author Unpublished: authorunpublished.wordpressIt’s a bit hard to qualify how I feel about Bourne & Tributary by Lisa T. Bergren. Unlike the previous three novels in the series, This, the fourth, is not a true novel, but an anthology containing two shorter novellas. Also, unlike the previous three novels, instead of following Gabi’s POV throughout the story, the viewpoints switch back and forth between a handful of characters, most notably Gabi’s younger sister, Li [...]

    25. Lynne on said:

      Love this series Going to start reading the next one right away. Wonderful books. Read them all, I highly recommend it. He he.

    26. Ellen on said:

      Since Bourne and Tributary are actually two novellas published together, they have some of the inherent "weaknesses" of novellas. Because of the shorter length, the plot doesn't have the same pull and depth as the novels, but that's to be expected. Also, the two stories are very much entities in and of themselves, so perhaps should be reviewed individually for total accuracy, but taken together they are still better than average--hence the four stars.What was unique about both of these stories w [...]

    27. Kristyn on said:

      Two novellas to tie into the series. I was hoping they would be written from the guy's point of view because the girls bug me, but they weren't. Oh well, I liked reading more about the male characters of the series which are the best reason to read the entire series. The female leads just always seem overconfident, reckless and immature to me. I'm sure the author is trying to make them strong female leads, but they never make any smart decisions and are always putting the men in danger because t [...]

    28. April on said:

      Keep in mind that these are novellas and therefore won't pack in as much as a long novel. But I have to say that for a novella, these stories do not short change you. The characters, relationships and all feel flushed out and well developed. I loved picking back up where Torrent, Book 3 left off and catching back up with the characters that came to seem so real to me. I also enjoyed meeting some new characters. Bourne and Tributary also bring Lia and Luca's story more into play. Lord Greco is ba [...]

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