On The Brinks: Extended Edition

Sam Millar

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On The Brinks: Extended Edition

On The Brinks Extended Edition Best selling and award winning book by crime writer Sam Millar about the biggest robbery in American History Book acquired by Warner Brothers This memoir divides comfortably between the North of Ire

  • Title: On The Brinks: Extended Edition
  • Author: Sam Millar
  • ISBN: 2940011165283
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • Best selling and award winning book by crime writer, Sam Millar, about the biggest robbery in American History Book acquired by Warner Brothers.This memoir divides comfortably between the North of Ireland and New York Millar s vivid recollection of privations withstood during the blanket protest offers grim testimony to the limits of human endurance Like others aroundBest selling and award winning book by crime writer, Sam Millar, about the biggest robbery in American History Book acquired by Warner Brothers.This memoir divides comfortably between the North of Ireland and New York Millar s vivid recollection of privations withstood during the blanket protest offers grim testimony to the limits of human endurance Like others around him Millar would not be broken, even when political conviction was reduced to dogged resistance against a repressive prison regime He then emigrated to New York, worked in illicit casinos The American chapters unveil a gambling underworld run by New York s Irish gangs The empire wasn t built to last but Millar eyed a much bigger prize Teaming up with an associate to rob 7.2 million from the hitherto impregnable Brinks Security operation in Rochester It was a daring and bloodless heist Brilliant Irish Examiner Michael Mann s Heist meets Jim Sheridan s In The Name of The Father, and you come close to what awaits you in On The Brinks An unbelievably cool book Village Voice, New York Brilliant Powerful Irish Times His memoir, On The Brinks, has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster cool narration of a life on the edge he has a distinctive style and a compelling story With the right marketing, his book will become a bestseller Books Ireland

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    One thought on “On The Brinks: Extended Edition

    1. BlackKat on said:

      On the Brinks n’est pas une biographie!Sam Millar nous confie deux événements importants de son existence, son séjour dans une prison irlandaise et sa participation dans un très gros casse aux States, mais l’homme garde son intimité et ses mystères.Parlez de violences carcérales à qui vous voulez, à tous les coups, on vous répondra: « les camps de concentration nazis, les goulags russes. » Les plus avertis parleront des actuelles: Guantanamo à Cuba, de Tadmor en Syrie, du Camp 1 [...]

    2. Allan on said:

      This is an excellent memoir, which to all intents and purposes is two completely different books-one set in Belfast, the other in New York. Sam Millar is a successful crime novelist, and one can see how he has used these skills to write what is a fast paced, action packed read.Millar was the son of a Protestant father and Catholic mother, resident of the New Lodge in North Belfast, and therefore subject to discrimination and adjacent to some of the most volatile sectarian interfaces in the city [...]

    3. Jacqueline on said:

      Klappentext:Sam Millar hat einen außergewöhnlichen, preisgekrönten Thriller geschrieben, in dem nichts erfunden ist. Schonungslos offen erzählt Millar von einer Jugend auf den Straßen von Belfast, die früh ins Gefängnis führt; vom jahrelangen Kampf um die eigene Würde - und von einem Verbrechen, mit dem er Geschichte schrieb. Diese Geschichte beginnt im Norden Belfasts: Dort wird 1955 Sam Millar geboren, der Vater Protestant, die Mutter Katholikin. Der Riss, der ganz Irland teilt, geht [...]

    4. R.E. Conary on said:

      Sam Millar's memoir, ON THE BRINKS: Extended Edition, is partly a Kafkaesque descent into Dante's Hell and partly a Donald E. Westlake "John Dortmunder" caper with Damon Runyon characters added for seasoning. At the height of Northern Ireland's "Troubles" in the 1970s, young men were being pulled from their beds and imprisoned without trial at Long Kesh, an ex-RAF base that would infamously become known as "the Maze." Sam Millar was one of those men and spent eight long year's "on the blanket" ( [...]

    5. kleine_buecherinsel on said:

      Meine Meinung:Sam Millar ist durch seine Bücher rund um Karl Kane zu einer meiner Lieblingsautoren geworden. Ich wusste um das Buch "On the Brinks" und war sehr erfreut, dass dies nun in der deutschen Ausgabe beim Atrium Verlag erschien. Seine Lebensgeschichte, über die man so ein wenig schon erfahren hat. Das Buch ist in zwei Teile gegliedert und vor jedem Kapitel stehen mindestens zwei Zitate. Ich mag solche einleitende Zitate sehr, besonders wenn sie, wie in diesem Buch, wieder passend gew [...]

    6. Claudis Gedankenwelt on said:

      “Einen packenderen Thriller hätte sich niemand ausdenken können – und jedes Wort ist wahr!” (The Rolling Stone) “Das Leben des Sam Millar liest sich wie ein düsterer Thriller.” (Le Parisien) “Die unfassbare Geschichte eines der größten Raubüberfälle aller Zeiten.” (The New York Times)Dies sind einige der Pressestimmen zu dem hier vorliegenden Buch, welches die Lebensgeschichte von Sam Millar widerspiegelt.Dementsprechend bin ich mit sehr hohen Erwartungen an das Buch gegange [...]

    7. Trev Twinem on said:

      Sam Millar has led a very harsh and colourful life "On The Brinks" is essentially his biography,from the battle ridden streets of Belfast to the sidewalks of New York in the mid 80's/90's. Millar was an integral part of the aptly named "blanket" protest in the infamous H-blocks of Long Kesh prison Northern Ireland during the mid 70's. The first part of the book deals with his imprisonment and the picture painted is of a brutal and harsh regime where prisoners lived in virtual isolation with no p [...]

    8. Derrick on said:

      Sam Millar writes some of the best noir fiction being published today and after reading this biography, it is easy to see where he gets his inspiration. Millar has lived a life that is truly fit to be made into a movie and I for one hope this book ends up in a movie format.Millar's tale begins during his early years in Belfast and then recants his time spent in some of the most deplorable prison conditions I have read about. The fact that these conditions are far from fiction only add to the mys [...]

    9. Guillaume on said:

      De lui je n'avais lu que "Rouge est le sang". On the Brinks est en deux partie, son aventure dans une prison anglaise en tant que membre de l'IRA et ses péripéties judiciaires aux Etats-Unis.La première est violente, crue, cruelle, insoutenable, remplie de détails de sévices corporels. Ok les activistes de l'IRA ne sont pas des enfants de choeur mais le ton de ces chapitres sont vraiment ignobles et on se met à penser qu'ils ne méritaient de pareilles tortures.Le deuxième fait état de s [...]

    10. Tom Cassidy on said:

      Millar who is wrongly imprisoned for being part of an ‘illegal organisation’ is sent to the notorious fortress boasted by Thatcher as the ‘H-Blocks’. In On The Brinks we encounter some of the most inhuman acts of this century, as we follow the plight of the prisoners, their hardship and their horrific human endurance. Even though Millar describes these times in a brutal, honest and disturbing way, he also exerts humour which takes your mind off the brutality for a moment and creates a pe [...]

    11. Andrew Mcanallen on said:

      What helps make this non-fiction novel such an immersive read is how well written it is. Millar’s language is homespun and gritty, witty, void of turgidity, and is peppered with smatterings of sarcasm.Whilst reading On the Brinks you’ll find yourself occasionally marking the page, closing the book, and pausing for the slow-absorption of the unfathomable; only to unmark that page and continue reading with vigour.

    12. Bernadette Johnson on said:

      This is a very moving, yet gritty and at times very dark memoir. It tells the true story of best-selling crime writer, Sam Millar, growing up in Belfast before becoming the mastermind of one of the biggest armor-car robberies in American history. It truly is an unputdownable book, and will stay with you long after you've put the book away.

    13. Jack on said:

      Detailed account of the author's experience in the blanket in the H blocks, and his subsequent involvement in an infamous robbery in the USA. There was a slightly odd use of language which as sometimes poetic but at other times a bit distracting

    14. Mary Mooney on said:

      This is a book which will take your breath away. It is not suitable for the squeamish. The brutality that flows throughout the book is non-stop and will, at times, overwhelm. The first half of the book deals with Millar as a prisoner in Ireland, where he is brutalised for years because of his political convictions. Despite the horrendous brutality, one finds oneself laughing at Millar's sense of humor which can only be described as dark. I never realized that this sort of torture went on in pris [...]

    15. Kerry Smyth on said:

      Really don't understand the hype over this book - in my opinion it was an enjoyable enough read, but not particularly well written. Plus I really struggled with the author's motives for his actions, and felt he came across as a thoroughly unlikable and selfish character - didn't influence my overall opinion of the book, but meant I couldn't identify at all with him, or empathise.

    16. Joe Murray on said:

      Powerful. Heard all the hype, but did not believe it until I read this memoir. I love Millar's gritty crime books, but they don't even come close to his real life story as the mastermind behind America's biggest armor car robbery, and his subsequent pardon by President Bil Clinton. A must-read.

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