Level Zero

Jaron Lee Knuth

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Level Zero

Level Zero The never ending wars pollution and overpopulation of the near future have caused the outdoors to become uninhabitable and the government is forced to create a new world a virtual existence that a

  • Title: Level Zero
  • Author: Jaron Lee Knuth
  • ISBN: 9781466416482
  • Page: 134
  • Format: ebook
  • The never ending wars, pollution, and overpopulation of the near future have caused the outdoors to become uninhabitable, and the government is forced to create a new world, a virtual existence that allows civilization to continue Shopping malls, schools, concert venues, and religious gathering places all exist in the infinite confines of this new reality, yet the most poThe never ending wars, pollution, and overpopulation of the near future have caused the outdoors to become uninhabitable, and the government is forced to create a new world, a virtual existence that allows civilization to continue Shopping malls, schools, concert venues, and religious gathering places all exist in the infinite confines of this new reality, yet the most popular domain for most teenagers is the one that houses the endless array of digital games.When the sequel to a popular title is released to the public for a special beta test, a group of players eagerly log in to try out the new experience What seems like harmless violence quickly turns all too consequential when the players realize the game s biggest error They can t log out Forced to battle their way through an endless army of monsters programmed to kill their avatars, the players must fight against the clock and find a way out of the game before the real world catches up to them.

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      134 Jaron Lee Knuth
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    One thought on “Level Zero

    1. Elizabeth on said:

      I have read all of Knuth's published books now, and I have to say, I believe he has outdone himself with this one. No, I am not a young adult, nor do I participate in gaming; however, I found myself reading voraciously and well into the night (OK, two nights). I have always enjoyed dystopian books. This is one of the best of the hundreds I've read throughout my lifetime, and I'm well into my fifth decade. Knuth's ability to develop his characters goes beyond amazing. His plot ideas are amazing. [...]

    2. AudioBookReviewer on said:

      My original Level Zero audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.“Level Zero” is a coming of age Literary Role Playing Game (LitRPG) story which is the first book in the NextWorld series.  The book is written by Jaron Lee Knuth and the audiobook is very well narrated by John Pirhalla.  The author has quite a few books under his belt, however this one appears to be the only book currently available, at the time of this review, in audiobook format.  I assume the au [...]

    3. Eric Mesa on said:

      I understand what Mr Knuth was trying to accomplish with this narrative. While the plot twist was neither original nor unpredictable, it really wasn't the point of this story. In fact, while reading I was thinking this book would warrant a 1 or 2 star rating. It took a long time to get anywhere and seemed to be too meandering. I figured that's because it was book one of a series and we weren't going to get a conclusion. But no, this book stands alone just fine.In the end, the book earned 3 stars [...]

    4. Victoria Zagar on said:

      I picked this up when it was a free download on .This was a very enjoyable book. Rich world building and a great cast of characters made me forget that this story about being trapped in an online video game probably isn't the most original idea. However, Knuth makes this story his own by the end with some clever twists and turns that I completely didn't expect. The action is fast paced and never leaves the reader bored.If I had any complaints it would be that the editing really slipped by the en [...]

    5. Parham Doustdar on said:

      This book delivered. In fact, it delivered more than I had expected.I knew there was a twist, and I suspected the most hurtful one. However, I didn't expect the author to follow up with it. He did, though.The ending was a bit weird, but I'll just pass that off as the author's attempt to teach a lesson to the reader; a very valued lesson indeed.

    6. Nancy on said:

      Level Zero was an interesting take on teen dystopian. In this particular world, overpopulation became such an issue that people were basically herded into incredibly tall apartment towers. The towers seem to be pretty tiny, but that's okay. Nobody lives in the real world, anyway. They all live online, in a virtual reality world, logging off only to use the bathroom and eat a gooey "vitapaste" that has all their nutritional needs in it. Our hero, Arkade, would stay logged on for the rest of his l [...]

    7. Tammy K. on said:

      I'm struggling to find the words to describe this story. I am not an author just a reader so here's my review short and to the point.Get this one! It's a dystopian like no other. The characters find themselves locked inside a combat action, virtual reality game and must learn to work together in order to escape I read this story I found myself lost in their world with them, climbing the mountains, slaying the Dragon, cheering for their victories and feeling their losses as they lost team mates.I [...]

    8. Derek on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me of Ready Player One in some regards, which is one of my all time favorite books. I loved the world created within this virtual reality, and as a gamer, I loved the plot. I may have felt that the story took some easy ways out here or there, but that does not change the fact that it was a very interesting story, and it kept me engaged the whole time. If you're into gaming, virtual reality, or like similar books, you will like Level Zero.I look forward to [...]

    9. Robert on said:

      "Brilliant" is perhaps the most overused word when reviewing a book. Yet, this time I am unable to say anything else: this book is simply brilliant.I really like the character development, especially when it comes to Arkade.The plot is absolutely believable and enjoyable, even for those who are not familiar with MMORPGs. Well done!

    10. Pam on said:

      Free on kindleA very fast read, 1 night. I liked it, maybe because i like games. I think i would have really liked a longer adult version. The first half of the story (the build up, learning of their world) was the best part for me. A fun story for YA and all. Thank you for the book.

    11. Autumn Box on said:

      Good book. Was a fast read. If you like dystopian fiction and need something quick but can put down to do something arround the house. This is a good one.

    12. Stacie Herbert on said:

      As a Girl gamer I feel in love with this concept. It was an easy light read fun and fast paced.

    13. Hamda on said:

      The author was out drinking with his buddies when they start talking about their kids "you know my kid is glued to his computer all day! I don't know what to do!" "yeah, mine rarely speaks to me or his mother anymore, he's at that age I guess" "yeah, everything I do now seems to embarrass him!"The all laugh and nod. 20 years later, we have this book. The MC is not a person so much as he's a stereotype of an antsy teen from a parent's perspective. The world created is. ummmmmm I'm not really sure [...]

    14. Randy Smith on said:

      Sorry but this book sucked! I hated the main character most of the way through the book and then the ending was stupid.

    15. David on said:

      As a gamer, it feels a little strange to read a book about games. I've never played an MMO before, and I never plan to, but this book is all about the MMO (that's Massively Multiplayer Online for those not in the know). It takes place in a future society were humans have overpopulated the planet. With so many people and so little space, the digital world is the only place where people can socialize, work, live, and do just about everything. Through the use of a technological marvel called the e- [...]

    16. Michael Brookes on said:

      This book managed to deceive me (in a good way!), at the beginning I thought 'nice idea', but it had a bit of a trashy feel to it, as if pitching at the lowest common demoninator. However as I progressed I realised there was an interesting and quite philosophical thinking going on beneath the text. I appreciated it even more by the way it kept it as subtext hidden beneath a gamey and fast paced action story. Unfortunately it slightly spoils it by explaining everything near the end, but it still [...]

    17. Lynn on said:

      I really want to give this book 4 stars, but I can't. There were multiple mistakes in spelling and grammar (on the order of a few dozen, at least), so this sort of felt like a late-stage manuscript that was due for a round or two more of copy editing before it went to the press. There were also a few inconsistencies (one that bothered me was the fact that only one player had a certain status effect, when probably it would've been all of them equally). The plot also had some really weird pacing t [...]

    18. Sean Randall on said:

      This was brilliant. Frustratingly, my ereader trashed my highlights so I can't point out the most epic bits in as much detail as I'd like, but that just means I have to ramble on a little more aimlessly than usual. The dragon, of course, that was such a rush, and the way that battle ends was both poignant and very meaningful. I did feel that the ending of the book came a little suddenly, but the revelation before the last bit of the mission was very neatly done. I suspected, but I suspected ever [...]

    19. Peter Ravlich on said:

      Level Zero was an enjoyable YA pageturner, making good use of gaming tropes and a solid storyline. I found protagonist's voice a little offputting at times, and slightly less room for character development was probably necessary, but the vivid environments and backstory outweighed this personal concern. Many typos and grammatical errors were present in the version I read, although the electronic version lends itself to revision, and these would be easily addressed. Aside from a couple of "broken [...]

    20. Karsyn on said:

      I usually don't rate books that are a DNF but I felt like I could with this one. It was a DNF at 47%.The setting and storyline was great, which makes me even more pissed off that I couldn't finish this book. I enjoyed what was going on and the actual plot a ton.But.And that's a big but.e characters were HORRID. I couldn't take them anymore. I'm still pissed off at these horrible characters that ruined what could have been an enjoyable story.There's a selfish whiny MC, his crazy religious nut rel [...]

    21. Charlotte on said:

      I know on kindle it was free and was going to give the story 4 stars, but when you are dangling off the edge of a mountain and people keep swapping falling with anoher person onthe top I think it needs some editing.Fantom basic language "Yeah, like whatever cowboy, yo." not realy much point to it for the whole time but i get that she is contrasted to Xen. Few spelling and gramma mistakes too but ready player one is better. Fantom gets written off with no story at the end, annoyed me a bit but ca [...]

    22. Raymond White on said:

      I confess to enjoying this book even though it was a bit juvenile--not surprising since the main characters are all children (and I just an old kid myself). I got it to give to my grandson and I pre-read all such books. It's a very good children's book for ages 10 and up. I would have benefitted from better editing as the descriptions sometimes went on so long it felt like the author didn't know how to proceed with his characters.

    23. Anchor on said:

      This wasn't terrible, although it really had a "Young Adult" kind of feel to it. I picked this up because I was told it was similar to Ready Player One, which I thought was a really fun read. This was kind of similar but it left a lot unexplained and the characters were overly simplistic at best and annoying at worse.It was a quick read and was mostly well written, but I don't see myself continuing in this series.

    24. Tim on said:

      For all fans of computer gaming and MMO's, this is an excellent read. It's just like being inside a expansive MMORPG with an amazing cast of characters, technology and real human emotion. And the chapters are in binary; a total geek-out for computer nerds. Being a fan of videogames and computers I loved this book from the very beginning and couldn't put it down. Game geeks and computer nerds alike will certainly enjoy this book.

    25. Gregg on said:

      This story has some similarities to Ready Player One. In this story, the description of the physical, real world is a bit hard to accept as possible. However, most of the story takes place in the virtual world - which is also hard to believe, but it sure sounds like fun.

    26. Wolfgarr on said:

      I can see why the author stopped writing and dropped this series. Was a good decision.

    27. Danyel on said:

      The weakest of the gamer genre books I've been reading recently. Regardless, I picked up the sequel. It has potential; let's see where it goes.

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