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Bryan O.

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Groom Lake

Groom Lake Journey Below Area While the glory days of the government s operating location at Groom Lake are past Bryan O paints a vivid picture of the installation s rise and relevance in the evolution of fri

  • Title: Groom Lake
  • Author: Bryan O.
  • ISBN: 9780615200996
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Journey Below Area 51While the glory days of the government s operating location at Groom Lake are past, Bryan O paints a vivid picture of the installation s rise and relevance in the evolution of fringe sciences, and will stir debate with his depiction of a new, heavily shrouded spaceport in the Rockies Groom Lake is not just a novel the narrative is a briefing on AmeriJourney Below Area 51While the glory days of the government s operating location at Groom Lake are past, Bryan O paints a vivid picture of the installation s rise and relevance in the evolution of fringe sciences, and will stir debate with his depiction of a new, heavily shrouded spaceport in the Rockies Groom Lake is not just a novel the narrative is a briefing on America s black budget programs and practices The story gives a historical account of shadow government activities, methods and reasoning, intertwined with a fast paced plot where intelligence agents guard their fringe programs from inquisitive civilians, China s Ministry of State Security and a congressional task force investigating black budget spending Bryan leaves readers wondering if the book is truly fiction, or if he is possibly a ghostwriter for the government in a top secret program called Project Meshing that is intended to raise public consciousness about certain fringe sciences.

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      280 Bryan O.
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    One thought on “Groom Lake

    1. Bryan O. on said:

      I apologize if rating my own book is not proper etiquette--I added Groom Lake to my bookshelf not realizing the stars would be public record. Regardless, I hope you appreciate an author who stands behind his work. I am new to the arena of public criticism, but my confidence has been bolstered by early reviews from around the globe, and specifically a Critics' Indie Choice by Kirkus Reviews in January. The general consensus seems to be an appreciation for the background details that support the c [...]

    2. Sherri Huntley on said:

      I won this book from and I really enjoyed it. It is a an exciting novel conpiracy theory novel presented in a "I'm writing this as fiction even though it is true way" which rather adds to the excitment. At first you think you are reading a UFO novel but it turns into a government black budget thriller. It's gets a bit slow in the middle as it sets the stage with much detail about the governments secret programs at Groom Lake in Nevada. It's well worth it to absorb the details and read the story [...]

    3. Carol on said:

      Ben Skyles flew to Las Vegas after work one day to meet Janice Yang - recently his sympathetic shoulder. And a good listener. But he tenses when a man he thinks he knows comes to their table for a brief chat. Skyles leaves suddenly, Janice quickly follows. Her exit route, which included a ladies room, removable ceiling tiles and a back way out through the kitchen, confirmed her intentions. The near future will see Yee Yang (AKA Janice Yang, Chinese spy) returned to her homeland, leaving her memo [...]

    4. Rick Bavera on said:

      This is a first-reads Good Reads book.Groom Lake is written by "Bryan O" and is a look at the secret goings on at the Groom Lake/Area 51 sites in Nevada. The book purports to be a novelized version of actual events and real people who have worked for and interacted with the secrecy surrounding and the technologies developed from alien technologies. It talks about anti-gravity, aliens, and rare elements.I found the fact that the story reads like real events, and we get to look at a variety of cha [...]

    5. Shawn Fairweather on said:

      The premise definitely sounded interesting enough for me to pick up a digital copy as it seems fairly reminiscent of the X-Files genre which I can enjoy to a point. At first the story takes off with a set up that entices you to read in further to find out what the author knows, however about halfway through, i was begging for the ending to come already. The suspense seemed to drop heavily and the build up to the conclusion was slow and tiring. The endingfairly contrived and not really satisfying [...]

    6. Neil on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and found myself reluctant to put it down. There were enough grains of hard fact salted away throughout that I found it difficult to stop asking questions. For the most part the story is quite fast paced apart from a small patch in the middle where it did tend to get bogged down. The characters were good, and the author didn't fixate on any one of them at the expense of the others. Many will be more familiar with the names 'Dreamland' and 'Area51' rather than Groo [...]

    7. Jack on said:

      Fodder for conspiracy theory types. But I am more of a skeptic, so to me this book is a work of fiction written to make us think there's something going on out west. I think the author wants us to believe that the government shouldn't keep secrets. But I disagree. We have enemies, like China, as this book admits. Our military and our government has to keep certain information and technologies secret lest our enemies use it against us. Unfortunately they have to keep that same information secret [...]

    8. Jaden on said:

      I found this a very interesting read; I am not someone who would normally read sci-fi books OR military secret ops type of books, but when I read the description on this I couldn't resist. I am not sure how much of this novel is truth; it claims to be fictionalized nonfiction but could also be fiction posing as fact. No matter; it was a page turner that had my interest from the get-go. I am now looking to find more, similar type books to read and see what I can learn about this type of military [...]

    9. Jaime (Twisting the Lens) on said:

      I won this through FirstReads. Did Not Finish.I am a sci-fi fan, love the X-Files, and enjoy conspiracies with the rest of them. I just could not get into this book, though. There is a lot of great information based on factual evidence, but it reads a bit too laboriously for me. It really comes down to too much to read, too little time. I am sure that this book will be a winner with many, but, when I read fiction, I like a story-line that drives the book, rather than trying to rely on all the in [...]

    10. Jesse Tucker on said:

      This book is about the Top Secret base known as Area 51, but it's not all Unidentified Flying Objects and people running around the desert in tinfoil hats. It does however have its share of espionage, fringe science, and plenty of black budget operations by the shadow government. If you love a good conspiracy theory then this book is a must read. Since the story is presented as fact that is being presented as fiction it will really get you thinking about what Big Brother is really up to out in t [...]

    11. Kevin on said:

      It seems like I should like this book. It has the topics I find interesting. Area 51, UFOs, government conspiracies, mind control, anti-gravity propulsion, etc.Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into it. The characters are wooden. The plot is somewhat boring considering the potential of the topics. Much of the book feels like it is repeatedly preaching the dangers of government secrecy instead of advancing the plot or the characters.If you are interested in this book, check out Robert Doherty's [...]

    12. Chris on said:

      I'm a newbie to good reads but I recently reviewed this book on amazon and want to be sure to offer up a few choice words about its excellence here as well: this book f--ckin' rocks. I know, profanity, the crutch of the unoriginal. Seriously though, don't miscount it as another X-files knock-off -- Groom Lake is a beast all its own. Original, fast-paced, and thought provoking. Don't wait for the movie, just read!

    13. Brandy on said:

      I won this book from a give away! I liked that it had factual information as well as a plot line. I have to admit that if the plot line wasn't a part of the story, I would have grown bored very quickly. I did walk away with knowledge that I did not know before reading the book, which is always a plus in my mind.

    14. Ray Daley on said:

      starts well enough, characters are good, places are well researched but the ending or lack of same is EXTREMELY frustrating as is the fact the book either wasn't proof read at all or proof read very well with stupid mistakes like using road for rode.If the ending felt a bit more conclusive I'd rate this higher.

    15. Bobby on said:

      A Goodread "giveaway" that was well conceived and enjoyable. Maybe a bit too much "don't-believe-everything-you-see" but, then, that made it fun. A tale written around the long-time premise that Area 51 has a lot of secrets and the government makes sure it stays that way. The doing "things" by Washington to keep us safe is often a frightening thought. Thanks Bryan for the ride.

    16. Jenny on said:

      I won this book on . Thank you!The novel was a great thriller and plausible conspiracy surrounding Groom Lake, area 51, various government agencies and programs. To me, the historical background was overwhelming in the beginning but progressed into a well written action story. I would have read much more if the story was longer or even read a second book if one is written.

    17. Wendy Perkins on said:

      I would have liked this book better if there had been more resolution at the end. It is possible the author set us up for a sequel which I would happily read. The conspiracy element of the book was fairly decent but did not explain some things introduced in the book.

    18. Bryan on said:

      A rather tame attempt at convincing the reader that the US government is running a giant conspiracy and covering up alien technology. The characters are naive and clunky and the shocking relevations are pedestrian.

    19. Abigail Noonan on said:

      I keep finding new books to read and re-read (that last is a good thing)is totally peaked my interest from start to finish.

    20. Michael on said:

      Started off as a very good read, very tense and nervy in an old school X-Files episode kind of way, sadly it ended more like "I Want To Believe", a bit of a let down.

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