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Jenny Carroll Meg Cabot

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Safe House

Safe House Help me find my little girl Jess Mastriani dubbed Lightning Girl by the press when after a huge storm she develops a psychic ability to find missing children has lost her miraculous powers Or has sh

  • Title: Safe House
  • Author: Jenny Carroll Meg Cabot
  • ISBN: 9780689860935
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Help me find my little girl Jess Mastriani dubbed Lightning Girl by the press when, after a huge storm, she develops a psychic ability to find missing children has lost her miraculous powers Or has she She would like the media and the government to think so All Jess wants is to be left alone, by everyone except sexy Rob Wilkins who still hasn t called, by t Help me find my little girl Jess Mastriani dubbed Lightning Girl by the press when, after a huge storm, she develops a psychic ability to find missing children has lost her miraculous powers Or has she She would like the media and the government to think so All Jess wants is to be left alone, by everyone except sexy Rob Wilkins who still hasn t called, by the way.But it doesn t look like Jess is going to get her wish especially not while she s stuck working at a summer camp for musically gifted kids Then the father of a missing girl shows up to beg Jess to find his daughter Jess can t say no, but now the feds are on her trail again, as is one ornery stepdad, who d like to see Lightning Girlwell, dead.

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      247 Jenny Carroll Meg Cabot
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    One thought on “Safe House

    1. Nasty Lady MJ on said:

      To see full binge review click here.Meh.Yeah, if you haven’t guest this is probably my least favorite out of the original one.It just felt a little out of place to me in terms of the rest of the series. Honestly, in a lot of ways-serial killers and psychic powers aside-it felt like some of Cabot’s lackluster standalones set n the midwest. I really didn’t like how popularity played a big part of this storyline.Yeah, popularity as a plot device rarely ever works for me in a YA book anymore.G [...]

    2. Kayla on said:

      Okay. So that summary, taken right from the back cover of the book, makes it sound like Jess is trying really hard to get into the ‘in’ crowd. Um, no.This book picks up on the first day of school. Jess is now a junior, and she’s determined to make a good start. She has a new wardrobe, and wants to have a new attitude [aka loosing her anger management issues], and won’t spend every day in detention. Hopefully.That all changes as soon as she gets to homeroom.This book, I have to admit, was [...]

    3. Kearalynn Cooper on said:

      Another excellent book in the series! I just couldn't put it down, probably the fastest I've ever read a book.The plot was enticing (though the suspect was still a bit too obvious to me) and I find it hard to have anything negative to say about Jess and Rob as characters. Rob remains perfect, as usual. Their romance is really developing at a pleasing rate. Can't stop rooting for them!Douglas is so adorable, really. Getting a job was A+ character growth.Ruth unfortunately only continues to be mor [...]

    4. Tamika on said:

      Hands down the best book in, so far in this series!!! It had more, plot twists, more danger, more mystery, and was definitely the darkest out of the first 3. The first 2 were kind of light and fluffy, you didn't expect anything really bad to happen ( or at least I didn't) This one, quite a bit of bad stuff happened, And oh my goodness, it was awesome. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was definitely my favorite out of the first three, and now I can't wait to read the 4th! Spoilers Ahead**** [...]

    5. Amee on said:

      Things are starting to get real, way too close to home.As usual, great story line and writing style (if some bits were slightly predictable). The ending has me looking forward to the next book.

    6. Cyn on said:

      **The first four books were put into 2 volumes and at the same time they were given a different series title —Vanished.Let me tell you a story about a girl, maybe even a sort of hero, Jess Mastriani. She's quick with her fists —there is never any doubt about that— and that often leads her to trouble; usually in the form of another week of detention. More than that though, Jess is a loyal, quick witted, kind, just and hardworking girl and even now that I am older than her, I still look up t [...]

    7. Laurel on said:

      This book is the sequel to Code Name Cassandra. It is about that when Jessica was on vaction, a cheerleader named Amber went missing and then turned up dead. Everyone blamed Jessica for Amber's death, since if she was there Amber could have been saved. The main suspect for Amber's death is her boyfriend, Mark. When another cheerleader named Heather disappered, Jessica is persuaded to find her. After a vision in the middle of the night, Jessica and Rob found Heather in a abondon warehouse. Heathe [...]

    8. Charla Aranda on said:

      Jess Mastriani, comes back from summer break to learn that Amber, a girl from her school, has been murdered. Then another girl goes missing. Using her psychic powers discovers Heather, a cheerleader from her high school that was abducted. The feds are after her for her gift for finding missing people. Also, the school quarterback, and all time hottie, is pursuing her so he can keep her from discovering the truth about the murder and the abduction. But, her heart belongs to Rob, her motorcycle ri [...]

    9. Katrina Passick Lumsden on said:

      I really like this series, it's funny and entertaining with minimal irritation. I'm kind of wondering, though.what's the deal with the cover? Jessie has short dark hair, so who the hell is that supposed to be? *Laughing*

    10. Brandi on said:

      This was a fun, lighthearted read. It picks up right where book two left off and it has a genuinely good storyline. No fluff, no extra, just a good story. That's rare these days, and this really reminded me why I fell in love with reading in the first place. It's a good little YA series.

    11. Nana on said:

      What a roller coaster ride that was. This third book is the most exciting out of the series so far.

    12. Julie Lectures D'Une Nuit on said:

      Vous l’avez peut être remarqué, mais je poste de moins en moins vu que je suis en pleine phase « phase terminale des lectures obligatoires pour les cours ». Même si je continue à lire des livres qui m’intéressent, je dois avouer que je suis vite lassée ayant déjà 2h de lecture dans les pattes (et la lassitude de ces satanés romantiques qui font trainer l’intrigue en longueur avec leurs descriptions ^^). Comme je ne veux pas laisser tomber le blog, je vais tenter de chroniquer de [...]

    13. Brittany on said:

      After Jess got back from working as a camp counselor at Lake Wawasee in Code Name Cassandra, Jess had two choices: work the hot plate at her father's restaurant or go to the Michigan dunes with her best friend Ruth Abramowitz. This may seem like a no brainer choice, but Ruth's dad doesn't believe in cable, won't allow a phone at the house except for his cell for emergencies, and her best friend Ruth is busy going out with her boyfriend the whole time. But when Jess found out that her Great-aunt [...]

    14. Alex on said:

      t First Sight: After a summer spent as a counselor at a music camp -and with a couple of missing kids thrown in the mix - Jess Mastriani is ready to start her Junior year of high school. And she's even trying to make an effort to stay out of trouble.But on her first day back at school, Jess finds out that Amber, the perky cheerleader who sat in front of her in homeroom since the sixth grade, is dead. Oh, and that Amber's friends are blaming Jess for it since she wasn't around to use her psychic [...]

    15. Irishgirl1247 on said:

      Book 3 re-read! If you haven't read books 1 & 2 go and do that right now! You will not be sorry. Helpful link! When Lightning StrikesBook 3 picks up right around Jess's first day of junior year. She continued being a camp counselor over the summer and then spent two weeks with Ruth at Ruth's parent's lake house. And since this is a time before everyone had a cell phone and Ruth's parents are especially strict on no internet and phones on family vacation away, Jess doesn't hear about how one [...]

    16. SouthernTodayGoneTomorrow on said:

      I was going to review books 2-5 individually. I promise I was.But, I could not get through them. I started skimming. Skimming real bad.Why?Well, I didn’t just quit because the premise was interesting – struck by lightning and now she can find missing people. Plus, I have read almost everything else by Meg Cabot.But, I just hate Jess, the main character. She is just TOO sassy. Sincerely. And how the FBI is obsessed by her. And it is very much something written for young adults, but with way t [...]

    17. Karen Keyte on said:

      It's not really Jess Mastriani's fault that she didn't know Amber Mackey was dead. After spending most of the summer herding musical prodigies and Camp Wawasee, Jess spent the last two weeks before school started with her best friend's family at the Michigan dunes. How could she have heard that her classmate had been found strangled to death at a local hangout in the limestone quarry? If Amber's death is shocking to Jess, she is even more stunned to find out that most of her classmates at Ernie [...]

    18. Quill Ampersand Key on said:

      Jess Mastriani was on vacation when Amber Mackey went missing. Now, everyone blames her for Amber’s death––if Jess had been there, if she had found Amber in time…––everyone, that is, except for Mark, Amber’s boyfriend. Naturally, he’s the prime suspect in the murder of Amber Mackey… until another girl disappears while Jess is with Mark. He has an alibi. He couldn’t be killing the girls. So who is?For me, Safe House is where the 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU series becomes must-read YA. T [...]

    19. Heidi Hart on said:

      Okay, can I just say the the name of this series, 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU, is really bugging me? It's too many letters! Why not call it 1-800-WHERE-R-U? I know that's totally petty and not relevant to the quality of the series, but it's the sort of easily-fixed imperfection that just sets my OCD into overdrive. Other than that, I'm still whipping through these books and (mostly) enjoying them, though they're a bit dated. (Note to authors: if you're going to use slangy dialogue and pop culture referenc [...]

    20. Eshusdaughter on said:

      In the third Jess Mastriani book a killer is stalking Jess's hometown. When one of the cheerleaders ends up dead, Jess feels responsible after learning the girl's friends tried to contact her to find the girl. As Jess tries to prevent another murder and figure out who's got it in for the high school pom-pom crowd, things get even more complicated when the murder becomes a federal investigation overseen by Jess's old pals, Agent Johnson and Smith. I loved book 1 and 2, and book 3 was a fun read a [...]

    21. Zuzana on said:

      In the third book of the Missing 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU series, Jess Mastriani comes home after her summer vacation and on the first day of school, when being nagged and unfairly accused of things she couldn't have known about, she finds out that a cheerleader from school had gone missing and she could have helped to find her before the girl was murdered. When yet another cheerleader vanishes, Jess knows she has to help, while simultaneously not reveal to her old FBI friends that she still possesses [...]

    22. M.L. on said:

      I can't do this anymore. I just find it annoying how repetitive and insignificant some of the chapters were. Beside, Jess's obsession with Rob, I mean, seriously. Do we have to read every thought she has. She's acts too much like a baby instead of a sixteen year old. Not to mention how the author keeps stressing that Rob is eighteen and that it's illegal for him to be with Jess, yet he's like going to her house at two in the morning, throwing rocks at her window, please. Then, there's Ruth, I me [...]

    23. Arizel紫 on said:

      "Mommy, read me a bedtime story!""Sure, honey. Just a sec"NOT!I was so tired after beatings of class activities, seemingly endless lecture, and hours of dozing and waiting for a professor to recheck our work (so didn't happen XD). After those, all I want to do is go to my room and dive on my bed and close my eyes but my tired body didn't level with my mental exhaustion so I decided to read a early (yep, 7:20 pm) bedtime story. I checked my TBR list and find something short…. Oh I gave up and o [...]

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