Child of the Ghosts

Jonathan Moeller

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Child of the Ghosts

Child of the Ghosts For fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley s Sword Sorceress Tamora Pierce Robin McKinley and Jennifer Roberson here is a new story of a woman s fight against an ancient evil When her life is torn apart b

  • Title: Child of the Ghosts
  • Author: Jonathan Moeller
  • ISBN: 2940012589194
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Nook
  • For fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley s Sword Sorceress , Tamora Pierce, Robin McKinley, and Jennifer Roberson, here is a new story of a woman s fight against an ancient evil.When her life is torn apart by sorcery and murder, young Caina Amalas joins the Ghosts, the legendary spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar She learns the secrets of disguise and stealth,For fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley s Sword Sorceress , Tamora Pierce, Robin McKinley, and Jennifer Roberson, here is a new story of a woman s fight against an ancient evil.When her life is torn apart by sorcery and murder, young Caina Amalas joins the Ghosts, the legendary spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar She learns the secrets of disguise and stealth, of assassination and infiltration.But even that might not be enough to save her.For the evil that destroyed her family seeks to devour the entire world

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      436 Jonathan Moeller
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    One thought on “Child of the Ghosts

    1. **✿❀ Maki ❀✿** on said:

      Man, was this a depressing book. I cringed a bit each time the main character was reminded that her ideal peaceful life was completely shattered. And it's mentioned every single time it can possibly be worked into a conversation. Or situation. You'd be reminded of it even when nobody was talking.I'd say you get reminded of the tragedy that befell Caina almost as often as you do that she shouldn't fight fair, because she's a small woman.I mean, I understand these sort of books. The story's politi [...]

    2. cEe beE on said:

      Child of the Ghosts was much better than I expected for a free book! It's fortunately also the type of uncomplicated fantasy I prefer reading. The storyline is simple, and the plot follows a familiar tread. Despite that, the world building was rich, and is filled with many great characters. The main heroine, Caina Amalas is both sympathetic and strong. As a child, she was scorned and tormented by her mother, and she sought solace in books in the library with her beloved father. One day, her moth [...]

    3. Christine Myers on said:

      This book was one of the rare exceptions for me in overlooking mistakes that should have been caught by a copy editor and/or proofreader. Normally, if I see more than one or two errors in the first chapter, I stop reading. In this case, the concept and characters pulled me in enough that I finished reading and intend to read the next in the series.I was intrigued by the concept of a young heroine transforming form innocent to deadly weapon and how that affected her. I connected with the supporti [...]

    4. Mihir on said:

      Review originally over at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: Child of the Ghosts is the first book of the Ghosts series by Jonathan Moeller and was a book which intrigued me based on the excerpt which I had read. I had requested a review copy from the author who gladly sent one over. The blurb doesn’t give away much about the story which is a bonus of sorts as you don’t know what to expect and then the story surprises you maximally.The story opens up with a eight year-old Caina Amalas in [...]

    5. J.C. Brennan on said:

      What is an eleven year old girl to do when her mother, who despises the day she was born, brake the mind of everyone in their home, even the mind of her well educated father with inadequate sorcery? Well, kill her of course—even if it is by accident. However, that is not all Caina would do. Through a series of events that take her in the depths of what one might call hell, she decides to join the Ghost but she doesn’t just decide to become any Ghost—she becomes a Nightfighter. Take a journ [...]

    6. Kelly on said:

      I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this free ebook. The storyline is very original and I liked that the heroine was so uncompromisingly determined. All the way through, you never feel like she has to rely on anyone to save her. I was also impressed by the fact that the actions in the book had real and permanent consequences - no magic wands to make everything ok. The slight criticisms I'd make are that there are a couple of paragraphs of description that felt like they might have been [...]

    7. Sara on said:

      I don't know if the writing actually deserves four stars but it's one of the most entertaining books I've read in a while so oh well. I liked the main character, and the supporting characters where fun. (I mean a boisterous middle-age opera singer, awesome) I didn't like that Riogan was killed off, it felt like he could have had more of a role, but overall it was a fast enjoyable read.

    8. Paul Negoescu on said:

      The book was good but to be honest it falls a bit short of bigger players in the genre.I found most of the ideas entertaining, the setting fun and the pace good enough. The setting wants to be grand and impressive but it's not epic by any means. It does leave a lot of room for future expansion though.What was a bit distracting to me was that many of the chapters ended in a "too much information" sentence, a sentence that does not add anything but is kind of like a fade-to-action-music in the mov [...]

    9. Keith on said:

      Q: You're a plucky fantasy heroine at an upper-class ball, working undercover for a super secret assassin society. You're wearing a fancy dress and flirting with a brooding hunk. Then you think you see the super evil necromancer villain of the piece across the room talking to your fellow spy. Do you:A1: Continue to giggle at the compliments of the brooding hunk while gazing into his intriguing vermilion orbs and checking out his 8-pack. Assume it's nothing and the villain can wait for another da [...]

    10. Anna Zollinger on said:

      It was a good and captivating book. The time passing was well done so that it didn't bore you with long details of the time that passed between years, yet still gave you relevant details. The only downside to the book is that towards the end it had me rolling my eyes a lot.It's completely unnecessary to describe the Blood Crystal 9 times the same way in the book. I understand reiteration once or twice, but every time the particular item comes up, it's unnecessary to reiterate certain facts about [...]

    11. Robert on said:

      First off, I have to say that I really like the characters in this book. The traumatic stuff that the main character, Caina goes through in the beginning makes her tale all that more interesting. The way the author describes these things made me feel immersed with Caina's thoughts fueling my hatred for the main villain. Her revenge was my revenge. And the people that she met along the way were interesting. I know some characters were a little rushed, but there are more books in this series. We d [...]

    12. Eon Beaumont on said:

      This book surprised me it was pretty good. It REALLY could have used some proper editing. There were typos and technical problems on almost every page. A few times the author used the wrong names for characters. And he kept misusing besides almost every time. One person stands beside another. They never stand besides someone. Content wise the story was pretty engaging and the characters were interesting. Some pretty standard fantasy tropes and not real deep villains but still pretty good. I want [...]

    13. Susana789 on said:

      3,5*Je to viac "dark" ako Throne of Glass, čo je to príbeh s podobnou témou. Toto sa mi čítalo/páčilo oveľa oveľa viac. Možno je mojou zaujatosťou voči citlivo sentimentálnemu ženskému pisálkovaniu, možno mi mužská triezvosť (v písaní) a hlavne prítomnosť logiky vo fikčnom svete aj príbehu inklinujú, ale toto je solídne urobený príbeh.Je dejovejší, nápaditejší, hlavná hrdinka premýšľa a koná, samozrejme sa občas aj oblečie (do haute couture za pomoci kom [...]

    14. Barbara on said:

      The main story about how Caina became a Ghost was well enough told. It certainly had me turning the pages to find out what happened next. However, I didn't think the supporting characters and story weren't as good. Too often it felt to me as if people behaved in certain ways because it was necessary for the plot rather than because it was in character. The behaviour of Caina's lover's wife was one such glaring example. Also, for a secret organisation, an awful lot of people knew about the Ghosts [...]

    15. Kim Osborn on said:

      Jonathan modeler is now one of my favorite authors, I began with child of ghosts, blew through the series and onto soul of series. Wonderfully written books of a nice length, thank you as I've thanked other authors for taking the time to make the book long as well as riveting.Kim osbornKim32e@aol

    16. Wanda Hartzenberg on said:

      Not bad but not for me. It needs polish and the plot will be served well with a nice content edit. More than all this thoughI am no longer in the mood for this amount of detail which is such an integral part of epic fantasy. Do get a copy. It is free after all and decide for yourself. WaAr

    17. Alice Sabo on said:

      Didn't get very far into it. It just didn't grab me. I felt that it was meant for a fairly young audience.

    18. Guillaume on said:

      Caina Amalas est une jeune fille aimée de son père, un important noble de l'Empire de Nighmar, et honnie par sa mère qui n'a jamais pu devenir la magicienne qu'elle aurait voulu être. Quand sa vie est mise en pièce par la sorcellerie et le meurtre, et qu'elle n'échappe que de peu au sort de sacrifice humain, elle est recrutée (par défaut initialement) pour faire partie des Fantômes : une organisation secrète d'espions et d’assassins au service de l'Empereur, luttant contre sorciers m [...]

    19. Marcus on said:

      I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review This book was basically about a fantasy epic adventure involving a child of tragic early life experience being recruited by an ultra secret group called the Ghosts. The author is careful to illustrate that the process of turning a young child into a trained killer is a long process. The action was decent,suspense tolerable, but to me it was the solving of the general scheme by the protagonist. The characters were well de [...]

    20. Berrynana on said:

      If bad editing, out of place words, missing words and mis-spelled words ruin a books potential for youSKIP THIS ONE!However, the storyline is fast moving and interesting. I was able to ignore the lack of editing with the only the slightest bit of annoyance.The characters are written out just enough that we know who they are with the barest parts of their personalities. I didn’t mind this either, less complicated.

    21. Bernadette Hutton on said:

      Read read readGreat writing style, enough entertainment to keep the reader interested. Could not put this down. The story could take place anywhere at any time. The fight of good a and bad with such evil intent is unbelievable. Mystery and magic walked together in this book yet the balance of good a and bad are identifiable through the use of both.

    22. MKenfield21 on said:

      Decent but no indication that the remainder of the series will be anything other than a rehash with different villains. Probably won't continue.

    23. Carla-Mari on said:

      This was my first book I read by Jonathan Moeller. It took me on a emotional roller coaster. There were times when I would cringe, other times when I would have a fit of giggles. There was never a dull moment, a real page turner. If you are looking for adventure, heartache and mayhem look no further for the adventures of Caina will be most satisfactory. You will experience the most intense emotions. If it’s not sorrow for our young nightfighter, you will be screaming for blood. We first meet C [...]

    24. Kogiopsis on said:

      For a Kindle freebie, this book was fairly good; in the grand scheme of things, that places it squarely in the realm of 'mediocre'. The story is a straightforward trauma-training-revenge arc with pretty much no surprises. Caina is good at everything she's taught; she makes no major errors of judgement in her work; everyone on her side is trustworthy and, to a greater or lesser degree, honorable. The only twists and turns, persay, come from the villain - and even these aren't very twisty, because [...]

    25. Wilson E. Stevens Sr. on said:

      I downloaded this free book from a invitation in BookBub news letter I receive. I look forward to reviewing the books in the newsletter as I have found some interesting authors I would have never found other wise. Child of the Ghosts was as good as I had hopped, and I have gone on to purchase the entire series, and currently reading the next series “Ghost in Exile”. This is the story of Caina Amalas and her beginning from a child loved and pampered by her father, but hated and tormented by h [...]

    26. Angie on said:

      I love when I pick up a book at complete random and get an amazing read out of it. From the very beginning I was drawn into Caina and her life that I found myself constantly checking to see how far I was into the book and frowning when it was coming to the end.Caina herself was a great character to follow. She was strong, but at the same time had enough emotion to not make her into something so cold that you didn't care about her. After everything she goes through you can't help but root for her [...]

    27. Cheryl Landmark on said:

      This was goode kind of uncomplicated, good-versus-evil, magic-filled fantasy I enjoy reading. It definitely wasn't light-hearted and fun, though, with its rather gruesome and graphic depictions of certain events. It just wasn't fantastic and definitely could have used a diligent editor or at least a proofreader to catch many of the grammatical errors that abounded throughout the book. Still, I tried not to let these issues take away from the entertainment value, although I did cringe every time [...]

    28. Roberto Mattos on said:

      This is a very entertaining book, with a plot very well constructed and characters enjoyable. Our main character is a young lady named Caina. She lives in a world surrounded by sorcery and nobility. Her mother was denied a formal sorcerer training for lack of aptitude and she joins an alternate clan that plays with dangerous sorcery, the necromancers. She sells her daughter Caina to the most powerful of the necromancers' sorcerers, Maglarion. After a close call with death, Caina manages to escap [...]

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