Kayla and the Devil

Bryan Smith

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Kayla and the Devil

Kayla and the Devil College student Kayla Monroe seems to have everything Stunning looks smarts and loads of money thanks to her privileged upbringing But something s gone wrong Ever since the start of her sopho year

  • Title: Kayla and the Devil
  • Author: Bryan Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • College student Kayla Monroe seems to have everything Stunning looks, smarts, and loads of money thanks to her privileged upbringing But something s gone wrong Ever since the start of her sopho year, people have been avoiding her Her friends shun her Guys no longer flock to her Even her former stalker, an awkward geek, now wants nothing to do with her.She is on tCollege student Kayla Monroe seems to have everything Stunning looks, smarts, and loads of money thanks to her privileged upbringing But something s gone wrong Ever since the start of her sopho year, people have been avoiding her Her friends shun her Guys no longer flock to her Even her former stalker, an awkward geek, now wants nothing to do with her.She is on the brink of utter despair when she encounters a young man in the park The man is charming and movie star handsome Kayla thinks maybe her luck has taken a turn for the better But she couldn t be wrong Because this man is the Devil Capital D definitely intended The ultimate embodiment of evil And he has something to tell Kayla.Kayla hasn t always been the nicest girl in the world At times she has been downright mean She s grown past that, but now her past has come back to haunt her Someone wants revenge Bad enough to engage the services of the devil But the tables have turned again and the devil now has his own deal to offer Kayla.He can end her suffering End the shunning spell But only at a very high price And Kayla must decide whether she has it within herself to surrender her soul and commit an act so heinous it will damn her forever.

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    One thought on “Kayla and the Devil

    1. Jonathan Janz on said:

      Guts and honesty. Those are Bryan Smith's main writing tools. I see reviews from time to time that wail and remonstrate about sex, profanity, and violence in a book, and if those put you off, by all means avoid this one. Because the sex, profanity, and violence are there, and Smith doesn't apologize for them. Nor does Kayla, his protagonist, apologize for who she is. At least in the beginning. She's an incredibly unique creation, and though she can be abrasive, selfish, and frustrating, she's al [...]

    2. Kate on said:

      Kayla's life should have been amazing, she's rich, beautiful and doing well in college. Unfortunately for Kayla her life is not going well, she no longer has any friends, men avoid her and even her stalker is now repulsed by her. She's baffled over the change, that is until she meets the devil who explains this is payback for something she did in high school. He has a deal for her that will lift the shunning spell but to honour the deal she must take an innocent life and she will be doomed to en [...]

    3. Pat on said:

      This is just my second Bryan Smith novel read; the first being crazy backwoods horror Depraved some time ago.19 year old college student Kayla Monroe is a mean girl with the looks, brains and privilege to amplify the point. She’s used to being the centre of attention and getting her own way, especially with the opposite sex. Things take an unpleasant turn in her sophomore year and for reasons unbeknown to her, Kayla has abruptly turned into a social pariah. Even her old stalker runs in the opp [...]

    4. Alex on said:

      What happens is you look up "top ten horror books" for Halloween and then before you know it you've moved on to "top ten most disturbing books," and half an hour later down the internet rabbit hole you're looking at, like, "top 13 splatterpunk books you've never heard of," and the next thing you know you're reading this fuckin' thing and you're like how did this happen? Why am I doing this? This is not my thing. I read seeeerious books. This book is not serious. (Although it is, technically, an [...]

    5. Chris on said:

      (Note: Since it wasn't listed here, my copy was the epub copy available for Nook on bn)While known for his brand of in-your-face, no-holds-barred hardcore horror, Bryan Smith took a slight departure with his slick and sexy urban dark fantasy, Kayla and the Devil. Meet Kayla Monroe, blonde and beautiful college student, and sometimes a royal bitch and proud of it. (Mild spoilers ahead!) Life is usually good for Kayla, until she experiences something weird for someone of her desirable stature: men [...]

    6. Bill on said:

      Kayla and the Devil was a very good novel from the warped mind of Bryan Smith. Kayla meets the devil standing by a tree. He's got a deal for her. A crappy deal. A damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of deal. Kayla is not a very nice person and likes to cut people down with her sharp tongue. Can she complete the devils deal and free herself from the fires of hell?I couldn't help but make comparisons to Jeff Strand while getting into this one, but the further I read on, I realized that Brya [...]

    7. Meli on said:

      Bryan Smith channels his inner 19-year-old party girl in his latest urban fantasy novel, Kayla and the Devil. This modern Faustian tale transforms Nashville, Tennessee into a world where the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, is just a phone call away and Jack the Ripper hangs out in your local movie theater. Smith has flirted with fantasy before. House of Blood, and its sequel Queen of Blood, both have strong supernatural elements. Just earlier this year Smith offered up a frightening apocalyps [...]

    8. Adam Wilson on said:

      Kayla and the Devil is the first novel Bryan Smith wrote after the death of his wife, Rachel, and he dedicates this one to her. I had heard about his troubles a while before picking this one up and, along with feeling sympathy for the guy, I wanted to see if his writing had changed in any way. I figured he would write a very bitter novel about how the world was created by being shit out of the unclean ass of a less than adequate god, but thankfully, Smith does not go in this direction. Instead, [...]

    9. Marvin on said:

      Kayla is a beautiful but self-centered college girl. But for some strange reason, people have shunned her. She can't even get the nerdiest guy on campus to shag her. What could possibly be causing her misery?Hint: Read the title.But don't worry 'cause it's nothing that a deal with the devil won't fix. But there is another catch. Kayla has to kill someone to cement the deal or be a pariah the rest of her life.I have a soft spot for "deal with the devil" stories and this is a good one. Kayla may b [...]

    10. Frank Bishop on said:

      This is the second Bryan Smith book I've read and I continue to be impressed with his work. Smith manages to make you care for a character that you should otherwise hate. The plot is full of all kinds of twists and craziness including visits from infamous real life serial killers, Jack the Ripper and Countess Bathory. The violence is fairly tame compared to most modern horror novels, but Smith's strength in story telling and characterization are what carries the book. I can't wait for the sequel [...]

    11. Dave Thomas on said:

      Bryan Smith, best known for his wildly entertaining, gore-soaked horror novels, takes a slight departure into the genre of urban fantasy in this modern tale of Faust, and he nails it.Kayla is a wonderfully written, flawed protagonist who's made a deal with the devil. Along the way, she encounters some of the most notorious bad guys and gals in history, including Jack the Ripper and Elizabeth Bathory, in her quest to salvage a normal life for herself. You will both love and despise Kayla and the [...]

    12. Wayne W on said:

      Not badMaking a deal with the devil. How could that go wrong. Just ask Kayla or better yet read this book. Its insane how many things go wrong.

    13. James Wood on said:

      Great once it took off!This took a liitle longer than most other Smith titles to pull me in, but once it did I didn't want to put it down!

    14. Elusive on said:

      ‘Kayla and the Devil’ is about a college student Kayla who makes a deal with the devil in return for society to stop shunning her. However, the terms and conditions of the deal basically require her to murder someone and take a body part as proof.The fast pace worked brilliantly here as the author doesn’t waste time getting to the meat of the story. Right away the reader learns that Kayla used to be popular and noticed everywhere but somehow things have mysteriously changed, causing her to [...]

    15. Al on said:

      College student Kayla Monroe seems to have everything. Stunning looks, smarts, and loads of money thanks to her privileged upbringing. But something’s gone wrong. Ever since the start of her sophomore year, people have been avoiding her. Her friends shun her. Guys no longer flock to her. Even her former stalker, an awkward geek, now wants nothing to do with her.She is on the brink of utter despair when she encounters a young man in the park. The man is charming and movie star handsome. Kayla t [...]

    16. Lucas M on said:

      SurrealI think Bryan Smith is one of the best authors going today. His work is the main reason why I signed up for Kindle Unlimited. I wasn't sure if he could pull off dark fantasy, but he succeeded. This book is a fun read with plenty of interesting characters and storylines. There are a few moments that made me cringe (hence the dropped star) but I definitely enjoyed it. For fans of Bryan Smith who want to see him dabble in other realms. Recommended.

    17. Andre on said:

      I loved this book, which seems to be a first volume in a series.It's full of unexpected twists and keeps you reading until the end.At first I really disliked the Kayla character and thought she deserved what she got she's such a bitch. But near the end I kinda warmed up to her somewhat.I couldn't figure out how Kayla would get out of her predicament, but the end was superbly brilliant.Can't wait for book two.

    18. Wanda on said:

      Enjoyed the character Kayla and her sharp tongue and the trouble it leads to. Meeting the devil, Jack the Ripper and Countess Bathory. Kayla has always been pretty and popular but her tongue has hurt people and that leads to consquencies and the Devil comes along and says he can remove the curse where people now shun her.

    19. Scott on said:

      A fun, irreverent read by Bryan Smith. I liked the characters and liked the resolution of the story, and I liked the set-up and story itself. We've all known people (men or women) like Kayla, and it was fun to see her get her comeuppance (did I spell that right?). I'll be reading the follow-up as soon as I can.

    20. Steven on said:

      A young woman with a curse on her, meets the devil and strikes a deal. I enjoyed the story up until the ending, which was only fair. Nevertheless, the writing was decent, and the characters interesting, and I would read this author again.

    21. 11811 (Eleven) on said:

      Entertaining but I prefer Smith's splatterpunk stuff. I'll pass on the sequel for the sake of squeezing in one more splatter. Still, this story was amusing.

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