The Various Haunts of Men

Susan Hill

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The Various Haunts of Men

The Various Haunts of Men Having transferred to the small cathedral town of Lafferton from London s Met police detective Freya Graffham explores her new community and becomes fascinated by Chief Insp Simon Serrailler her eni

  • Title: The Various Haunts of Men
  • Author: Susan Hill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Having transferred to the small cathedral town of Lafferton from London s Met, police detective Freya Graffham explores her new community and becomes fascinated by Chief Insp Simon Serrailler, her enigmatic superior Though she fits well within the local police force, she finds herself unable to let go what seems like a routine missing persons report on a middle aged spHaving transferred to the small cathedral town of Lafferton from London s Met, police detective Freya Graffham explores her new community and becomes fascinated by Chief Insp Simon Serrailler, her enigmatic superior Though she fits well within the local police force, she finds herself unable to let go what seems like a routine missing persons report on a middle aged spinster When yet townspeople turn up missing, her hunch is verified and a serious police search begins, bringing her into closer proximity with Serrailler at the same time it exposes her to danger.

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    One thought on “The Various Haunts of Men

    1. LJ on said:

      THE VARIOUS HAUNTS OF MEN (Pol. Proc-DS Freya Graffam-England-Cont) – NRHill, Susan – 1st in seriesChatto & Windus, 2004, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 185619714xFirst Sentence: Last week I found a letter from you.In a small English cathedral town, a 53-year-old single woman disappears while on her daily run on “The Hill.” DS Freya Graffam searches the woman’s cottage for clues and finds a hidden present; a pair of expensive cufflinks and a note saying “To You, with all possible love fr [...]

    2. Eleanor on said:

      WOW would be the one-word review, but perhaps you want more information than thatThis is a classic contemporary British mystery, complete with a cathedral town (Lafferton), a tantalizingly aloof Chief Inspector (Simon Serrailler), and a cast of wonderfully drawn supporting players whose side stories are interesting enough to make you forget the mystery at the heart of the novel. People have gone missing from "The Hill," once considered a place of tranquil walks and spiritual renewal. They share [...]

    3. Kathy on said:

      I loved Susan Hill's The Woman in Black, and so I was excited to read this first book in a series of hers. I will concede that Susan Hill is an excellent writer, and as a mystery, this book was indeed well written. However, I ended up feeling sucker punched by the ending, not something that endears a book to me. Also, it's a Simon Serrailler series, but he was more of a minor, inconsequential character in this story. I was quite taken with the character of Freya Graffham, and I actually would ha [...]

    4. Sue on said:

      I always love finding a new (to me) mystery series and now I have this to follow. This first of series book involves the titled DCI and the men and women who work with him in the cathedral town of Lafferton. The story is complex, going in multiple directions as, I assume, any police department would do at any one time. All resources aren't focused on one apparent crime. Resources must be respected, as is pointed out from time to time.There is the case of a missing middle aged woman. Just up and [...]

    5. Donna on said:

      This book forever changed the way I read - and not in a good way. Prior to reading "The Various Haunts of Men", I didn't want to know "what was gonna happen". I wanted to read the book front to back, and not know the ending. The natural progression - enjoy the surprise at the book's climax, and feel complete at the end.Not any more. I was so angry with the horrible ending of "Various Haunts", it destroyed my enjoyment of the author's gifted writing. I will never again read anything by Susan Hill [...]

    6. Holly Robinson on said:

      I tend to gobble down mystery novels like peanut M&M's, sometimes without even noticing the colors, if you know what I mean. But The Various Haunts of Men stopped me in my tracks. This is one of those rare finds: a tense, atmospheric novel that reads like the psychotic aunt of your typical British cozy. Yep, there's the erudite, handsome detective Chief Inspector with an artistic side and a troubled aristocratic family. And, oh yes, there's the gutsy policewoman who has a teeny crush on him, [...]

    7. Laura on said:

      I love mysteries. They're my favorite genre. British mysteries in particular are the best kind of comfort read for me. I love the atmosphere of a British mystery, the creepiness, the character sketches. It's like slipping into a warm bath every time I pick up a book like this. This one is different, but in a way that makes it even better. I can't remember the last time that a book in this genre really surprised me. This one is unusual in that the man for whom the series is named sits offstage fo [...]

    8. Skye Skye on said:

      Hill's novel is deceptive and dark. Lafferton, England, idyllic and dangerous hosts many secrets and a subversive cast of characters. Suspense slowly mounts as women disappear without any likely assailants; however, via multiple, third-person narratives and one anonymous first-person point of view, the reader is led on a sinister journey: deadly and frightening.Hill lets us view the world of alternative medicine, its victims and charlatans, and we also note the dedication of the police investiga [...]

    9. Lisa on said:

      DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK YET: SPOILERS GALORE!!! I have never written a "spoiler" review before and I never thought I would, but this book breaks the pattern, big time! I have so many questions and thoughts after reading this book! For one thing, this is called "A Simon Serrailler mystery", but Simon is a supporting character at best. We barely get to know him in this book. Who we do get to know, and come to love, is Freya Gaffham, who in the last twenty pages of the book, g [...]

    10. Ivonne Rovira on said:

      Susan Hill, best known for her chilling The Woman in Black, launched her Detective Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler mystery series with this novel in which first one resident of the cathedral town of Lafferton and then another disappears. The account of the crimes and the police investigation alternates with a taped “confession” by the unidentified killer, a sociopath taping his own version of events, ostensibly for his stern, hypercritical mother. The novel offers a window into the mind of [...]

    11. Sara on said:

      Oh this book made me so, so sad. I couldn't sleep last night after I finished it. I was so bewildered and heartbroken by the tragedy and loneliness that pours in torrents out of this book like Noah's flood.Susan Hill, the author of the single scariest book I've ever read (The Woman in Black) is a wonderful writer who can get you delightfully lost in her worlds. The Various Haunts of Men which introduces her detective, the magnetic but elusive Simon Serrailler, is no exception to that rule. She s [...]

    12. Ben Babcock on said:

      Oh, I do enjoy the conceit of the English country novel. It’s second only to the Agatha Christie country house detective. In these stories, it’s not the policework or even the mystery that matters so much as the effect of the crimes on the collective psyche of the town in which they take place. Lafferton, the setting of The Various Haunts of Men is a cathedral town. Simon Serrailler describes it as "a jumped up market town", just big enough that not everyone knows everyone else, but the degr [...]

    13. Monique on said:

      OkaySO wanted to give this book the five star rating it deserved as I tore through this book in days and was thoroughly entertained.ever I felt the ending was flatBack it up to the story, it begins in a sleepy, comfortable town of Lafferton, I believe it is in England but let me also preface this retelling by again stating no one does mystery better and more detailed than our English/British author friends, what rich enveloping stories they tellOkay back to the plot in Lafferton there are severa [...]

    14. Txkimmers on said:

      *****WARNING Dog Related Spoilers in this review*****I was really looking forward to this book because of all the four and five star reviews on both and Audible, but I am in the minority after all: I hated this book. It started promisingly enough, and reminded me very much of the work of Louise Penny: mysteries set in a bucolic little town, a "cathedral town" in this case, a police procedural but with an intense focus on the internal lives of a recurring set of main characters. I spent so much [...]

    15. Bill Kupersmith on said:

      Whilst The Various Haunts of Men figures is the first of Susan Hill’s DCI Simon Serrailler series of mystery stories, the principal character is Freya Graffham, a young woman DS, who solves the series of murders that have been committed in the small cathedral city of Lafferton. Freya has been seeking a quiet place to recover from the stresses of a bad marriage and working for the Met. In Lafferton she finds a place in in the cathedral choir, a number of new friends, as well as finding herself [...]

    16. Jennifer on said:

      This is the first in the Simon Serrailler detective series. Interestingly, he is hardly in this book at all which I thought was a clever idea. Instead, Hill gives us Freya Graffham - a new young policewoman in town who has a crush on Simon and sees him as an almost mythical figure. We learn a lot about him through her eyes but he always stays a little removed, intriguing, and seductive - the desire to know more means the second book in the series is already in my TBR pile ready to go. Hill isn't [...]

    17. Terri Lynn on said:

      Since I had already read a later Simon Serrailler mystery, I wanted to start at the beginning and play catch up. The other book also didn't feature much of Simon at all despite this being the "Simon Serrailler" mystery series and I was surprised to see that this one didn't have much of him either outside a few appearances at work or his mom's house. We don't see him doing much of anything. The story is much more about his triplet doctor Cat who also lives in Lafferton, England, a small Cathedral [...]

    18. Griflet on said:

      Omg - read this whole long slow slog and in the last handful of pages she kills off the protagonist.etely unacceptable when you're waiting for the protagonist and her boss to get together!"I was so angry with the horrible ending of "Various Haunts", it destroyed my enjoyment of the author's gifted writing. I will never again read anything by Susan Hill. Yes, she's talented, but when I invest my time (and money) in a book, I want some reward at the end. Either gain more knowledge, or be entertain [...]

    19. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* on said:

      Loved this book early 2014 inspired me to read the series. Have just finished #2, The Pure in Heart which was every bit as good, and now waiting for #3 in the series from my local library.8:D

    20. Nick Davies on said:

      Two stars, saved only from a lower mark by virtue of it being possible to read the book, and the fact that the plot was sufficiently decent to keep me trudging through.But yes, what a trudge. The first three hundred pages were especially tiresome - lots and lots of the author telling the reader about the inhabitants of the small town in which this crime mystery is set, lots of descriptions about their histories, thoughts, hobbies, clothes, tastes in interior decoration, how gullible they were ab [...]

    21. Deanne on said:

      Took me a while to pick this up as I'd borrowed it from the library, but once I started it just couldn't put it down. Interesting twists and turns, an interesting group of characters who I think I'm ggoing to get to know quite well. Though DCI Serrailer wasn't in this a great deal, hopefully he'll be in the next book a bit more.Do like the sound of living in a cathedral town again, lived in Canterbury for three years except for all the tourists. It's not a big city, even more crowded with all th [...]

    22. mary on said:

      Just started this, but so far it is excellent --- beautifully written and very engaging. Reminiscent of Rendell and Atkinson.I'm very glad there are currently two more in the Serrailer series!************************************Wow.What. A. Book.It has been a very long time since I was literally unable to stop reading a book. My house is dirty, my husband is hungry, and I never got properly dressed today.Top marks!

    23. Diane on said:

      This book is not your average book about a psychotic serial killer. Susan Hill draws you into the lives of the characters before killing them off. Their murder becomes all the more heartbreaking and with each new victim, the death is ever more difficult to bear.

    24. Jane on said:

      Where I got the book: audiobook on Audible.I’d checked a couple of the Serailler books out of the library in the past, and have long been meaning to listen to the entire series. I loved Susan Hill’s creepy stories when I was younger.This, of course, is Book 1, and what’s most interesting about it in my opinion is that we are introduced to Simon Serailler purely from the outside and that he’s seen in large part through the eyes of someone who’s only recently met him and who, to her grea [...]

    25. David Gooch on said:

      It has taken me a while to complete the reading of this. At first I thought it was my laziness but looking back I can see now it is the book itself at the start that does not draw you into it. I find a when I read a good book I am drawn into it and you forget what is going on elsewhere or even the time. You want to read on but sadly this was not one of those books.The idea and the story itself are good. People are going missing in an area and no one knows why or even where they have gone. There [...]

    26. Voluntarystress on said:

      I picked this book up on a second hand book shelf because the author was Susan Hill and the cover writing made it look like my sort of book, promising “a gripping whodunit”. It very definitely was.There is depth of character here. You are allowed to get to know, to understand these people, which gives what eventually happens to them even more impact. If you are looking for a quick fire, all action detective story, this book is not for you. This novel takes it’s time and develops over, prob [...]

    27. Estibaliz79 on said:

      Una gran novela del género (negro) con cierto giro muy propio de Susan Hill: un leve aire de misterio sobrenatural que sobrevuela la historia pero no la condiciona en ningún momento (que nadie se asuste). Súmese a eso el hecho de no recurrir a tópicos o, en todo caso, enfocarlos de la más original de las maneras, y lo que tenemos es una novela que engancha, repleta de personajes bien construidos que llegan a conmover en ocasiones; y tal vez sea ese uno de los mayores logros de la autora: pr [...]

    28. Victoria on said:

      Immediately upon beginning this novel, I was completely drawn into it. Like two of my other favorite British mystery authors, Philip Rickman and Sarah Rayne, Hill offers that sort of mystery populated with characters so realistic in a setting that is so clearly painted that it becomes more absorbing than many of the American shoot-’em-up thrillers. There is a lot of set up and lot of detail, so the middle lags a bit, but once the climatic ending starts, you’ll be eagerly anticipating the rem [...]

    29. Nevermore on said:

      This may topple right off my "currently reading" onto my "gave up" shelf. It is making me think that my "gave up" shelf probably needs fine tuning. There are many reasons to give up and for me, sheer boredom and indifference would be what ended this one. I read a lot of murder-mystery. A lot. And a lot of it is bad. I think I might even prefer a bad book to a book that makes no impact on me at all: at least then I could rail on a bit about what makes it bad. I had to give two stars because the a [...]

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