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Listomania Organized into eight chapters Listomania covers questions of human behavior trivia facts about geography past and present etymology mythology ancient and recent history as well as pop culture S

  • Title: Listomania
  • Author: The Listomaniacs
  • ISBN: 9780062082831
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Organized into eight chapters, Listomania covers questions of human behavior, trivia facts about geography past and present , etymology, mythology, ancient and recent history, as well as pop culture Some of the lists included are 10 Tiny Terrors a list of the ten most petite world leaders yes, some were shorter than Napoleon 43 Famous People Who Were Adopted e.g SteOrganized into eight chapters, Listomania covers questions of human behavior, trivia facts about geography past and present , etymology, mythology, ancient and recent history, as well as pop culture Some of the lists included are 10 Tiny Terrors a list of the ten most petite world leaders yes, some were shorter than Napoleon 43 Famous People Who Were Adopted e.g Steve Jobs, Debbie Harry, Mark Twain, Alexander the Great 15 Movies Featuring Giant Rabbits10 Top Cheese Eating Countries note correspondence to the top ten happiest countries 8 Dastardly Ponzi Schemes38 Ancient Cities That People Still Live In 28 Prehistoric Creatures Named for Famous People or Cool Things e.g Dracorex Hogwartsia, Attenborosaurus, and Psephorus Terrypratchetti Illustrated in full color with playful images, graphs, charts, captions, and photographs, this colorful book brings a new face to trivia and is sure to wow readers, surprise them, and make them laugh from cover to cover Listomania functions as a practical information resource as well as a fun and quirky gift for readers of any age.

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      425 The Listomaniacs
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    One thought on “Listomania

    1. Emily on said:

      This book of lists and infographics was right up my alley - I love strange facts! The only problem I have with books like this is that they get out-of-date pretty fast. In a few years, some of this may not be true. But for now - it's great! An easy read while your husband plays video games or you are watching a movie you hate.

    2. Sarah on said:

      I received this one as a present from a good friend who knows I love stuff like this. This is a super-fun book of random infographics and facts. There were loads of things that prompted me to go done the rabbit hole of Google, because my interest was piqued. [Finished book #1 of 2012.]

    3. Luanne Ollivier on said:

      This was such a fun book!! I'm a sucker for those best of books and year end compilations but Listomania is absolutely addicting.I've had this book for a bit and have been picking it up over the course of the last month and I've read every page at last. We've had so much fun at home asking each other if we can come up with some of the entries on the list. Examples? There are 62 rooms you might find in a houseme as many as you can.There's a list of movies with 'ridiculously high body counts'y tho [...]

    4. Mark Schlatter on said:

      Back in the seventies, I was a big fan of the Wallechinsky/Wallace fact publishing machine (The Book of Lists, The People's Almanac, and their sequels). There was an air of hip irreverence that strongly appealed to a pre-teen raised on World Book Encyclopedias. Listomania scratches the same itch, but with a nod to the infographics movement --- each list is spread over two pages with integrated and very colorful graphics. Some of the pieces make full use of the medium --- I especially liked the m [...]

    5. Lucy on said:

      This is another of those fascinating eclectic trivia books organized into chapters: Things that have come, gone, and stayed; Questionable actions and ideas; Good, bad, popular, and unpopular ideas; Important and trivial measures; Places we live and places we don't; Great (and not so great) kinds of entertainment; Things you might eat or drink (or not); Creatures both real and imaginary; Heights and depths of human behavior; Amazing things about this book.My favorite is four national borders wher [...]

    6. Vanessa on said:

      This book is a gorgeous, visual cortex overload of sometimes cheekily illustrated lists that runs the gamut of useful (if you are gay or transgendered, you should migrate to Canada or Iceland), educational (the animal with the longest migratory travels is the Arctic Tern), important safety tips (firing a gun sideways might look cool on-screen but the recoil can cause a nasty arm injury) and useless but fun (there is a list of an slightly astonishing 14 movies with giant rabbits.) Whatever your i [...]

    7. Ilinalta on said:

      This is one of my favourite books to read. It’s so easy just to randomly flip to a page and learn something new. It’s filled with fun, interesting, crazy facts about basically anything. And it’s arranged in such a creative graphical way, which makes it so much easier to remember the facts. I gotta say, the stuff I do remember from the book definitely impressed some of my friends. C: Blog.Full review on here plus photos from the book. Pretty awesome.

    8. Kim on said:

      I'm one of those people who is obsessed with lists. I love making them, I love it when I can put a big V behind an item whenever I finish doing something, and what I love most is reading them. (I'm not talking about grocery lists etc unless when people put odd things on them)This book is full of lists which are sometimes funny, sometimes creepy and always interesting.

    9. John Orman on said:

      Lists, lists, and more lists. Even lists of lists! I am using the List of Deadly Pastimes to update my Bucket List--elevator surfing, base jumping, volcano boarding. That kind of stuff. Also liked the list of Biggest Conspiracies--wonder if any of the proposed entries was erased by Big Government or Evil Aliens. Another favorite list was Things Built By Aliens. Very Fascinating Book!

    10. Kirsti on said:

      Entertaining information on mythical beasts, cannibalism, different forms of marriage, the top cheese-eating countries, and hats. Very useful if you want to know what a doggie says in Russian ("hav-hav").

    11. David on said:

      This book was really fascinating! I loved the visual take on listing random interesting facts, and admittedly a lot of them I didn't know, and the way the images themselves were shown was entertaining. I'm really pleased I checked it out!

    12. Chris on said:

      What an awesome book! The pictures are quirky and gorgeous in their simplicity. The subjects are so unique and fun. Everytime I read this book, some member of my family seemed to be trying to find a way to get it out of my hands so they could read it. Part II please?

    13. Cat. on said:

      Fun, easy to read graphics. Probably took me less than 90 minutes of concentrated attentiveness. I read it while I was working a book fair, and while waiting for my laptop to boot up.

    14. Paul McNeil on said:

      If I had a coffee table, this is the kind of fun book I would have there- tons of quirky infographics listing the most random facts you can find.

    15. Katie on said:

      A really interesting and fun book. I enjoyed it a lot. And I learned a lot.

    16. Alex on said:

      I love the random facts listed in this book and it's design is fabulously fun! I think textbooks should use this book as an example to showcase facts and stories to encourage learning!

    17. L0rINg303 on said:

      Extremely informational, a perfect non-fiction for young adults and adults alike.

    18. Lorraine on said:

      A very entertaining & visual book. Highlights include a list of the top 10 weird things to see on googlemaps, like the coordinates at which you can see a giant bird carved in a mountain side

    19. Emmy on said:

      I love lists, so this was super-fun. Plus, I learned a lot! I'll be so exciting at my next cocktail party armed with this knowledge ^_^

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