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Jayde Scott

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Ancient Legends

Ancient Legends None

  • Title: Ancient Legends
  • Author: Jayde Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 107
  • Format: ebook
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    One thought on “Ancient Legends

    1. Nicole on said:

      I have nothing but good things to say about these super sexy novels. Each book is a beautifully written story filled with passion, romance, angst, love, and mystery. The author did a good job establishing and developing the characters in each novel. I like that the female main characters were feisty and little standoffish. Amber is sarcastic and stubborn, Cass is just the girl everyone loves and Sofia is admirable and very easy to connect to. The male characters were super hot. <<>>& [...]

    2. Melissa on said:

      This was 3 books in one. The first 3 books in the Ancient Legend Series. I honestly had such a hard time getting through the first 2 books I almost stopped reading. I don't know what it was. There were times I would stop reading and just be like "what the" some things felt like they were just thrown in there and didn't make sense at all. However I actually enjoyed the 3rd book. It felt real there was never a WTF moment where things didn't make sense to me. It all fit. So the first 2 books I woul [...]

    3. Marnie on said:

      This is 3 books into one. They all have different stories, but share the same plot. While each one has a romance that ends up being a soulmate (supernatural to human) They were pretty good. Overall, they need to take down the main vampire. Characters involve vamps, demons, necromancers, shadows and such. And, of course, there are several more to the series to get to the conclusion. I thought out of these 3, the first book was the best of course, but they were all good easy reads. And at some poi [...]

    4. Michelle on said:

      Here's something I never say: OH THANK GOD this is a series. I read the preview just to make sure I really wanted it. A couple of pages later and some laughsI decided the sample is not enough -- I HAD to have the whole thing. Despite having so much to do being a busy mum of 3, I finished the first book next morning ( yes all 500 pages), and Beelzebub Girl and Voodoo kiss the past 3 days. there is no way to say it. I am totally utterly madly in love with this series. It's one of the best series I [...]

    5. Liz on said:

      What do I think about the ancient legends?Well, I think it's one of the best and most original books out there. I had a couple of characters that were my fav and there wasn't one character I didn't like. Before i bought this set, I really didn't think I would be much into this series because of the cover, but I was hooked early on and soon became addicted and now I am concerned about withdrawals when I finish the fifth. Consider me a fan!

    6. Mia on said:

      Ive got to say that im really enjoying this series. Its definitely one of the best written and most original of vampire novels but theres definitely something unique and catchy about the writing. Im a fairly easy going girl so give me Paranormal, Romance, Humor & a little action here and there and im happy.

    7. Tashia Brandenburg on said:

      This is really more of a strong 3.5 for me. There are parts of each book that I felt were a little cheesy especially book 2. I will, however, keep reading the series because the author does a great job of connecting the stories and makes you want to keep reading!

    8. Nicky on said:

      It was recommended to me by my friends. I'm 34, what the heck am I doing reading something out of the young adult section but the next thing I know I've read all three! It's the series I would recommend I everyone.

    9. Nook Books and More Blog on said:

      awesome book so much action an adventure. couldnt put them dowm. definate reread

    10. Skye Griffin on said:

      the first book was good, the sencond was meh, and the third was okay. I had to force myself to finish the last book. Lots of annoying errors that could have been avoided with a good edit.

    11. Angel Bettyboo on said:

      i love the way all these characters find their soul mates even Thrain.

    12. Joy on said:

      Wow. This new series made me obsessed. I didn't even want to read it at first because of vampires but now I just can't get enough. Very addicting

    13. Aisha on said:

      Good Book. It was unlike anything I have read before. I was super excited when the next 2 were available in the series.

    14. Bobbi Jones-barr on said:

      i really loved the Ancient Legends books, the characters are so compeling and the story holds your interest.I plan to continue with the series hooked

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