The Underdwelling

Tim Curran

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The Underdwelling

The Underdwelling With a kid on the way Boyd needed the job bad But the idea of going underground at the Hobart Mine down into the dark labyrinth of tunnels to get at the raw ore left him with a brooding sense of un

  • Title: The Underdwelling
  • Author: Tim Curran
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With a kid on the way, Boyd needed the job bad But the idea of going underground at the Hobart Mine, down into the dark labyrinth of tunnels to get at the raw ore, left him with a brooding sense of unease Maybe it was the fact that his father had died down in the mines or maybe it was something much worse Digging a new drift down in Level 8, the lowest level of the minWith a kid on the way, Boyd needed the job bad But the idea of going underground at the Hobart Mine, down into the dark labyrinth of tunnels to get at the raw ore, left him with a brooding sense of unease Maybe it was the fact that his father had died down in the mines or maybe it was something much worse Digging a new drift down in Level 8, the lowest level of the mine, an immense shaft opens up Boyd and a few others volunteer to explore it Some 400 feet down, they find a passage that leads to an immense cavern from prehistory A petrified world.A prehistoric graveyard.Then a cave in traps them down there In the darkness and dank shadows of a fossilized world, they realize they are not alone Something has woken in the stone.Something ancient and terrible and coldly intelligent And it is lonely.

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      214 Tim Curran
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    One thought on “The Underdwelling

    1. Richard on said:

      *I still think about this book even a year after reading it, so I decided to bump it up to 5 stars!*Setting and atmosphere is so important in many horror stories and this book has all of it in spades! This novella by cult favorite horror author Tim Curran is about a young miner who is excited for his new post on a graveyard shift team working the bottom levels of the Hobart mine, because it means extra dough that'll help with his new baby on the way. But on his first night, a new, deeper section [...]

    2. Char on said:

      This was an excellent horror novella with Lovecraftian undertones that takes place in a deep, deep mine. Tim Curran's excellent descriptions add to the creeping unease that slowly builds during the course of this story and doesn't let up.Here is an example of Mr. Curran's excellent descriptive skills:(view spoiler)["Breed could see something eldritch and terrible form given body by the swirling dust. He couldn't be sure how much of it he saw and how much he imagined. It was roughly the size of a [...]

    3. Paul Nelson on said:

      The Underdwelling is somewhat slow to build the tension, it’s not till 50% in that things start to go awry for a group of miners who discover a mammoth underground cavern. The author captures the camaraderie of the miners perfectly, my grandfather was a miner for 45 years and the claustrophobic atmosphere breeds some immense characters, with a rough sense of humour. These are guys that in some cases spend their entire working lives underground, brings a closeness that you rarely see anywhere e [...]

    4. Bill on said:

      Horror time. And it's looking more and more that Tim Curran has become my new can't miss go-to guy.Dead Sea was the only book I had read by him previously, and even though it's been two years since I read it, there is still a scene from that book that still wriggles around in my brain from time to time. Given all the suspense and horror that I've consumed over the decades, I'd come to the acceptance that I'd seen and read everything, but this guy was still able to freak me out.The other day I vi [...]

    5. Bandit on said:

      Discovering new authors is always excitement mixed with trepidation. But I've heard so many good things about Tim Curran and wow, did he lived up to his accolades. This novella was what horror ought to be. Original, well written, with strong well developed characters, staggeringly vivid descriptions, tight can't put down pacing and, above all, absolutely freaking terrifying. Seriously, this book might induce claustrophobia in most mellow fine with tight spaces kind of person. For those already c [...]

    6. Anthony Vacca on said:

      Though the first two acts of The Underdwelling will feel familiar to fans of the genre (an unexpected discovery in a mine; a first day on the job that goes poorly; male characters taking turns being tough; and then the obligatory accident, followed by isolation and a quick escalation of terror), Curran rewards the reader with a grisly finale that manages to be both horrific and oddly sweet. Another well-executed tale from Curran, one of the better authors currently in the chills and thrills biz. [...]

    7. Tressa on said:

      After reading Clive Barker's Hellbound Heart quicker than I thought I would, I needed something to read quick, and found Underdwelling on my Kindle. I read and loved Tim Curran's Dead Sea, but was underwhelmed by his Devil Next Door, but I thought I'd give The Underdwelling a try; I'm glad I did. The Underdwelling is about a guy named Boyd's first day on his mining job. When his partner, Maki, almost falls into a deep hole that looks like it's man made, they and three other miners climb down to [...]

    8. ᴥ Irena ᴥ on said:

      4.5It starts slow. Really slow. By the time the things started happening, I was more than tense.My advice is to be patient and read it, because it is so worth it.That blurb tells you the whole story, but the way it is told is well written. The first half of the story introduces you to Boyd, a miner who got a chance to work in the graveyard shift. He and a miner who had been assigned to help him end up at the lowest level of the mine, where they find a peculiar and almost artificial-looking hole. [...]

    9. Chris on said:

      Just a thought. If you are a mile under the surface of the earth in a cavern that hasn't been opened since before the dinosaurs and you shine your flashlight and something stares right back at you---that is MOST DEFINITELY NOT a good thing.My first book by Tim Curran. He has several big pluses going for him. Great creation of atmosphere. I could really picture the dank cave a mile under the ground and the 5 scared miners listening for any unexplained noises and jumping at shadows. Curran took hi [...]

    10. Todd Russell on said:

      Miners in search of ore discover a hole thousands of feet beneath the earth. At the bottom of a hole lies a huge cave opening formed 250 million years ago. The level and intensity of dread over what happens in that cramped, dusty, prehistoric hellhole rises with each worrisome page turn in this 1,454 Kindle locations of doom. I've commented in other reviews about Curran's awesome eye for detail and imagery but he also has some great endings, including this one that you'll have to read to find ou [...]

    11. Ms. Nikki on said:

      2.5 Stars The first 30% was info about mining and being in the mines. Boyd, is a newbie who is taking his first trip down to clean up ore and dig a new hole. He has a feeling something is not right, but he needs this job because he has a baby on the way. Plus, he doesn't want to look like a wuss in front of the other miners who are constantly ribbing each other. The build-up is not as intense as I would have expected from Curran. A new area is found and the guys go off to explore and discover th [...]

    12. Gavin on said:

      I have a bad relationship with Horror novels. I want to love them, but there doesn't seem to be a mainstream Name for horror that you can point to for quality work. Fantasy and Sci-Fi have obvious, go-to luminaries, who have carved out their own distinct fields of play, horror has Stephen King, the author Most In Need of a Bloody Editor. Literally bloody. As in; willing to wade through his corpulent manuscripts as though a frenzied butcher let loose with cleaver and sharpened teeth in a veal pen [...]

    13. Doug on said:

      Hmmm, this one has to go into the "It genuinely surprised me" category, because much of the story—new miner who is tough but wants to do right by his pregnant wife so he endures taunts by the old hats and gets sent on to a new assignment which turns a bit dangerous and him and some old hat types get trapped down into a strange place where, to ape Machen, a survival seems to have occurred—just screams, "You have already watched this movie, twice, this past weekend." Except, well, it is a bit [...]

    14. Matthew on said:

      It's Boyd's first day on the lower levels of the mines. When his coworker Maki falls down a hole, Boyd and a few others go after him and find an ancient cavern that's been sealed up for millions of years. After a bit of exploring, they get trapped and find out they are not alone. After a couple of hundred million years, something is very excited to have companyThis book creeped me out! It started out innocently but the suspense and horror built quickly and I was unable to put it down until the f [...]

    15. Larry on said:

      im probably overating this but. the last 20 percent of the book was just so damn good.

    16. Benjamin Uminsky on said:

      I would put this one closer to 3.5 stars. In fact, I would have rated this novella higher were it not for an ending that really seemed to bring a great story to a bizarre closure (a bit ironic to call the ending bizarre as this is quite the weird tale).Curran does a wonderful job building a claustrophobic setting and atmosphere full of dread for the unknown. Although, I will say, that it seemed that Curran is covering similar setting and character matter from his previous novella, FEAR ME. In bo [...]

    17. Aura on said:

      Really good; sadly, too short as usual. This author's work is really good, no need to do short pulp-fiction stories all the time. The underdwelling would deserve so much more attention, the way it was described. Really liked it.

    18. Stephen Clark on said:

      Another great tale from Tim. The atmosphere created was claustrophobic and tense. Those that are afraid of the dark should step lightly!

    19. Geoff on said:

      Not Curran's best, by a long shot. More around mining than the horror tale itself.

    20. Chris Williams on said:

      Good story and plot. A follow up would be great on this one as the ending was bitter sweet. In other words it ended with me wanting more. Suggestion to the author do the sequel.

    21. Mike on said:

      This was a quick, creepy, claustrophobic read. I would have given this four stars if the ending wasn't so abrupt.

    22. Dave Thomas on said:

      It's hard not to have fun with anything Tim Curran writes, and THE UNDERDWELLING is no exception. A mining crew. A 250-million-year-old petrified forest. And a lonely beast. 'Nough said.

    23. Frederic Raymond on said:

      Great read. May even be better than the underground horror thriller The descent. However, the end is a bit abrupt, which leads to 4 stars instead of five.

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