Rough Crossing

Tom Stoppard Ferenc Molnár

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Rough Crossing

Rough Crossing Based on a classic farce Play at the Castle by Ferenc Molnar Rough Crossing takes place on shipboard as two playwrights struggle to finish a musical comedy and rehearse it before docking in New York

  • Title: Rough Crossing
  • Author: Tom Stoppard Ferenc Molnár
  • ISBN: 9780571135950
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on a classic farce, Play at the Castle by Ferenc Molnar, Rough Crossing takes place on shipboard as two playwrights struggle to finish a musical comedy and rehearse it before docking in New York.

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      231 Tom Stoppard Ferenc Molnár
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    One thought on “Rough Crossing

    1. Tikhon Jelvis on said:

      Certainly funny, but seemed superficial, especially compared to other Tom Stoppard plays I've read.It seems like it would be a lot more funny seen rather than read; had I watched it performed, I'd probably have it at fours stars instead of three. It's a play where timing is crucial in a way that's hard to imagine as you're reading.Still wouldn't be very deep though.

    2. Karen on said:

      Tom Stoppard is not just a genius but he's a comic and a linguist too. Picture the cast of an iffy, badly-in-need-of-polishing musical aboard a ship being waited on by an iffy steward who knows nothing about ships but starts to learn the lingo with a vengeance, scene by scene, as well as being the main player in a steady line of puns and sight gags involving cognac. Add a new couple and a broken up couple whose old attraction flares up again and gets them in trouble with the pissed off composer [...]

    3. Lauren on said:

      This play is over-the-top ridiculous. I liked reading it, but it’s definitely a play meant to be seen.In an Italian villa, a playwright and two of his cohorts overhear an actress (who happens to be involved with one of the cohorts) and her former paramour reigniting their affair. To prevent disaster, the playwright comes up with a plan: writing a play and claiming that’s what the actress and her paramour were ‘rehearsing.’ Tremendous fun but the written form can only do the humor partial [...]

    4. Neil on said:

      Not quite a full-on farce, not quite a romantic comedy, but somewhere between. Two playwrights try to get revisions done during an Atlantic crossing, but the love triangle between their two stars and a young composer gets in the way. The show is stolen, along with about fifty glasses of cognac, by a steward who may be a bit clueless about his new job, but is wise to everything else. Highly entertaining I look forward to seeing it staged someday.

    5. Ellen on said:

      What a lovely comedic play with some great writing-showcasing that Stoppard really is one of the great playwrights of our time. I just loved the characters in this play and could picture it all playing out on stage as I read it. I really liked how it was so self aware yet was smart at the same time. The characters were over the top without being hammy. This play made me smile a lot as I read it which is always a good thing.

    6. Ilias on said:

      I mean, so. I was not okay and I read this book and now I am more okay. So that's worth something. It was clever and funny and I enjoyed it. Obviously I am not sure that I Understood what it was Saying, you know? And I am not overjoyed with happy endings via deception? But. It was good and it took me out of my head and I laughed.

    7. Dorottya on said:

      Az igazat megvallva láttam már színházban, és nagyon nem tetszett az előadás, így kicsit félve álltam neki a drámának és nagyon pozitívan kellett csalódnom. Ami a színházi előadásban a poros, eltúlzott színészi játéknak és hangsúlyozásnak köszönhetően gagyi poénnak tűnt, itt sokkal jobban szórakoztatott. Imádtam a mű humorát, a pergő, okos, szurkálódó párbeszédeket.

    8. Kylos on said:

      it's like a sitcom before there were sitcoms.elements that go into a great episode of thee's company, more or less, and all on stageart but family appropriate. you need to stage a comedy for everyone? try this one on for size.

    9. Kristen Gongora on said:

      We happen to be doin this show at The Shakespeare Theatre this season, and it is a delightful piece of peach-flavord fluff.

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