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Nancy E. Krulik

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Madame President

Madame President Best selling author Nancy Krulik delves into the mind of a twelve year old girl trying to survive middle school Jenny McAfee never thought of herself as a leader but then again Jenny had also never

  • Title: Madame President
  • Author: Nancy E. Krulik
  • ISBN: 9780439025560
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Best selling author Nancy Krulik delves into the mind of a twelve year old girl trying to survive middle school.Jenny McAfee never thought of herself as a leader, but then again, Jenny had also never thought that her best friend, Addie Wilson, would ditch her for the Pops the most popular kids in school.When Jenny s friends hear that Addie is running unopposed for sixthBest selling author Nancy Krulik delves into the mind of a twelve year old girl trying to survive middle school.Jenny McAfee never thought of herself as a leader, but then again, Jenny had also never thought that her best friend, Addie Wilson, would ditch her for the Pops the most popular kids in school.When Jenny s friends hear that Addie is running unopposed for sixth grade class president, they know they have to do something and that means convincing Jenny to put her name on the ballot If Jenny and her friends can t keep Addie from winning, the Pops will officially run the school But can Jenny really stop the Pops

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      153 Nancy E. Krulik
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    One thought on “Madame President

    1. Iris on said:

      Addie left her friend Jenny to join the Pops and now she wants to become the sixth grade president. Jenny and her friends don't want that so Jenny tries out too. She creates a website and much more but Josh looks like a spy and they don't want to tell Josh because they all know she likes him. Will Jenny win or will the Pops represent the school?I love this book because it is very funny. I like how Jenny solves all her problems with her friends and as a president. I would recommend this book in t [...]

    2. Ariana on said:

      Close friends may argue and make up within a few days, but some just breaks off their relationship. To make things worse, they become enemies, Coincidently there are two girls that are like this in the book, Madame President. From the best of friends to enemies. Madame President is an amazing book because the author portrays a competitive school life between two former friends, creates a dramatic conflict, and wonderfully obnoxious self-centered antagonists. One reason why Madame President, is [...]

    3. Rebekah Henschen on said:

      I thought this book realy caried from book one to bood tow. This book is a suqual to Can You Get an F in Lunch. At the begining of the book it is club singn up day and Jenny and all of her friends want to get there right away. This does not happen and they get stuck with wats left. All of Jennys friends confince her that she has to singe up for Student Concil. Why, because Jenny's simi-frind/popular/mean frinend/old frined Addie is rnning and there can not be a pop in charge of every thing in th [...]

    4. Lola on said:

      I actually enjoyed the How I Survived Middle School series, but I do have one particular problem with the premise of Madame President. Fiction always gives a lot of power to the class president. It's basically the portrayal of student government administration of schools want you to think is true, but in reality I have never known a student body president to actually have any power. They give speeches at assemblies and field day, and maybe they have some say in dance themes, but ultimately the s [...]

    5. Mellanie C on said:

      I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/14428946

    6. Jessica on said:

      I really like this book and because her friend is so popular and she doesn't care about her friend anymore when they get together for something, she tells her popular friend off about the posters and the way she has been acting. I like that she finally stood up for herself and tells her friend that she is officially done with her.

    7. 8 albor fA on said:

      This book is about 2 girls who have been best friends since grade school and they are both ready to start middle school together! Jenny (which is the main charter here) has been best friends with her very best friend Addie. She was so exited to start middle school with her best friends in till the first day comes and Addie her best friend is already different in some type of way. Anyway as you get farther into the book they both decide to run for president and both are in a rush to be president. [...]

    8. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooJenny McAfee and her new friends have survived the first few weeks of middle school. It is time to choose their extracurricular activities, which means showing up in the cafeteria after school to sign up for the after-school clubs. There is always a mad rush to get signed up before the `Club Filled' sign goes up on each table. Jenny has no idea which club would be the right one for her until Rachel and Felicia encourage her to join the [...]

    9. Shonda on said:

      It's time to sign up for the after-school clubs. Jenny's friends all know which club they want to join, but Jenny is still undecided. When her friends learn Addie, Jenny's former BFF, is running unopposed for sixth grade class president, they convince Jenny to run against her.When Addie and the other Pops, AKA Popular, make promises to only the students who vote for her, Jenny's friends decide to come up with a few schemes of their own. When Jenny prevents them from moving forward with their pla [...]

    10. Mbustamante on said:

      Its club sign up day and Jenny hasnt decided in which club she will be in. Her friends told her to run for 6th grade president against Addie Wilson(one of the Pops). Its time to start with the campaing and Jenny makes sugar cookies. Jenny thinks everyone is voting for her. Jenny makes a really good speech in which she includes that she is one of everyone and she wants to make the school a better place. Jenny wins the election for 10 votes and Addie becomes her vice-president. I really loved this [...]

    11. Christine (KizzieReads) on said:

      This is the second book in this middle grade series and I thought it was great. It shows how 6 graders act and it is also a book about friendships, staying true to yourself as well as how to take the moral high ground, even if it means you lose out on something. It might not always be the happiest choice, but it is the right one. I think all kids should read these books.

    12. Elizabeth on said:

      I really enjoyed reading this book. It is about Jenny McAffee joining to be a candidate to be Sixth Grade Represtative against Addie Wilson. All of Jenny's friends wanted her to do it so she could take the Pops down and in the end Jenny won the election, with Addie as Vice President. It is a MUST READ!

    13. Jessica on said:

      This book is very interesting it's about a girl and her best friend who is not her best friend now ditched her to be with the pops "Popular" Girls. She see's that her friend is signing up for being in the Student Concil and the only one of she is going to win. The main Character doesn't want to let the pops rule the whole school so she joins. Does she win or the pop gets to rule the school!?

    14. Brianna on said:

      This has sssssooooo much drama that it keeps the book interesting! That's exactly what I like about it! P.S. To Pooja It doesn't matter if it can happen or not because you probably don't even know!

    15. Mavia cheema on said:

      This story is about when jenny runs for class president.Then finds out that Addie is running for president too.They do not know what to do because they know that Addie's going to win.Come and help them.

    16. Sophia on said:

      This book is so cute, and I'm glad that Jenny stays down-to-earth through all this drama.The story is kind of unrealistic though, I mean, eleven year olds aren't that catty, and I have yet to meet an eleven year old similar to a Pop. A good read if you're 10-13 years old.

    17. Taylor on said:

      My friend Weezie recomended this book to me and she said that it is a fantastic book As you can see I did not put in a date I read this book or the day that I will read this book Well if anyone reads this book I hope u like itThank's!!!!!

    18. Pooja Dimba on said:

      This book was average.The plot is very old and sometimes a little to unrealistic.They make it seem as though middle school is very hard, and middle school election for stuff don't happen like that.

    19. Nessa Scalera on said:

      I didnt like this one bit, i stoped readint the series after this. I mean, her bff betrayed her and she is still treating her like a bff??? Krulik needs to learn how middle school works, its not nice, its a dog eat dog situation.

    20. Alondra on said:

      Reread these books way too much in elementary lol. Still an old fav. :D

    21. Kaylin on said:

      These are my fav. books. I love them. The author describes great details on what happens during the election and before the election in the book.

    22. Mika on said:

      I'm still reading it again. After many times of reading it for a few years, the book doesn't really get old

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