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Cecilia Samartin Tiina Sjelvgren

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Nora & Alicia

Nora Alicia Nora Alicia on kertomus kahden tyt n v lisest el m suuremmasta yst vyydest Se on my s kuvaus Kuuban vallankumouksen aikaisista ihmiskohtaloista Tarina pohjautuu osittain kirjailijan oman suvun histori

  • Title: Nora & Alicia
  • Author: Cecilia Samartin Tiina Sjelvgren
  • ISBN: 9789525637090
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nora Alicia on kertomus kahden tyt n v lisest el m suuremmasta yst vyydest Se on my s kuvaus Kuuban vallankumouksen aikaisista ihmiskohtaloista Tarina pohjautuu osittain kirjailijan oman suvun historiaan.Havanna, 1956 Varakkaan suvun teini ik iset serkukset Nora ja Alicia ovat parhaita yst vi He nauttivat t ysin siemauksin helposta ja huolettomasta el m st ,Nora Alicia on kertomus kahden tyt n v lisest el m suuremmasta yst vyydest Se on my s kuvaus Kuuban vallankumouksen aikaisista ihmiskohtaloista Tarina pohjautuu osittain kirjailijan oman suvun historiaan.Havanna, 1956 Varakkaan suvun teini ik iset serkukset Nora ja Alicia ovat parhaita yst vi He nauttivat t ysin siemauksin helposta ja huolettomasta el m st , kunnes paratiisin ylle lankeaa synkk varjo kommunistit aloittavat vallankumouksen ja maa ajautuu sis llissotaan.Sotilasdiktaattori Batistan hallinto kukistetaan ja Fidel Castro nousee valtaan Yh useammat perheet l htev t maasta, ja lopulta my s Noran perhe muuttaa Yhdysvaltoihin Alicia perheineen j Kuubaan, mutta tyt t pit v t yhteytt niin tiiviisti kuin Castron hallinnon sensuuri sallii.El m kuljettaa tytt j eri suuntiin, mutta yst vyys ei katkea.Alician ja Noran tarinat ovat sangen erilaiset Noran el m Yhdysvalloissa on mutkatonta ja mukavaa, mutta Kuubassa k rsit n puutetta ja n lk.

    • [PDF] Ý Unlimited ç Nora & Alicia : by Cecilia Samartin Tiina Sjelvgren ✓
      149 Cecilia Samartin Tiina Sjelvgren
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Ý Unlimited ç Nora & Alicia : by Cecilia Samartin Tiina Sjelvgren ✓
      Posted by:Cecilia Samartin Tiina Sjelvgren
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    One thought on “Nora & Alicia

    1. Megan Baxter on said:

      This book starts off with elegant prose, beautiful description, and subtle drama. Then, about 100 pages from the end, it devolves into melodrama, as horrible events are thrown ungracefully and willy-nilly at the page. The end managed to partially suck me in again, but that intervening time had put a real dent in my enjoyment of the book.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, yo [...]

    2. prettybooks on said:

      20/20Ce livre a été un véritable coup de coeur. Il permet d’apprendre beaucoup sur Cuba, sur toutes les évolutions du pays, les espoirs de ce peuple mais aussi les nombreuses désillusions. C’est autant un livre sur la famille que sur l’immigration et le déracinement, et en cela je le crois intemporel. Sa force, c’est son humanité.Ma chronique : myprettybooks.wordpress/2

    3. Tara Chevrestt on said:

      This is one of those books that I don't even feel worthy enough to write a review for It's just too beautiful and too well written. The setting is Cuba, pre Castro two cousins and best friends are growing up together. Nora looks at Alicia and thinks she has it all, the looks, the boys but things change after the revolution and Castro. Nora goes to the states and she has the "charmed" life. Alicia chooses to stay and her life is not what anyone thought it would be. For full review, please click t [...]

    4. J.S. Dunn on said:

      Note, if based on the editing it would have a "1" ----Had high hopes for this work, as there are few on the topic of Cuba and which are written by native authors. This begins as a coming of age story of two girls approaching adolescence in Havana; the voice during early chapters is almost too too precious. The middle of the narrative encompasses flight from Cuba after Castro has taken over and a more measured or adult outlook but overtones of romance creep into the story. Just when it has almost [...]

    5. Tchad on said:

      This was a great, great book about a family who fled from revolutionary Cuba, and the effect it had upon each of them, particularly the main character. This story is a growing up tale, following a young woman, as she navigates the cultural differences in America, while at the same time striving to maintain a connection with her native country, especially her cousin/best friend, who remains in Cuba. Their letters to each other over the years are heart wringing and beautifully written. There are a [...]

    6. Emilie on said:

      4.5-5 starsI usually judge a book on how it makes me feel. Well, not exactly how - more IF it makes me feel. Well, this one did. I remember really loving Señor Peregrino, but this one this one brought out something else.I don't know what to say. A lot of things were predictable but it was such a book where that did not matter at all. And the part where they left Cuba on a little boat to cross the US "illegally", I swear I have the hardest time crying when I read but my eyes produced a tear! I m [...]

    7. Adila Mir on said:

      I've heard from people that when I started to read this book, I should read it as slowly as I could, only because it would capture my heart in a special way. I do agree with everyone who told me this. An inspiring story about how the revolution took place in Cuba and the inhabitants were thrown in jails and had to work for Castro's people. People applied for visa to United States, had to leave family behind, honor and reputation matter everything for them and how they hated this "man". A girl na [...]

    8. Lisa Mcbroom on said:

      Truthfully I checked this book out because of the beautiful cover and I have always been fascinated by Cuba. Samartin does a wonderful description of Cuba. Two cousins Alicia and Nora are teens during Castros take over. Nora and her family flee to America and settle in California; Alicia falls in love with a revolutionary and stays in Cuba. From each cousin's point of view written in letters, tells the path fate forces the cousin's life to take!

    9. Мариша on said:

      След "Мофонго" не очаквах такъв лежерен тон когато накрая нещата станаха драматични, вече ми бяха в повече "екзотичността на Куба", щастливата история в Щатите, Джереми . някак ритъма не ми пасна.

    10. Ingrid Fasquelle on said:

      Cecilia Samartin est née en 1961 à la Havane, pendant la révolution cubaine. Ses parents se réfugient alors qu’elle est encore bébé aux États-Unis. Elle grandit à Los Angeles, où elle étudie la psychologie avant de devenir thérapeute, œuvrant principalement auprès de la communauté latino. Elle est l’auteur de cinq romans traduits dans 18 pays, dont Le don d’Anna, La belle imparfaite (Archipoche, 2012 et 2013) et La promesse de Lola (L’Archipel, 2014). Auteur phénomène en [...]

    11. Rikkemaiah Fischer on said:

      Ja, hvad kan jeg sige? Måske den kun skal have 2,5 stjerner.Historien er nu god nok, og plottet er stærkt. Vi er i Cuba i 1950erne, og Castro overtager magten på øen, hvilket langsomt ødelægger et velhavende samfund med smukke, viktorianske huse med verandaer mod det turkisblå hav og små piger med fletninger og hvide, nystrøgede kjoler.De to kusiner, Nora og Alicia, er hjerteveninder. Nora emigrerer (på grund af det nye styre) med sin familie til USA, og Alicia bliver på Cuba, da hun [...]

    12. Ellen on said:

      Slow-paced at first, but very quick near the end. The resolution in the last chapter and the epilogue is a bit too hasty--the idea that Nora might have depression makes sense after what she dealt with in Cuba and on the boat, and treatmenty have helped her? It just feels too easy to get a lost letter and then have everything be basically okay. Anyway, my other main issue with this was the constant terrible editing. There was either too much or too little punctuation in nearly every paragraph, wh [...]

    13. emily on said:

      A coming-of-age/refugee story of two Cuban cousins who are also best friends, Alicia and Nora. The story starts when the girls are very young, their families are prosperous and happy, life in Cuba is good. As the girls get older, Castro comes into power and life as they know it is irrevocably changed. Alicia's family stays in Cuba, optimistic that Castro will fall victim to a revolution similar to the one that put him in power and their life in Cuba will once again be beautiful. Nora's family ch [...]

    14. Ruth on said:

      This novel is defintely one of my favorites! Writen with such passion, longing, and heart, Cecila Samartin spins a tale of two cousins growing up during Castro's Cuba and how their lives change when one of the girls leaves and makes a life in the U.S. I could not put it down and finished it in less than 2 days!

    15. Josette on said:

      I'm part Cuban (from Miami), so any good book I can find with stories/memoirs of the revolution and Cuban history has me extremely intrigued. I loved this book. Very touching and emotional. It's been awhile since I've read it (tempting me to read it again very soon), but I remember being in tears. I won't spoil and say which part had me a wreckad for yourself.

    16. AnoukLibrary on said:

      Une histoire délicieuse, lumineuse malgré la période sombre qui la caractérise, animée par une femme à la force de caractère digne des plus grandes femmes qui nous fait découvrir un pays sublime, magnifique. On se croirait à Cuba, on sent Cuba, on respire Cuba du début à la fin et c’est merveilleux.

    17. Heather Hyde on said:

      Well told novel of two cousins living in Cuba just as Castro takes over, it is told mainly through Nora who eventually leaves Alicia behind as her family escapes the country and flees to America. It tells how they cope with their new life and ultimately if they will ever be able to return and what finally makes one of them do just that. Loved it, thanks Diane!

    18. Maria on said:

      Beautiful tale of two cousins caught in the Cuban Revolution. One stays in Cuba, the other escapes to America. This is the story of how they continue being friends and family despite the war, despite the distance. Very emotional.

    19. Diane Dunn on said:

      Wonderful book, one I was sad to finish. Another period in history I knew nothing about. Told in a sympathetic way, from two different aspects, those who left Cuba and those who were left behind during the revolution.

    20. Ida Marie Heggem on said:

      This is the story that puts me to sleep when I'm scared and takes me to another world when I want to dream <3

    21. Tatu on said:

      Lähikirjaston kuubalaiskirjojen valikoima ei ollut järin moninainen, joten hyllystä tarttui käteen tämä. Suunnilleen ainoa nautittava puoli teoksessa olikin lukea Kuubassa Kuubasta, jota paikoin ansiokkaasti sivuilla kuvaillaan. Muuten kyseessä oli ärsyttävällä tavalla paasaava, melodramaattinen, yksinkertaistettu, ennalta-arvattava ja etuoikeutetusta asemasta monia osapuolia muka-ymmärtävä sosialismin kritiikki tyttökirjamaisen kivasti niputtuvaan ystävyys- ja rakkaustarinaan na [...]

    22. Pauliina Lassila on said:

      Olen tainnut lukea aika monta Kuuban vallankumoukseen liittyvää kirjaa, mutta hyvin jaksoi tämänkin. Murheellista oli elämä tässä(kin) diktatuurissa.

    23. Bree T on said:

      Nora and Alicia are cousins, living in Cuba in 1956. They are among the privileged class, enjoying holidays with their grandparents, lavish family dinners, days at the beach, dance classes and a good education with the nuns. However it is a dangerous time to be in Cuba as Fidel Castro is rising to power and life as they know it is changing dramatically. Religion becomes forbidden, food begins to become scarce and the wealth that they have previously enjoyed is being redistributed. There are rela [...]

    24. PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•* on said:

      **SPPOILER ALERT**What a truly beautifully written story! From the very beginning of the book it captivated me. I became more intrigued as I read on. This book quickly rose to one of my favorites. I learned so much from it. I never really knew about Cuba’s history and how Communism came to be in that country until I read this book. Although it states it to be a fictional story I think it had a lot of truth history. I have a feeling some of the story in here between Alicia and Nora is the autho [...]

    25. Rhonda on said:

      ANOTHER book I REALLY LIKED!!!Alicia and Nora are two young cousins growing up in pre-Castro Cuba, enjoying the good life and days at the beach. Soon they are victims of the revolution and events that take place which drastically change their lives. Food is hard to find, they are forbidden to go to church, disease prevails. Many people are thrown in prison for speaking out against Castro, many executed. Many who were close to Alicia and Nora. Nora and her family obtain visas and are able to come [...]

    26. Awallens on said:

      In Broken Paradise Cecilia Samartin offers heart wrenching insight into the tender balance between hope and grief that shapes the immigrant heart and exposesthe struggles of everyday people amid political turmoil.Cuba, 1956: Cousins Nora and Alicia are accustomed to living among Havana's privileged class -- lavish dinners, days at the beach, dances, and dresses.Their idyllic lives take a turn for the worst after Castro's rise to power. Food becomes scarce, religion is forbidden, and disease is r [...]

    27. Pamela Pickering on said:

      4.25 Stars 've been dreading writing a review for this book frankly because a book so eloquent should have an eloquent review and anything I write wouldn't do it justice. As close as the US is to Cuba, very few of us know much about the island's political upheavals and transitions--let alone how those transitions affected its people. Samartin gives us an excellent window into Cuba and a fictional snapshot on a family's experiences before, during, and after the revolution (based on survivors inte [...]

    28. Jackie on said:

      4.5 starsThis is the beautifully told story of two Cuban cousins separated by the Cuban Revolution. The book spans several decades going from the tropical beaches of Cuba to America. Being Latina I could easily relate to the lives of Alicia and Nora. I loved the family relationships and how they were realistically portrayed. There were portions of this book that I felt were taken from my own life. I also loved the development of the political situation and how it affected the characters. It did [...]

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