Bond of Hatred

Lynne Graham

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Bond of Hatred

Bond of Hatred I will pay the price I will marry you Alex Terzakis s words took Sarah s breath away marriage was the last thing on her mind She d wanted two things when she d impulsively flung her proposal at him re

  • Title: Bond of Hatred
  • Author: Lynne Graham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I will pay the price I will marry you Alex Terzakis s words took Sarah s breath away marriage was the last thing on her mind She d wanted two things when she d impulsively flung her proposal at him revenge for her young sister s death and the chance to raise her sister s baby son.True, Alex would fight tooth and nail to keep his nephew but, in her anger and grief, S I will pay the price I will marry you Alex Terzakis s words took Sarah s breath away marriage was the last thing on her mind She d wanted two things when she d impulsively flung her proposal at him revenge for her young sister s death and the chance to raise her sister s baby son.True, Alex would fight tooth and nail to keep his nephew but, in her anger and grief, Sarah had believed her demand would send him packing she d never expected him to accept

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      113 Lynne Graham
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    One thought on “Bond of Hatred

    1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      I think this is one of my fave Lynne Grahams because of the fact that the heroine truly hates the hero for most of the book, and she doesn't so easily fall for his charms. Her reactions to him are consistent with her strong dislike of him. It annoys me when the heroine falls into bed instantly with a guy she doesn't like. That's so not realistic. Most people I dislike are not attractive to me (such as Tom Cruise--don't find him attractive b/c I can't stand him). The hero had to work to earn her [...]

    2. StMargarets on said:

      Just did a re-read. This is one intense story. The heroine was magnificent in her anger and her grief over her sister's death. It was just another day at the office dealing with a gold digger - until the hero got tangled up with the heroine and the dead sister's baby. It was a stroke of genius for her to propose marriage - and the hero was unconsciously smitten enough to take her up on it. I liked how they were both strong characters and how the heroine didn't care what the hero thought of her f [...]

    3. Leona on said:

      WOW, what a ride. It certainly was intense, but I didn't like the way they resolved their issues. It felt like the heroine was always the one to compromise, and accept less than she deserved. It seemed from the moment they married, he got to call all the shots, and it was heartbreaking.I ALSO didn't like that the hero made a fool of her publicly, and never paid the price for it. That just didn't seem right. She should have charged him with adultery. He certainly left a trail of evidence with his [...]

    4. Kathleen on said:

      An oldie, reissued as an e-book. One of my favorites by Lynne Graham. It's sometimes quite amusing, but not overtly so, and not slapstick. It's a keeper. Alex feels forced into marrying Sarah. She feels just as forced, all for sweet baby Nikos, the love-child born of her deceased sister and his irresponsible brother.They marry in some dark corner, and Alex immediately shows her, wining and dining glamour girls in public. Sarah ignores it all, more interested in baby Nikos. "The more she ignores [...]

    5. Tina on said:

      This is one of those really irritating romance novel about a shrew, who spends half of the book screaming her hatred of the hero, until his lips touches hers, of course. Then she instantly turns into a wet noodle. A mindless, brainless fool regardless of anything (who later turns into your typical Harlequin doormat). And if that doesnt turn your stomach, she decides she's in love completely out of the blue. She willingly puts up with and forgives him for everything all because she decides she's [...]

    6. Julz on said:

      Probably a 4.0, but maybe a 3.5 rounded up only because the pretty bow at the end was too big and perfect.This gist of the story is that the heroine's sister gets pregnant and promptly dies after childbirth(it was rather sad). The heroine and the hero then start fighting over the baby. The bio dad, the H's brother, is still alive but he's not in the picture because he's a big loser. There's then pages and pages of entertaining fighting and mudslinging between the H & h. I thought it would ge [...]

    7. Megzy on said:

      4.5 starsI didn't expect to enjoy this book so much. I saw some other readers thought of Sarah as a doormat; I did not. She was self sacrificing with her younger sister but she basically raised her and it actually made her hatred for Alex and his family much more believable. The story begins when Sarah's eighteen years old sister has just died while giving birth to her baby boy. Alex Terzakis is there at the hospital demanding complete custody of his new nephew. Alex believes that Sarah's sister [...]

    8. Kiki on said:

      Both MCs were TSTL.He was a disgusting swine who actually believes he has the right to rape her because they're married.Also told her he won't stray because she's a mistress material herself! Wow! Was that a compliment?Also, calls her a slut, gold digger and fake, and screams at her. Then calls her puritan and too moral and prude and screams at her! Confusion and contradiction right there.Don't get me started on his double standards.She was just too much to deal with.She was all talk.He rapes he [...]

    9. Leonor on said:

      1.5 Stars.What the heck did I just read?In all fairness I only spent 99c for this so I didn't have anything to lose but my dollar. *Lol*Anyway in the beginning I liked the heroine, she gave it as good as she got, she was determined not to let the hero take away her nephew, I admired her fight for him, for the first half of the book she was a like a dog with bone she was going strong buuuut He touched her and she became weak and pathetic.And the hero? Parading women all through Paris, taking them [...]

    10. ✿❤~m49913~❤✿ on said:

      LG is always my favorite writerSomewhere I have read this story. Translate so poorly by unknown publisher. The change the author name so I can't search this story The translate book didn't iclude the title in English, only translate titleYears after, I read the synopsis and then TADAAAAAAAAAA. THIS IS THE STORY. OMG, also written by my fave authorAfter read in ebook, I have a chance to buy the copy (second hand copy). I feel so

    11. Jacqueline on said:

      I've had this book for a while now and have held off on reading it because the heroine sounded rather harsh. But it is a LG and since she's my fav HP writer I knew I would eventually get to it. I actually liked it rather well. There was a lot of meat to the story. Again, as I've said before, the older HPs seem to be longer/fuller than the new stuff. Oh well. I enjoyed this one. The heroine really stuck up for herself. The hero had legit reasons to be nasty towards her. He had been lied to but in [...]

    12. Glire on said:

      ¿Por qué el 90% de los protagonistas de los libros de Harlequin tienen que ser griegos? ¿POR QUÉ?

    13. Lakshmi C on said:

      The starting of this book made me think of a thunderstorm. It was intense and incredible. Lots of accusations, grief, fabrications, name calling flying around unchecked. It was like a train wreck, horrible to watch but yet, somehow I was rooted to the spot. ( Seriously, I could pass for a tree. A shocked, wide eyed tree ) Sarah was angry about the untimely death of her sister, Alex wanted to provide a secure future to Nicky. They argued and angrily took a momentous decision without thinking it o [...]

    14. Jenny on said:

      Wow! Crazy intense angsty book! 4.5 stars and I would have given it 5 if there was an epilogue. The heroine was fierce and totally immune to the hero for most part of the book and even though she said some harsh things I never thought she was mean or immature and a brat like other heroines. Sarah had every reason to be angry and bitter for her loss and her thirst for revenge seemed reasonable at first. Only when she realized how badly she had misjudged her husband she let herself open her heart [...]

    15. Chelsea on said:

      2 Stars This is my first Harlequin novel. I don't know what to expect. Aside from the usual trope about misunderstanding which I notice on most HQN. To be honest, it wasn't a boring read. Had I read this book during my early days, it would've been enough. However, as I get to compare this with a lot of books, I find the characters lacking and story easily tied up in a pretty bow for the anticipated HEA. I don't have anything against a douchbag, provided that he redeemed himself in the end. So th [...]

    16. Chantal ❤️ on said:

      Wow did I love this book. Just read it and you will not be disappointed!!! It was great how she actually really told him what's what! You go girl.

    17. Mou on said:

      3.5 round up to 4 stars. I did like the book. Alex and Sarah's chemistry was good. What I didn't like is that Sarah forgave Demon to easily. He should be punished for what he did to poor Callie. I really felt bad for Callie.

    18. Victoria on said:

      This review is also posted onAlways a Booklover. I really enjoyed this book. But yet, I’m very hesitant to give it 5 stars. The beginning was amazing. But the ending? Not so. But for the emotions I experienced throughout the entire book, and for the sheer admiration I had for the heroine, this book definitely deserves 5 stars.Can I start by raving about how awesome the heroine is? Seriously, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to find this sort of heroine. This is the kind of heroine that [...]

    19. Kay on said:

      5 Stars! ~ Alex can’t believe the predicament his younger brother has put him in. Damon had an affair with a very young woman that produced a child. But Callie had died in child birth, leaving baby Nikos in her sister, Sarah’s care. To Sarah, Alex is the scum of the earth. He had forbade Damon to marry Callie and he had doubted Callie was pregnant and had offered to pay her off! She couldn’t believe his audacity to show up at Callie’s funeral and announce that he wished to raise the chil [...]

    20. Vintage on said:

      Both of the characters are too mean and hateful.The H and h are at cross purposes due to the immaturity and lying of two worthless, off set minor characters. The h's little sister gets pregnant by the H's younger brother. She dies in childbirth while he, unfortunately, lives.At the heart of the contention between the H and h is the baby. Accusations, threats and acrimony abound. Bottom line, the two MC's get into a MOC that includes sex all for the sake of the baby. Secrets are revealed about th [...]

    21. Tatiana Stefan on said:

      This book is TRULY a keeper!, September 17, 2008This review is from: Bond Of Hatred (Mass Market Paperback)Hot dang, that's what I can say about this book. Quick synopsis is heroine's sister was pregnant by hero's younger brother and she dies in childbirth. Heroine is extremely mad at the hero and his brother for treating her sister like dirt, refusing to believe that she was pregnant and believes that they caused her sister's death. Hero is a handsome rich Greek who is very into his culture and [...]

    22. Booklover on said:

      hhmm this is another book i did'nt like that much,the hero way too cruelly abusive with words,way he says n taunts heroine is . and in midst of all this heroine falls in love with that creep,he does'nt believes a word she says,keeps calling her names and humiliating her but the title is very perfect,Bond of hatred really there is so much hatred on both part

    23. Nefise on said:

      It was a good Harlequin story. I could read it quickly and had good time.

    24. Miss Rail on said:

      At 16 I looooved reading books from my mother's Harmony & Harlequin collection.Those books gave me access to romance novels beyond the classics like Jane Austen's and Charlotte Bronte's books.Taste changes and now I have a much lower tolerance for the "sexist egotistical billionaires meets innocent virgin" kind of novel that often recurs in both Harmony and Harlequin romance.Not all of them are the same though and good writing can do wonders.In "Bond of Hatred by Lynne Graham" I enjoyed the [...]

    25. Katherine 黄爱芬 on said:

      Sudah lama sekali saya tidak membaca Harlequin yg bagus. Dan tidak sia-sia saya membaca Harlequin jadul ini. Dari awal cerita sudah dibangun konflik utamanya. Sarah sudah sangat sangat membenci Alex Terzakis, yg bagi Sarah adalah biang kerok penyulut kematian adiknya, Callie yg msh berusia 19 thn yg meninggal saat melahirkan Nikos, anak Callie dgn Damon (adik Alex). Sarah murka saat Alex dgn arogansinya mau merebut Nikos dr tangannya. Sarah saking marahnya kebablasan dgn menantang Alex, jika ing [...]

    26. Nelly on said:

      3 stars, Brain Candy! 24 year-old goody two shoes Sarah takes over the responsibility of raising her nephew when her sister dies giving birth to him, when his Greek millionaire uncle steps in and wants the custody of the child. When Alex says he'd give Sarah whatever she wanted for his nephew's custody she asks him to marry her, so that she would somehow avenge the dead sister who was supposedly wronged by his brother.Oh How can I begin? This little book was a quick read and it was such fun! I u [...]

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