La Taza de Oro

John Steinbeck

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La Taza de Oro

La Taza de Oro Henry Morgan siendo un joven capit n particip en la expedici n que en bajo el mando de Mansfield arrebat la isla Providencia actual Santa Catalina a los espa oles Tras colaborar co

  • Title: La Taza de Oro
  • Author: John Steinbeck
  • ISBN: 9788435005456
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Henry Morgan 1635 1688 , siendo un joven capit n, particip en la expedici n que en 1666, bajo el mando de Mansfield, arrebat la isla Providencia actual Santa Catalina a los espa oles Tras colaborar con los servicios de espionaje del gobernador de Jamaica y derrotar al almirante espa ol Alonso de Campos, emprendi la m s ambiciosa de sus expediciones, la conquista deHenry Morgan 1635 1688 , siendo un joven capit n, particip en la expedici n que en 1666, bajo el mando de Mansfield, arrebat la isla Providencia actual Santa Catalina a los espa oles Tras colaborar con los servicios de espionaje del gobernador de Jamaica y derrotar al almirante espa ol Alonso de Campos, emprendi la m s ambiciosa de sus expediciones, la conquista de Panam , la Taza de Oro 1671.

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      319 John Steinbeck
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    One thought on “La Taza de Oro

    1. PirateSteve on said:

      John Steinbeck wrote a romance novel??? Well that's what the publishers at Popular Library want readers to believe.It seems Cup of Gold, Steinbeck's first novel, needed some good ol fashion salesmanship in order to make everybody involved some money. So they tried to pass this book off as a romance. From the front cover: " He Sacked Panama For A Woman's Kisses". From the back cover: "She was the lovely mystery woman of Panama. Every foulmouthed buccaneer on the Spanish Main dreamed of possessing [...]

    2. Kim on said:

      To me there's something appealing about the idea of reading a writer's novels in chronological order. Apart from having the opportunity to observe a development in literary skills, it feels like a properly organised thing to do. So for quite a while I regretted that I didn't do just that when I embarked on reading the works of John Steinbeck. I no longer feel that way. If this, Steinbeck's first novel, had been my introduction to his work, there's at least a chance I would have gone no further. [...]

    3. فهد الفهد on said:

      كأس من ذهب أول رواية كتبها شتاينبك، وهي روايته التاريخية الوحيدة، كما أن أسلوب الرواية مختلف عن أسلوب شتاينبك الذي طوره في الروايات التالية، تتناول الرواية قصة القرصان البريطاني هنري مورجان والذي جاء من بيئة فقيرة واستطاع بناء إمبراطورية خاصة به من السطو والاحتلال للمستوط [...]

    4. Sarah Anne on said:

      First, the woman who wrote the introduction should be hanged for treason. "Thoroughly masculine and should find much favor with those male readers who delight in bloody tales of piracy and rebellion." Male readers? Hello! I quite enjoy a little bit of bloodthirsty swashbuckling and I ain't male.And I obviously really enjoyed this story :) It was really very fun and I loved seeing Morgan's character evolve all the way from pitiful on up. He was a fascinating character. Although not particularly c [...]

    5. Anastasia on said:

      Questo è Henry Morgan secondo un'incisione del XVIII. Questo è Henry Morgan secondo Il cigno nero di Henry King.(troppi Henry!)Questo è Henry Morgan secondo Morgan, the pirate di André De Toth. E insomma, ce ne sono tanti altri, questa qui non è una rappresentazione visiva di tutti i Morgan del piccolo e grande schermo. Sembra che da tutte e tre le immagini traspaia un Morgan forzuto - vorrei ben vedere, fare il pirata è una bella attività motoria -, barbuto come di regola e robusto. Del [...]

    6. Djrmel on said:

      To be a fair critic of this book, you'd need to not know who the author was before you started the book. As a first book, it doesn't deserve to carry the literary stigma of The Grapes of Wrath or Of Mice and Men. And it is a stigma, because any reader who has read those books will go looking for at least the seed of what was to become some of the greatest writing of the 20th century, and if it's a readers first Steinbeck, they're going to be expecting to see what is so great about his work. Unfo [...]

    7. Judy on said:

      Having left port with the completion of Cup of Gold, my friend, Mikki, and I have embarked on a reading voyage that paddles through all books Steinbeck chronologically plus a few stow-away biographies.Cup of Gold launched Steinbeck's literary career and has the distinction of being his only historical novel. From a Steinbeck fan POV, this book fascinated me. The flashes of Steinbeck phrase-ology peeked through like the sun on a mostly overcast day in the first and last chapters, while the middle [...]

    8. Angeliki on said:

      Steinbeck Year 2016 Book 1 Cup of Gold was an awkward book. Trying to combine the history of captain Morgan with the Holy Grail was a funny idea. But you can still see something of what is to follow in this little novel.------------------------------------“He has come to be the great man he thought he wanted to be. If this is true, then he is not a man. He is still a little boy and wants the moon.” “Why do men like me want sons?" he wondered. "It must be because they hope in their poor bea [...]

    9. BrokenTune on said:

      Cup of Gold had all the elements that promised an enjoyable read for me: Steinbeck, pirates, historical fiction.And, yet, I was so bored.Apparently, this is Steinbeck's first novel. Knowing this, I can forgive the book some of the tediousness and lack of message, but still, knowing what Steinbeck is capable of creating in his later books makes it difficult to like this book any better.

    10. Jo Lisa on said:

      I can't even BEGIN to say enough about this book! It starts wonderfully, lags a bit, then finishes with Steinbeck awesomeness!! Henry Morgan is probably the most famous English pirate to ever sail! It would be fair to say that the romanticizing of pirates in movies and stories also came partially from the story of his life. In Cup of Gold, Steinbeck takes that life and turns it into a tale that captivatesThe story of young Henry feeling the call of the sea; the joining of himself to other pirate [...]

    11. Andrea on said:

      I can read novels worth of Steinbeck writing descriptions of everything from landscape to feelings. He had a wonderful way with words. The plot certainly gives away the fact that this was his first published work, but it has its charm. I enjoyed that it pushed an envelope for sensuality and featured a strong heroine like Ysobel, who could fence and laugh in the face of danger. I genuinely liked This debut.

    12. Jeff on said:

      Ten years of fighting and plundering and burning, and he was thirty. His graying hair seemed to coil more closely to his head. Henry Morgan was successful, the most luck-followed free-booter the world had known, and the men of his profession gave him that admiration he had craved. His enemies - and any man of Spain who had money was his enemy - shuddered at the mention of his name.

    13. Marcel on said:

      I honestly loved this book! I've read reviews of people who don't like it much and people who love it. I loved this book, but I don't think it's a good place to start if you want to read Steinbeck. Get some background reading on Steinbeck before you read this one. I have tons of experience reading Steinbeck, as this is the 7th John Steinbeck book I've read. If you're a pirate adventure fan, or a fantasy fan who is not much interested in Steinbeck's other works, then go right ahead and read this [...]

    14. Terri Lynn on said:

      I am a huge Steinbeck fan and have been for ages but this one disappointed me terribly. I didn't hate it but I felt that this-Steinbeck's very first novel-wasn't great in any aspect! Fortunately, after this first highly forgettable novel, Steinbeck improved his writing and became a superstar of literary classics that we came to know and love.

    15. Mike on said:

      It's clearly his first novel. At times it reads like a pulp or romance novel. Some lines of dialogue are cringeworthy. We do catch glimpses of the writer he would turn into, but "Cup of Gold" is far, far from his best. Were it not such an enjoyable tale in and of itself, I would not recommend it.

    16. Jeana on said:

      While this isn’t Steinbeck’s best novel—it was his first—you can see that he clearly has a beautiful way of describing things and a way with words that isn’t normal. This is his only historic-fiction novel, which keeps him within bounds of the story he committed to tell—and leaves little room for his normal brilliance. Still, I’m glad I read it and could see glimpses of what’s to come.

    17. Kat on said:

      Wondrous first novel by Steinbeck. Great introduction to the 1936 copy

    18. Paul on said:

      Steinbeck's take on the pirate tale is an interesting departure from the traditional adventure story; there is substance here beyond the usual swashbuckling and plundering typical of many other titles in the genre. Instead Steinbeck has chosen to depict the familiar themes of youth and belonging through the experiences of a young Henry Morgan coming to terms with his ambitions and desires. Morgan's youth is spent as an indentured servant on a plantation in the Caribbean, where he spends his days [...]

    19. Will on said:

      It's Steinbeck, but it's definitely early. His craft is not honed in this story like the rest. It left me a little unsatisfied, with the last 50 pages leaping through stages of Henry Morgan's life without the pieces all connecting well and making sense. His experiences with the key characters in the story, particularly the women, felt a little shallow. He was a scared man, despite all his conquests, and, to paraphrase someone towards the end of the story, he's a foolish man, because he was able [...]

    20. Laura Schrillo on said:

      I enjoyed this story. Originally, I thought this was the story of Henry Morgan becoming a pirate and growing from a boy to a man. Later, as is pointed out by the sage, we realize it is the story of a boy trying to fight growing up. He is driven by fear. First of the ordinary and then of love. The writing is amazing of course and so descriptive. It is easy to see how this could be mistaken for more of a non fiction book. Good start to the year of Steinbeck.

    21. Maria Jo on said:

      This novel was a good story of a country boy becoming the greatest and most feared buccaneer in the world. However, the story moved very fast for me, and I was a little disappointed that (view spoiler)[Henry never returned to see his father (hide spoiler)]

    22. Ian Anderson on said:

      I wasn't feeling this one. I was hesitant going in because the subject matter isn't something I care all that much about to begin with. The whole pirate thing i'm not naturally enthusiastic about. However, I do believe if a book is engaging enough I'm usually able to connect with it in some way no matter the subject. So I did remain open-minded and trusted that Steinbeck's first novel would have enough for me to get something out of it. And I did, it just wasn't much. The novel really wasn't all [...]

    23. Louis on said:

      Set sail to a pirate’s life in John Steinbeck’s “Cup of Gold.” This was his first published (1929) novel and it’s a work of historical fiction. From the introduction it’s stated that it’s a “…fictive biography that follows the career of the actual Sir Henry Morgan (1635?-1688), England’s infamous “King of the Buccaneers,” with considerable fidelity.”I really enjoyed this work. It leans more to adventure than his other works that I’ve read, yet one can “see” Steinb [...]

    24. مناف زيتون on said:

      حين أتيت لأكتب مراجعة الكتاب تذكرت ما قرأته عنه ونسيته أثناء قراءته، أي كونه الكتاب الأول لشتاينبك، أي أن من كتب هذه الرواية هو هنري الشاب، هنري الحالم الذي ترك منزله وذهب ما وراء المحيطات بحثاً عن مغامرته، عن مأثرته قبل السقوط في سكون شيخوخة أبيه، رواية ترفع لها القبعة

    25. Sheri-lee on said:

      What I love about this book is you would never know it was written in 1929. It has a very modern written feel to it. And, really, it's Steinbeck could you not like it?

    26. Victoria on said:

      Not Steinbeck's best work, by any stretch, but it was interesting to compare to his later works and see how he grew as a writer.

    27. Ahmed Tohami on said:

      سيمفونية التعببقلم :أحمد التهامي(قراءة في رواية كأس من ذهب)لجون شتاينباككنت فيما سبقت قد كتبت نقدا لبداية رواية كأس من ذهب شتاينباك اقارن فيه بين الخمسة وسبعين صفحة الاولى منها وعدة روايات اخر لشتاينباك واليوم اواصل الكلام حول بقية الرواية منتقدا ومستمتعا في ان!.وقد كان الم [...]

    28. Steve Center on said:

      Steinbeck blew me away with this story of a character that may be good or evil depending on your point of view. Compelling argument against nationalism.

    29. Terry on said:

      Cup of Gold is a wonderful first novel that sets up a lot of Steinbeck's techniques and tropes to come--from the historical summary that precedes each chapter (done much more masterfully in Grapes of Wrath) to the strong but problematic female characters (Curly's wife is a more realized combination of Paulette, the prostitute and slave who loves Henry Morgan and Ysobel, the most beautiful woman in Panama who spurs Morgan's quest to capture the Cup of Gold). While the descriptive parts are well d [...]

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