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Christine Seifert

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The Predicteds

The Predicteds Daphne is the new girl in town and is having trouble fitting in At least she has Jesse sort of He wants to be than just friends but there s something he s not telling her about his past Something dan

  • Title: The Predicteds
  • Author: Christine Seifert
  • ISBN: 9781402260490
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Daphne is the new girl in town and is having trouble fitting in At least she has Jesse sort of He wants to be than just friends, but there s something he s not telling her about his past Something dangerous When a female student is brutally attacked, police turn to PROFILE, a new program that can predict a student s capacity for violent behavior, to solve the cDaphne is the new girl in town and is having trouble fitting in At least she has Jesse sort of He wants to be than just friends, but there s something he s not telling her about his past Something dangerous When a female student is brutally attacked, police turn to PROFILE, a new program that can predict a student s capacity for violent behavior, to solve the case As the witch hunt ensues, Daphne is forced to question her feelings for Jesse and what she will do if her first love turns out to be a killer.

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      457 Christine Seifert
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    One thought on “The Predicteds

    1. Linna on said:

      This started out okay. The writing is pretty good and the protagonist is likable, plus the premise sounds interesting. But I was so taken aback by how dumbed down it felt, like teen audiences are fine with stereotypes instead of characters and a bland plot that doesn't really tackle any deep stuff our heads couldn't comprehend, because it's all good as long as everything is sealed with a kiss in the end.One of those cringe-worthy incidents that set off alarm bells in my head was when Jesse is de [...]

    2. Sandra [the fucking book fairy] on said:

      INITIAL THOUGHTS: I’ve read tons of books that have great covers but with a not so good story line which made a little hesitant to read this book. I was curious to know what the real content of this book is. The summary was very short and not entirely what the whole book was about. That summary didn’t do the book any justice! PLOT:Daphne recently transferred to Quiet, Oklahoma with her mother Melissa. On her first day, a shooting incident occurred where she was saved by Jesse who held of th [...]

    3. Leigh Fallon on said:

      I'm only a quarter way through this book, but man has it made me laugh so many times. I'm talking choke on your coffee laugh. There are some very funny oneliners and snarky dialogue. I know there's a darker side to this book, and that undertone is always there. I'm really enjoying it so far.

    4. Megan on said:

      Actual rating 3.5 stars. The concept of this book was original and I really liked that. The idea of a test that can predict who will become violent or have mental issues in the future is crazy! It was really interesting to see what happened after the results were posted and the "predicteds" were public knowledge. I also enjoyed the mystery aspect of the story as well. However, I didn't really like the romance and that affected my rating. I really enjoyed this book and I would like to find anothe [...]

    5. Danielle on said:

      A YA novel for a psychologist (like me!) to love.UPDATEI grabbed this at the library and it's a very fast read - I'm about 20% through it in what feels like about 5 minutes. It's not bad, and I do love a YA novel about psychology, but I'm having a very hard time accepting the premise that science could perfectly predict anti-social behavior. I'm curious to see where she goes with itNAL UPDATEMost disappointing book I've read in awhile. At first I thought it was just because it's so teenager-y - [...]

    6. FreakChiq on said:

      "What if your boyfriend was destined to commit murder?" The tagline is killer! :)

    7. Lena ♫ ♪ on said:

      2.5 starsI wonder who wrote the summary for this novel because The Predicteds is not what I expected. At all.First off, the book is broken down into three separate phases. In the first round, reader begins to learn a little bit about Daphne and the new small town she recently moved to with her mother, Melissa. Melissa does not like to be called mom, so throughout the novel, Daphne refers to her mother as Melissa. Odd, but okay. Anyway, you begin to also learn more about Daphne's "friends" (and I [...]

    8. Trisha on said:

      I guess I had had high hopes for this one because I was disappointed when it wasn't what I thought it would be. The plot - which the back of the book inaccurately makes it sound like it's about predicting which people will commit a crime, but running the tests not on adults, but on High School Teens - is actually about Daphne and her high school adventures.So many things just didn't make sense. Around her first day (or so) involves a high school shooter and being saved by a hot mysterious guy na [...]

    9. First Novels Club on said:

      Despite that the cover looks like a dystopian cover, and the summary sounds like a dystopian summary, THE PREDICTEDS is a little more complicated than that, and that's part of what I enjoyed about this book.First off, there's Daphne. She's a strong, independent protagonist. I felt like she almost had a Nancy Drew quality to her. She felt sneaky and fierce. And who doesn't enjoy a little romance? Jesse had a lot of qualities that I look for in my book romance interests. He was a little emo--he to [...]

    10. Jessica on said:

      The Predicteds explores a frightening world where it is possible to know if a person will eventually commit a crime. The summary really grabbed my attention because, not only is it a unique idea, but it's also something that could be explored in the future. Someday it may be possible to examine individuals and put out a list of what they could be capable of. Scary thoughts! While The Predicteds completely grabbed my attention early on with immediate action, it lost me a bit around the middle. Th [...]

    11. Jessica on said:

      I'm going to be honest.I bought this book because I liked the cover. After reading the summary, I felt pretty pleased with myself, because it actually sounded like it was something that I could get into. It turns out that figuring out who's going to win major sporting events isn't the only talent I have, apparently, I have a knack for picking good books, as well.The Predicteds is, by far, the most realistic book I've read in a while. It doesn't hold any complicated explanations, or trying moment [...]

    12. Tales Untangled on said:

      I was really intrigued with the premise of The Predicteds, though it reminded me of Minority Report. The first couple of chapters were intense and full of promise. I quickly became disappointed as the story line strayed away from the ramifications of being predicted by the PROFILE. The actual plot deviates into a mess of high school drama.Daphne exhibits good sense and yet she get in with the popular crowd, who are shallow and sometimes cruel. Daphne continues to reach out to social rejects even [...]

    13. William on said:

      Balancing superior characters with a just-short of sci-fi plot, Predicteds is highly recommended for YA readers seeking strong and sympathetic female characters, realistically complicated and quirky adults, and for an honest portrayal of the complications, truces, and stop-and-start relationships that teenagers suffer through the years in which they come to learn themselves better. Most admirable is Seifert's characterization of central character Daphne as self-reliant and strong willed, yet who [...]

    14. AprilDurrant on said:

      I really enjoyed this book a lot! My favorite character is Melissa & I liked the premise of the "predicted" test to see who might commit crimes! Fast read, I totally recommend it!

    15. Dark Faerie Tales on said:

      Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick & Dirty: An interesting contemporary read that has a intriguing scientific plot line. I had a hard time with some of the characters but overall it was a good read.Opening Sentence: The rose-patterned carpet of the room reminds me of the guest room in my grandmother’s house.The Review: What would you do if your life had been predicated by a scientific experiment? Would you live your life like normal or would you change yourself because of what they [...]

    16. Whatchyareading on said:

      When I first read about The Predicteds, I thought I had it figured out. I dropped it into a category, thinking ‘it sounds like Minority Report‘. But oh, how wrong I was. Because while the premise is similar, The Predicteds is unlike anything you’ve read or seen before.Daphne is the only point of view in this book. She’s a junior at a new school. Her first week she almost dies once, is threatened with violence and/or death once, and meets a hot guy in glasses who saves her both times. So [...]

    17. Aida Ausum on said:

      The Predicteds by Christine Seifert tells the story of a world in which a program called PROFILE is able to tell you who is going to commit crimes and ultimately become criminals. Daphne, the main protagonist of the story, is present during a school shooting and although no one gets hurt, it is from then on decided that all students will have to undergo PROFILE to make sure that the ‘good’ kids are separated from the ‘bad’, in order to prevent the same disasters happening in the future. [...]

    18. Precious on said:

      Originally posted at Fragments of Life.The Predicteds started with a gun-wielding student terrorizing his fellow students at Quiet High. After the incident, the people of Quiet want to make sure that nothing like that happens again. It was a good thing that the students at the high school were tested for PROFILE. PROFILE was the work of Dr. Melissa Wright, Daphne’s momOFILE allowed experts to find out if a person was capable of committing violent crimes in the future or if the person had anti- [...]

    19. Grace Fonseca on said:

      Title: The PredictedsAuthor: Christine SeifertGenre: Young AdultPublisher: Sourcebooks FirePub Date: 09-01-2011My Copy: Got an ARC From Publisher for an honest reviewBook Synopsis: Daphne is the new girl in town and is having trouble fitting in. At least she has Jesse sort of. He wants to be more than "just friends," but there's something he's not telling her about his past. Something dangerous. When a female student is brutally attacked, police turn to PROFILE, a new program that can predict a [...]

    20. H.Lee on said:

      The idea for this book amazed me. What would you do if we could early profile criminals and seek out their intentions early on in life to keep watch before they commit the crime? That is exactly what this book is based on. You take a bunch of high school kids, ask them some questions and the lab spits out a list of whom would be “The Predicted“.The premise of this book very much intrigued me. To comprehend actually being able to do this had me on the fence. On one hand it would be great to s [...]

    21. Hannah (The Irish Banana Review) on said:

      This book is a delicious blend of Sci-Fi and contemporary that I’ve yet to see rivaled. It took me a few chapters to get into this book, but I was so glad I stuck with it. Catherine Seifert has come up with a plot so ingenious, I couldn’t help but be amazed. It’s fresh and original in every aspect.Honestly I think the initial problem was that I found the first few chapters somewhat erratic and a bit frustrating because I wanted more detail. I felt like Seifert was bypassing the characters [...]

    22. Debbie I Heart YA Books on said:

      The Predicteds definitely had me biting my fingernails in this intense Science Fiction mystery. Christine Seifert has created a world where you are guilty until proven innocent. The teenagers in Quiet High are being Profiled to predict who will be a murder, thief, drug addict, or just a loser. And if you knew the person sitting next to you in school, or the guy you fall in love with, is going to be a killer, would you trust your heart? Or would you trust the technology of science? Christine Seif [...]

    23. Sara on said:

      The Predicteds by Christine Seifert follows Daphne who has just moved to Quiet Oklahoma. On her first day at the new school she is involved in a school shooting where she is saved by Jesse who shoves her in a cabinet and disables the attacker. Soon after the attack rumblings happen in the town that his behavior was "predicted". Daphne soon finds out that her mother was the creator of a program that was given to students in the town that could predict if a teen will commit an act of violence, abu [...]

    24. Bailey (IB Book Blogging) on said:

      THE PREDICTEDS is a skillfully crafted YA debut that is sure to intrigue readers. Going into THE PREDICTEDS, I was expecting a dystopian novel, but what I got was definitely not that. It is more of a contemporary novel with a few unique concepts thrown in that give it a bit of a sci-fi feel. It took awhile for the story to take off, but once it did, I was glued to the pages! And while there were a few minor annoyances, I was able to enjoy the overall story.Daphne was a bit confusing to me. She s [...]

    25. Fayth on said:

      I was so excited to read this book, I bought the paperback version as the Kindle version wasn't available until September - and I'm so glad I did.My 5-star ratings are indications of two things: Would I read this book again and buy copies for others? and, Did I find myself thinking about the characters in random parts of the day? This book was a resounding YES! on both accounts. The story is about a small community in Oklahoma, specifically it's high school students, which have been pilot tester [...]

    26. Libbye on said:

      Am I the only one immensely disappointed with this book? I found it cliché and painful. It has everything for a perfect teen novel- a group of ditzy girls, jock stereotype guys, the (of course unquestionably 'hot') mysterious outcasts, and the girl that is smarter and better than everyone. And what better setting then a little town in the middle of nowhere with a noun as a name to complete it. Your heart just wrenches as poor Daphne has to deal with these lesser beings. It's a good thing she ha [...]

    27. Darby on said:

      I was really disappointed in this book. It could've been so much more than it is. I found it painfully predictable and it didn't live up at all to the way it was described. It felt as if Christine Seifert took a bunch of random situations, such as a school shooting, and tried to string them all together to fit this PROFILE test plot line. I expected it to be more futuristic, but it was instead set in a modern high school. I liked that at first, until it took 215 pages for them to even begin addr [...]

    28. i. on said:

      Wouldn't you like to know if there is something evil inside of you that may turn you into a serial killer? I would not.Wouldn't you like to know if the guy you are falling for is as good as he seems to be?Definitely and preferably before falling head over heels and making a fool of myself.This is what The Predicteds is about .Predicting a disastrous outcome and (I guess) trying to prevent it from happening.I predicted the way the book was going to end but getting it right didn't make me enjoy th [...]

    29. Jen on said:

      First off, kudos to Ms. Seifert for using a first person POV, which is really difficult to do well. Secondly, I had to think about this review a bit, primarily because the novel is more complex and thought provoking than the average YA novel that I pick up. I am intrigued by the fictional novel that also explores moral and ethical questions. Yes, the characters in this piece were engaging, and, yes, there was a fun YA romance going on, but what I liked about this novel was its presentation and e [...]

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