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Blacque Bleu Lukas Blacque is a deeply closeted werewolf and almost than anything in life he desires his neighbor Oliver Bleu Oliver is a vampire who is slowly dying from insomnia More than anything he needs L

  • Title: Blacque/Bleu
  • Author: Belinda McBride
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lukas Blacque is a deeply closeted werewolf, and almost than anything in life, he desires his neighbor, Oliver Bleu Oliver is a vampire who is slowly dying from insomnia More than anything, he needs Lukas Blacque and the rich blood that flows through his veins On the day that Blacque makes an important commitment to his family and pack, he also succumbs to temptatiLukas Blacque is a deeply closeted werewolf, and almost than anything in life, he desires his neighbor, Oliver Bleu Oliver is a vampire who is slowly dying from insomnia More than anything, he needs Lukas Blacque and the rich blood that flows through his veins On the day that Blacque makes an important commitment to his family and pack, he also succumbs to temptation and agrees to a passionate weekend with the alluring vampire At sunset on Friday, it s all about urgent lust and the drive to lose his virginity When the sun rises on Monday, lust has shifted to love and devotion He s not sure he can walk away, even for the commitment he s made He s even less sure Bleu will let him go In Blacque s world, vampires and werewolves make uneasy bedfellows, and a gay werewolf is an impossibility In Bleu s world, all living creatures are little than vessels for food and sex But in the mysterious and magical town of Arcada, the unexpected is always waiting right around the corner Now Blacque and Bleu just need to survive long enough for Arcada s magic to work for them Publisher s Note Blacque Bleu is related to Chrysalis and Mad at the Moon, which were published by Changeling Press This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Bondage, domination, male male sexual practices, violence.

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      176 Belinda McBride
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    One thought on “Blacque/Bleu

    1. Dd on said:

      A stunning, beautiful, and hungry VAMPIREAndA hot, hunky, pierced and tattooed WEREWOLFEquals to.Oh yeah.A solid blast baby!----------------------------------------------------------There is magic in the small town of Arcada.It is magical because the town has a presence.It provides a safe haven to people with paranormal abilities.Witches, werewolfs, vampires, etcge to co-exist in relative peace.Lukas Blacque is a deeply closeted werewolf.Deeply closeted beacause who has ever heard of a gay werew [...]

    2. Monique ~ Sinfully on said:

      Fabulous… had it all including a hot Werewolf and a sexy Vampire… not forgetting the tattoos, piercing's and a Harley!!I haven’t read a paranormal romance in quite some time, so with the release of Silver/Steel in December, I thought I had best get a wriggle on and I am so glad I did! This was actually a teat and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, it totally ticked all my boxes, great character development the story was well paced, world building was excellent, I loved the magical town of Ar [...]

    3. DarienMoya on said:

      ^^MY NEW FAVE COLOURS!^^THE COVER: I just love it, it’s all mysterious and sexy, and the back shot of the guy in front is just very sexy. The guy at the back with the tats, he is also looking very yummy. The moon and mist makes it all very mysterious, and adds a bit of danger. It goes quite well with the story; the moon and the dark are after all apart of the lead characters.Hands down, this has to be the best PNR I have read including a werewolf and vampire. This is the first one I have read [...]

    4. It's just me Shelly B on said:

      Welcome to the town of Arcada it's a magical and mysterious place, once you arrive you may have to stay because the town it's self may not let you leave. It's full of all types of wonderful creaturesmpires, shifters, fae and many more.In this town is where we meet Blaque and Bleu. Blaque is a werewolf and he's also very fond of men but has suppressed his sexual urges for 34 years because he's scared of admitting the truth to his pack. Bleu is an old Vampire struggling with an illness and needs t [...]

    5. Marina on said:

      If I were to divide this book in three parts, it would be as such:First comes the hotter-that-the-pits-of-hell, sizzling, all-consuming 2-day affair.I mean let's face it, we're talking about a MALE WEREWOLF and a MALE VAMPIRE here.Then, Blacque, the werewolf is expected to assume his responsibilities as heir to the alpha, and eventually find a mate and reproduce.You know what this means right??So after fruitlessly trying to stay away from each other, surviving pack conspiracies and vampire obses [...]

    6. Bookwatcher on said:

      Oliver Bleu is a in a "sanctuary city called Arcada. It's a place where no violence is allowed (the strange supernatural city don't allow it) so it's a place of peace, to all creatures it's perfect to Bleu. He just want to be invisible in someplace, and live in peace. But he is persecuted by dreams during his day rest and that is slowing killing him. He can't sleep, can't feed properly, and has poor alternatives he is dying and he accepted that.Lukas Blacque is a hell of a werewolf. F [...]

    7. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* on said:

      I absolutely loved this book. Belinda McBride is definitely now one of my favorite authors. She sucks me in with her writing. I loved the relationship between Blacque and Bleu. Their love for each other but their willingness to put their responsibilities before each other. I have to admit, it's one of my favorites predicaments when it comes to books. Loving someone and then knowing you're going to lose them to do your duty or save someone else from having to go through something awful *sigh* Nev [...]

    8. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) on said:

      "Blacque/Bleu" seems to be a total hit with most of my friends. Alas, I'm in the minority here. This book really didn't do it for me, which is odd because I have a thing for werewolves AND M/M romances. I thought this one would be a favorite of mine. Blacque is a closed werewolf. My favorite part about him? He is covered in tattoos and piercings. Can we say sexy bad boy?! However, he is a sweetheart underneath his gruff exterior and is terrified of the feelings he has for his vampire neighbor, [...]

    9. Christina on said:

      2.5 StarsThis was just an ok read. There was nothing really new to the same old Were/Vamp story. Blacque is a closeted werewolf wanting nothing more to be himself and Bleu is an ailing vampire whose slowly dying. They are both lonely and when they come together sparks fly. There is definitely chemistry between these two. Blacque's not only a gay werewolf but also likes being submissive. It was a interesting combination. I liked Blacque's character and the pack politics. What threw me was (view s [...]

    10. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ on said:

      This book grew on me page after page. At the beginning we are focused on Bleu, the fading vampire, and Blacque, the closeted werewolf. They are neighbors in the same industrial zone of the city of Arcada and they've been attracted to each other for a long time, but they've never acted on their attraction. One night Bleu seduces Blacque and Blacque lets himself be seduced by Bleu. Their encounter is like the last wish of a dying man, because the vampire is slowly dying and he needs the blood of t [...]

    11. Jason Bradley on said:

      4.5 starsI loved this story! The characters were so well developed and complex. The struggles and twists and turns kept me reading and fighting right along with the characters. There has to be more about these guys!!! I want to read about Dane and April too! They make a great couple, plus Dane is all Alpha and grumpy.

    12. Karen K on said:

      I loved this book, absolutely everything about it. I'd been hankering for a shifter read and was so fortunate to find this one - didn't only get my were fix, but a bonus vamp, too. Blacque is such a multi-dimensional character, not your typical shifter though he is strong and loyal and proud, he is also emotional and loving and compassionate. He hooked me from the start and then I met Bleu and he tore at my heartstrings right away, such a broken, yearning shell of a man. I could just feel his pa [...]

    13. Dreamer on said:

      Enjoyable, engaging m/m paranormal romance between closeted virgin Werewolf Lukas Blacque and fading Vampire Oliver Bleu."I do know that from now on - after tonight - I can't be gay. I might be odd or eccentric, but it's time to step up and do what I promised to do."Bleu gave a little laugh. "Saying it does not make it so Lukas."

    14. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ on said:

      No world building and a flat relationship make for a boring book. The "cuteness" of the matching names was distracting. I kept getting the two MCs mixed up, even though one was a wolf shifter and the other a vamp, which speaks to the lack of character development. Extra star for Lucas' various piercings.

    15. Ingela on said:

      4 Stars - for a sweet and steamy about two paranormal males falling in love in each other. Lovely done with an enjoyable suspense part.You know that excitement feeling that always comes when you near the end of a really great book. It have been such a good reading and you love it all. It creeps all over the body of enjoyment and you do not want it to end. Blacque/Blue made me feel that way and it's a very good sign for me.Lukas Blacque is mostly satisfied with his own lives. He has his own busin [...]

    16. Awilk -never sleeps- on said:

      4.5 starsSomehow Belinda McBride got into my mind and wrote the perfect book for me. I have always enjoyed well-written paranormal romance and m/m has quickly become an obsession. To have these two genres mixed so well together made reading this story a pure joy to me.The world building was well done without bogging down the story. It moved along so well that I hated putting it down.Blacque and Bleu were wonderful characters. I truly can't pick a favourite. I would happily have either of them fo [...]

    17. Heather C on said:

      I loved this book. Its about an ailing vampire and a depressed werewolf who come together and find that they are perfect soul mates. I was expecting Bleu to be weird and creepy and Blacque to be harsh and scary with his many tattoos and piercings. But they were so sweet and kind to each other. The two complimented each so well they were justrfect. Oh, man, were Blacque and Bleu hot together?!? I will never look at another heavy bag the same way again! It was definately interesting reading a stor [...]

    18. Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!) on said:

      I really really enjoyed this story! Blacque & Bleu seem to be your average run of the mill average joe.but oh no! These two guys are big bad alphas on the outside but are selfless, loving & totally loyal down where it counts. Belinda McBride gave a new spin (at least to me) on the whole vampire thing and it was definitely working for this story. There were some twists, secondary characters that you want to learn more about & HOTT mixed species sexin'. All of those things make one awe [...]

    19. Kassa on said:

      3.5 stars (I rounded up)Blacque/Bleu is a cute play on words with Oliver Bleu as a near century old vampire and Lukas Blacque as a closeted werewolf mechanic. The sexual chemistry is hot and the sex scenes are just plain fun to read. There is some tension since Lukas is closeted and Oliver has an obsessive maker wanting to put Oliver on his crazy shelf, but these issues are mostly handled in the blink of an eye. That’s the only downfall to the story, since the driving tension is so weakly reso [...]

    20. Tame on said:

      What a fabulous novel by Ms. Belinda :) It truly is a book that is perfect for Coming Out Day, because it portrayed not only a man's struggle to accept himself as who he was, but also how that same man defined himself as a man to others, and still be gay, and live his life with no regrets. The burgeoning love story between Blacque & Bleu was sensual, hot, nail-biting, and did portray a D/s relationship that portrayed trust and love in your partner. Even though Bleu (the vampire) was one of t [...]

    21. Feminista on said:

      Rating: 4 out of 5.Blackque A sweet werewolf next in line to becoming the alpha of the pack. His life long secret ready to be buried away for the good of the pack.EnterBleuA vampire weary of life.Whose past is haunting him. Add inA supernatural place called Arcada. It's almost a living, breathing entity. And you have a happy ending :) It was a lovely story. I wished the names could have been more different. I know that it was skilfully done, but I kept on getting confused with who was talking an [...]

    22. Katrina Passick Lumsden on said:

      OK, seriously, the premise for this is awesome. A werewolf and a vampire, a town that acts as some kind of magical haven for paranormals, a batshit crazy master vampire, a manipulative-as-shit alpha wolf, and two hot guys gettin' their fuck on. Sounds awesome, right?Well, there's no world building, the relationship between the main characters is dissatisfying, the supporting characters are worthless, and everything is rushed. So how do you fuck up a premise that awesome? I don't know, ask Belind [...]

    23. Natsroshan on said:

      At 1/5 in the story: "oh, no! I'm sure I'm never gonna finish it" At 1/4: "yeah, ok interesting" At 1/3: "this is so waouh" Halfway in the story: "Blacque is so and Bleu is! *sighs*" (I'm at loss for words) Then I couldn't put it down. I had hard time understanding the characters in the beginning. But they grow on you slowly, stealthily. A captivating and well written story with beautiful characters! Great read. 4.5 stars

    24. JustJen "Miss Conduct" on said:

      A very enjoyable story with very likeable characters. Lukas and Oliver are great together and make quite the match (big alpha type werewolf and sexy, mysterious vamp) and were totally hot together. I found myself longing for more details of their time together and really hope there is a sequal in the works.

    25. Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews on said:

      Amazing this was such an awesome read!!I didn't want it to end!! I loved everything about it, and still want more!!! I can't wait to read more of belindas work this has to be one of my fave paranormal books:D

    26. ttg on said:

      3.5 stars – A pretty enjoyable shifter romance about Lucas Blacque, a very closeted werewolf who struggles with balancing increased responsibilities for his pack just as he’s starting an illicit affair with his hot vampire neighbor Oliver Bleu. Blacque doesn’t think he can have both worlds, and expects to spend a long lonely life as his pack’s future alpha, but his want for Bleu can’t stay buried, especially when outside threats come calling.What I liked: The MCs were interesting and s [...]

    27. Brenda Maldonado on said:

      The first few pages of this story were a bit frustrating, and I was starting to wonder if this was going to be another run-of-the-mill paranormal. In fact, this book carries many of the common werewolf/vampire themes and runs the risk of being another "me too" story. However, the story is quickly redeemed by fantastic character development of both main characters and secondary characters. I thoroughly enjoyed even the barely introduced tertiary characters in this story. Bleu's nigh time tour of [...]

    28. Gina on said:

      This story so worked for me! One big hot tattooed and pierced wolf shifter and a tortured sexy vampire. This is not a new combo of course, I have read other stories that featured a wolf shifter and a vampire. What was different and enjoyable about this story was watching two isolated characters (each for different reasons), find strength and healing together. Lucas Blacque has been a lone wolf for many years, but when his dad (the alpha of their pack) chooses him to take over, Lucas feels obliga [...]

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