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Fuse When the world ended those who dwelled within the Dome were safe Inside their glass world the Pures live on unscarred while those outside the Wretches struggle to survive amidst the smoke and ash Be

  • Title: Fuse
  • Author: Julianna Baggott
  • ISBN: 9781455521692
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the world ended, those who dwelled within the Dome were safe Inside their glass world the Pures live on unscarred, while those outside the Wretches struggle to survive amidst the smoke and ash.Believing his mother was living among the Wretches, Partridge escaped from the Dome to find her Determined to regain control over his son, Willux, the leader of the Pures, unlWhen the world ended, those who dwelled within the Dome were safe Inside their glass world the Pures live on unscarred, while those outside the Wretches struggle to survive amidst the smoke and ash.Believing his mother was living among the Wretches, Partridge escaped from the Dome to find her Determined to regain control over his son, Willux, the leader of the Pures, unleashes a violent new attack on the Wretches It s up to Pressia Belze, a young woman with her own mysterious past, to decode a set of cryptic clues from the past to set the Wretches free An epic quest that sweeps readers into a world of beautiful brutality, Fuse continues the story of two people fighting to save their futures and change the fate of the world.

    • Æ Fuse || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Julianna Baggott
      487 Julianna Baggott
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    One thought on “Fuse

    1. karen on said:

      wow, okay this book and i went on a journey together. let me just say straight-up that pure was one of my favorite reads of last year, and a totally unexpected surprise. at first, i thought "ho-hum, another dystopia marketed to look like a YA book but i will read it because i read books, and i can read it for free, so hooray."reader, i loved it. and i was so captivated by the premise and the characters and the grippiness of the plot. and i was so over the moon when i got an ARC of this sequel. a [...]

    2. Anna on said:

      There's a reason we read books. It's so that they will touch us in a way that real life can't. We read and read and read, looking for these books. Trying to find something that affects us, amazes us, challenges us.Fuse is that book.(view spoiler)[My more in-depth reviews of Pure and Burn here (hide spoiler)]

    3. Trudi on said:

      I'm really conflicted on this one. For a solid two-thirds of the book there was a lot about this sequel that just wasn't working for me. I was more than a bit lost in the beginning (after forgetting so many salient plot points from Pure). I just wanted to remember dammit, and feel all the feels I felt reading the first book. So I spent way too much time in the beginning wishing I had done a re-read of Pure before tackling Fuse (which I highly recommend you do). It's my own fault. Baggott has wri [...]

    4. Giselle on said:

      Just as disturbing and highly addicting, Fuse is an excellent sequel to Julianna's compelling dystopian series. If you're known to love unpleasant, often disturbing post-apocalyptic settings, this series is one you should be reading. The world in Pure may just be one of the most freakish worlds I have ever encountered. It's horrifying, yet I can't help but feel a slight thrill the more I read about it. Descriptions of how humans are fused with objects, other humans, or the earth itself is, witho [...]

    5. Arielle Walker on said:

      There's something about these books that really draws you in, a visceral experiencing of the plot that lingers long after you put the books down. This is the kind of sequel that absolutely must not be read without first reading Pure, and is a more than worthy continuation. The world in Fuse has settled into itself. It now feels more familiar than strange, the hybrids and fused humans seem natural after spending so much time with Pressia and Bradwell - and of course El Capitan and his brother - a [...]

    6. Yodamom on said:

      4.8Fuse was so intense so heartbreakingly dreary, hopeless, and yet beautiful I was left at the end of the book with one word on my tongue. *F* *yeah that word* I loved all the off beat characters their crazy horrible fusing, the hideous world and the powers that control it. I even loved it after she ended it with one cruel cliffhanger. It was that good for me. I was on an emotional twirl a whirl along with Cap, Helmud, Partridge, Lyda, Pressia, Bradwell and a little black box. Even the box had [...]

    7. Mihail on said:

      Беше доста добро четиво и продължение на "Чисти". Имаше си от всичко - любов, приключение, мистерии. Давам с една звездичка по-малко, защото според мен в "Чисти" имаше малко повече обрати, но и "Сраснати" ме изненада много приятно. Много е трудно сега да се намери достойно продъл [...]

    8. Sofia Teixeira on said:

      Quase um ano, foi o tempo de espera para termos a continuação de Puros nas mãos. Uma espera que por um lado parece que foi rápida (com tantos livros que tenho sempre por ler), mas que por outro, ao terminar a leitura, parece que foi longa demais. Fusão não só me conquistou como me fez olhar para o volume anterior com outros olhos, ainda mais aguçados. É verdade que as distopias estiveram, e se calhar ainda estão, muito na moda, mas difícil começava a ser encontrar um universo que se [...]

    9. Denisse on said:

      IT IS A 3.5Por donde empiezo Dios mio?!?Creo que en forma general, el libro no es tan bueno como el primero. Pero me gustaron los últimos capítulos así que por eso le doy 3.5 Empieza flojo igual que el primero, con muchas paginas de mas, dilemas internos innecesarios que se repiten constantemente,(view spoiler)[con una sola vez que sepamos que Perdiz tiene sentimientos encontrados con su padre es mas que suficiente, con una sola vez que Pressia piense en que el amor es una mala idea es sufici [...]

    10. Izida on said:

      Леле. Изтощително четиво. Толкова ужаси, но и толкова любов. Изненадвашо добро съчетание на жестокости и нежност. И разходка до Ирландия, хаха, най-накрая не всичко се развива само в Америка. Доста интересни сюжетни линии за следващата книга, определно нямам търпение да я пр [...]

    11. oliviasbooks on said:

      If I take off one star for that ultra-mean cliffhanger, there are still at least five stars left.I love it.

    12. Ayesha Syed on said:

      4.25 stars!!These books deserve A LOT more praise and recognition tbh.

    13. Dentro de unLibro on said:

      Al igual que el primer libro se haya narrado en presente en tercera persona, lo que es muy original, la trama sigue cuatro puntos de vista, el de Perdiz, el de Pressia, el de Il Capitano y Helmud, y el de Lydia. Cada personaje tiene una personalidad bien definida, por lo que el hecho de que cambie de narrador no resulta confuso en ningún momento. Los personajes evolucionan mucho a lo largo del libro, lo que resulta muy interesante de leer. Il Capitano y Helmud son dos personajes que cada vez me [...]

    14. Carolyn on said:

      Julianna Baggott has preformed a miracle; Fuse was even better than Pure. This is one of my favourite books ever, and I grew very attached to the people in the book. Baggott's characters had even more depth than the first book in the series, setting the reader up to fall in love with them. Pressia and Bradwell's relationship becomes more serious; Partridge and Lyda's is challenged. But most endearingly, El Capitan and his permanently fused brother, Helmud grow closer through teamwork and a great [...]

    15. Elphaba J on said:

      Opinião completa em: historiasdeelphabaMaravilhoso, simplesmente maravilhoso.Depois de um primeiro livro extraordinariamente bem escrito que descrevia o horror com palavras tão belas que tocaram o meu âmago, não pensei que Julianna Baggott pudesse ir mais longe, que pudesse retalhar e enfatizar, aprimorar e transformar ainda mais os retratos resultantes da ambição e negrume humano, mas conseguiu. Julianna Baggott conseguiu surpreender-me, continuou a cativar-me e embalar-me, distorcendo co [...]

    16. Andrea on said:

      Once again, I am left stunned by the Pure series. It is alternately horrific, beautiful, wistful, romantic, and brutally savage. Definitely not my typical read, but I'm so glad that I took the leap. When I read Pure, I was blown away by the author's imagination, and by the fact that the world is based on a premise I find frightening and not out of the realm of possibility. I was drawn to the words that made me see beauty within the horror. I'm not sure why, but Fuse did not hit me as hard as Pur [...]

    17. MarnieKrüger on said:

      I hate it when authors do a trilogy when it could have been a duo-logyDon't get me wrong, there is very important things that happens in the last 100 pages of Fuse, but that could have easily been worked into the last book, I'm very sure.This book was so close to a DNF for me. It drags on in the beginning for an eternity, and only pic's up around the 60% mark.I really want to know what happens to all this charters and this epic world Baggott created, but if I have to sit through another dry spel [...]

    18. Katy on said:

      Hubo muchas sorpresas en este libro. Y el final te deja con muchísimas preguntas.

    19. The Twins Read on said:

      Original Rating: 4.5/5This review can originally be found atThe Twins Read .Holy cow. Whereas I was on the fence about fully recommending Pure to other readers before, Fuse had just made me want to take back all the half-answers I gave, run to the bookstores, and duct tape Pure and Fuse together. (Hehe, "fused" together.)Fuse reunites us with Pressia, Partridge, and their motley crew. In the midst of all the chaos, Lyda is trying to establish her own identity, but there is one particular person [...]

    20. Liz Barnsley on said:

      After a young Wretch is abducted by the Dome and ‘cleansed’ of her fusings and imperfections, she is only able to repeat the Dome’s latest message: ‘We want our son returned. This girl is proof that we can save you all. If you ignore our plea, we will kill our hostages one at a time.’ Willux will go to any lengths to get his son Partridge back, including murder.So FINALLY having been galvanised into action by being granted the joy of the final part of this trilogy “Burn” via netgal [...]

    21. Natalie on said:

      I literally just finished Fuse about 15 minutes ago, and I’m on such reading high that I couldn’t wait to write my review for it (I apologize in advance for any rambling and excessive gushing)! The second book in the Pure series by Julianna Baggott, Fuse was absolutely AMAZING! In fact, I think it was even more fantastic than Pure was! As the events of the book began to unfold I couldn’t put it down no matter how hard I tried! The savage and astonishing world that Baggott has created drew [...]

    22. Giselle (Book Nerd Canada) on said:

      Imagine a world world people have objects embedded in their bodies. Eyes stuck in the ground, carnivorous vines eating you alive, ick! The setting is so very disturbing. And I couldn't help but love it. The writing is so vividly descriptive that you literally inhale the pages. I know I did when I read this. This series just gets better and better. There's a couple of twists and turns in this one and I really just like where Julianna is taking the story. I just want to know more about why it happ [...]

    23. Book Riot Community on said:

      Fuse is the middle book in Baggott’s Pure trilogy, which is a post-apocalyptic exploration of scientific madness, the abuse of power and riches, and the complications of acting as a hero. Fuse concentrates heavily on those living outside of the Dome, a massive structure with its own ecosystem that was designed to survive total destruction–and did. Pressia, its heroine, and Bradwell, her maybe-love interest, lead a small, determined band of “Wretches,” those who survived the blast from ou [...]

    24. Devin on said:

      How does the second book of a trilogy that is already extremely dark manage to turn up the darkness for its Empire Strikes Back cliff hanger? Julianna Baggott manages to find a way to take the gritty, desolate world of fused mutations in the aftermath of nuclear annihilation and drip just enough tender humanity into it to make a grim ending a little sharper. Leaving the reader hungry for the plot turns of the third installment.It was an unexpected pleasure to return to the characters that were s [...]

    25. Vendea on said:

      Přijde mi, že za některé části píše jiná autorka, jinak to není možný. V podstatě se tu nic nestalo, celá banda pobíhá okolo toho samého faktu, který se řešil v prvním díle Kapitoly z pohledu El Capitana jsou skvělé i Bradwell zůstal stejně okouzlující jako v první části. Partridge bych nejradši vystřelila na měsíc - ten kluk je totální idiot. Lyda to samé ( a nesnaž se ze sebe dělat drsňačku, to, co se ti stalo, jsem odhadla přesně ve chvíli, kdy sis [...]

    26. Louisa on said:

      So much happens in this book, and it's just so good! Loved these developments, and following the clues that Art left, and all that, just really great! Really can't wait to read Burn!

    27. Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~ on said:

      Outstanding!!The characters in this series are unforgettable. The author did a great job at the details. Just as good as the first and now on to the third book in the series.

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